Famous Food Of Odisha

Top 11 Famous food of Odisha

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How many of us have heard about the famous food of Odisha ? Well then why not this month go with some traditional odia food ? Check out this article about the famous food of Odisha. Cuisines of Odisha are simple, delicious and are generally prepared using the ingredients locally available.

There are vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. Also you can find a variety of sweet dishes and if you are sweeth-tooth , then for sure you must try some of the famous sweets. I guess after going through this article you would all try some odia food. So let’s know about some cuisines.

1. DALMA ( डालमा ):

Dalma is made with roasted moong dals with a variety of veggies and spices which makes it tasty , wholesome and nutritious. Veggies include papaya , pumpkin etc. It’s mostly eaten with steamed rice. You can usually find Dalma being cooked at each odia’s house on every occasion.


2. GHANTA ( घांट ) :

Ghanta in odia means mixed. It is prepared by mixing a variety of vegetables and is mostly enjoyed during festivals. This is also very high in nutrition and can be eaten with rice or roti.


3. PAKHALA ( पखाला ) :

Pakhala is a simple odia cuisine where the cooked rice is fermented in water. It is mostly prepared in the hot summer days which keeps us cool. There are variations of this dish such as Dahi Pakhala , Basi Pakhala. It is mostly eaten with roasted veggies or fried fish. No matter what , at which corner of the world a odia person lives , pakhala is a must food for them.


4. ALOO POTALA RASA ( आलोपोटालरासा ) :

This dish is prepared using potatoes and pointed gourd with cashew or onion-garlic paste which makes it flavourful and makes the consistency of the curry thick. Usually eaten with roti or steamed rice.

Aloo Potala Rasa

5. KHATTAS/CHUTNEY ( खट्टा /चटनी ) :

The khattas of odias come in variety such as Tamatar Khatta , Khajuri Khatta or Aamba Khatta. It is usually a side dish which is usually sweet and sour in taste. Primary ingredients include tomatoes , green chillies , jaggery , salt etc which makes it lip smacking.


6. DAHI BARA ALOO DUM (दहीबड़ा आलूदम ) :

If you are a street food lover , then you must have heard of Dahi Bara Aloo Dum which every odia craves for. This food is very delicious and you won’t mind the combination of curd with curries. It consists of Bara with dahi served with aloo dum and guguni and topped with chopped onions , coriander leaves and sev. You can find the thelas or stalls of Dahi Bara at every nook and corner of the cities. Cuttack is famous for this wholesome and delicious dish. Now it is found almost everywhere throughout Odisha.

Dahi Bara Aloo Dum

7. RASAGULLA ( रसगुल्ला ):

Rasagulla is prepared out of chenna and is cooked in sugar syrup. It is almost available in every sweet stalls but the Pahala’s rasagulla is just the best. It has around 40-50 shops and is a must try place.


8. CHENNA PODA (चेन्नापोडो ):

Chenna Poda is prepared by kneading chenna or fresh cottage cheese with nuts and sugar and is baked until it becomes red and the caramelised sugar brings out the flavour of Chenna poda. This is found at every corner and is a very simple and delicious sweet.

Chenna Poda

9. BADI CHURA (बड़ीचुर्रा ) :

This is again a must have dish and is mostly with pakhala. Anyone can cook this just by blending badi with garlic , green chillies and onion. The aromatic smell of onion and garlic along with badi is just amazing. You can’t get over it once you taste it.

Badi Chura

10. RASABALI ( रसाबलि ) :

Rasabali is deep fried cheese balls floating in thickened sweetened milk. Slightly crushed with crushed cardamom this is a must try.


11. ENDURI PITHA & MANDA PITHA (एडुरि पीठा / मण्डपीठा ) :

Enduri Pitha also known as Haldi Patra Pitha is a dish prepared during Prathamashtami, a festival celebrated for the long life of the elder child. This is prepared by stuffing the batter with coconut and jaggery mixture and steamed using haldi leaves. The haldi leaves provide a great aroma and taste to the pithas.
Manda Pitha is basically made up of sooji , stuffed with coconut and jaggery mixture.

Enduri Pitha and Manda Pitha

I hope this article gives idea to the readers about the Famous Food of Odisha. We can prepare these above mentioned food with the locally available ingredients with a little effort.

I would like to Welcome all valuable suggestions , comments , feedback and suggestions regarding on the improvement of my article.

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