Explore the Best Summer Destinations Near Bhubaneswar

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Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, isn’t just famous for its culture and temples-it’s also a gateway to stunning summer getaways. From March to May the temperature raise from 35°C to a scorching 42°C in Bhubaneswar. If you’re tired of city life and craving some nature, here are a few great places near Bhubaneswar where you can relax and unwind during the summer.

let’s come with me and pack your bag and get ready for enjoyable summer.

1. Puri

Puri Jagannath Temple, odisha

Puri, also known as the home of the Jagannath Temple, is a favorite destination for many people from Eastern India. The world famous Jagannath Temple you must visit, and the beaches offer a refreshing respite from the heat. Additionally, you can explore historical sites like Chilika Lake and the Konark Sun Temple.

Distance From Bhubaneswar : 65.8 km

– Things To do

  • Shree jagannath Temple
  • Sakshigopal Temple
  • Gundicha Mandir
  • Puri Beach.

2. Konark

Konark sun Temple, odisha

Konark temple is also known as Sun Temple, Konark is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-visit for history buffs. The temple’s architecture is truly inspiring, and the surrounding area is full of historical sites and monuments.

Distance from Bhubaneswar : 65 km.

– Things To Do

  • Seek blessings at the renowned Sun Temple
  • Visit the Ramchandi temple
  • Beauty of Konark Math
  • Spend some time at Chandrabhaga Beach
  • Dance festival
  • Tour the famous ASI ( Archaeological Survey of India ) Museum.

3. Chilika

Chilika Lake, odisha

Chilika is a great place near Bhubaneswar for summer holidays. It’s known for Chilika Lake, Asia’s largest brackish water and second largest coastal lagoon in the world, From October to March, you can see lots of migratory birds here. Have fun boating, fishing, and spotting wildlife during your trip.

Distance From Bhubaneswar : 61 km

– Things To Do

  • Boating
  • Bird Watching
  • Doplhin Watching
  • Visits Kalijai Temple
  • Relax on the Beach
  • Enjoy Local Seafood.

4. Satapada

Satapada, odisha

Satapada is a town in Puri district, Odisha, India. In Odia sata means “seven” and pada means “village”, so Satapada means group of seven villages. Located on the southern edge of Chilika Lake, India’s largest brackish water lagoon, Satapada is renowned for its Irrawaddy Dolphins, scenic beauty, and Sea Mouth Island. The main attraction here is the Chilika boating and Dolphin watch. Visitors flock to Satapada for a memorable boat ride on Chilika Lake and glimpses of these playful creatures.

Distance From Bhubaneswar : 108 km

– Things To Do

  • Dolphin Point
  • Rambha Bay
  • Nalaban Island
  • Chilika Lake.

5. Ansupa Lake

Ansupa Lake, Odisha

Ansupa Lake, Odisha’s largest freshwater paradise, is a haven for nature lovers. Surrounded by the Saranda Hills and verdant bamboo and mango forests, the lake offers a scenic escape on the left bank of the Mahanadi River near Cuttack, Odisha. Be sure to pack sunscreen, hats, and comfortable clothing, especially during the summer months when the sun can be quite strong. An umbrella for shade is also a good idea.

Distance From Bhubaneswar : 72 km

– Things To Do

  • Boating
  • fishing

6. Satkosia Wildlife Santuary

Satkosia Wildlife Santuary, Odisha

The Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary is a hidden gem located in Odisha, India. Established in 1976, it covers an area of over 796 square kilometers and is known for its breathtaking scenery and rich biodiversity. The sanctuary is nestled amidst the Eastern Ghats mountain range, along the banks of the mighty Mahanadi River. The sanctuary is home to a healthy population of tigers, along with leopards, elephants, sambar deer, spotted deer, and wild dogs. The sanctuary is also home to a number of reptile and bird species.

Distance From Bhubaneswar : 184 km

– Things To Do

  • Boating
  • wildlife exploration and Bird watching
  • Go on a jungle trek
  • stargazing by the riverside.

7. Gopalpur

Gopalpur Beach, odisha

Gopalpur, located on the Bay of Bengal coast in Ganjam district, Southern Odisha, India, is a charming coastal town frequently visited by tourists. The port here was once a bustling trading center for the British. A must-visit to learn about the town’s history is Potagarh. Additionally, explore Gopalpur Beach, Aryapalli Beach, and the Maa Tara Tarini Hill Shrine during your stay.

Distance From Bhubaneswar : 170 km

– Things To Do

  • Gopalpur Beach
  • Gopalpur Lighthouse
  • OTDC Shop, Berhampur
  • Rushikulya Beach
  • Shakuntala Market.

You Must Visit – Tampara Lake Chhatrapur

8. Nandankanan Zoological Park

Nandankanan Zoological Park, odisha

Nandankanan Zoological Park, set in a natural forest, is a top zoo in India. Perfect for a weekend getaway, especially for kids, it was founded in 1960. It’s one of the best summer destinations in Bhubaneswar, where you can enjoy nature and see a variety of animals up close.

Distance From Bhubaneswar: 15 km

– Things To Do

  • Wildlife Safari
  • White Tiger Safari
  • Botanical Garden
  • Boat Ride
  • Lion and Tiger Safari
  • Butterfly Park
  • Children’s Park
  • Animal Shows
  • Bird Watching
  • Educational Programs

Bhubaneswar heats up in summer! But don’t worry, cool escapes are nearby. Choose your adventure relax on a beach, hike in the hills, or explore nature. Find your perfect summer escape near Bhubaneswar and get ready to enjoy Odisha’s beauty.