Top 5 Lassi Corners In Cuttack You Must Try

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Hey Friends, Summer’s here and the best partner to beat from this scorching heat is Dahi Lassi. Usually, cuttack is known for its rich culture, heritage sites, and traditional customs but for this season cuttack jhola Lassi is one thing that is in everyone’s mouth. Made with yogurt,rabdi, sugar, and topped with khua, shredded coconut, Kaju cherries, and more it becomes one of the popular drinks for the summer season.

lassi lover

So, you guys looking for a place to chill out and get a chilled vibe with the best taste? In this article, I will be sharing the top 5 places in cuttack where you will get the best lassi and can go and chill with your friends and family.

1-Jay Shree Ram Sarbat & Lassi:

shree ram sarbat & lassi

Baidyanath, who belongs to bepari sahi in Cuttack runs this one-stop lassi stall in Buxi Bazaar, which was established by his Late father Karthik Prasad Bhagat in 1980. Initially it started as a small shop near their residence but with growth and popularity they had to shift it to Buxibazar. The famous dahi -rabidi mix is an all-time favourite.

  • Location-Buxi Bazaar
  • Cost- 50-80 rs
  • Timing- 10.00am-10.00pm

2-Dolamundai Sarbat:

dolamundai rabid sarbat

It does not need any signboard or advertisement to advertise itself as one of the best and oldest lassi stalls of Cuttack. In the last 54 years, the two brothers Giridhari and Sridhar Khuntia have made Dolamundai lassi a happening place for the lassi lovers in Cuttack. Santosh tells how the simple lassi goes through a cosmetic change with  additions of dry fruit toppings , scraped coconuts, different nuts etc. and is a treat to the eyes as well as the palette. In 1962 Giridhari sold a simple lassi glass priced at 75 paisa.

  • Location-Dolamundai
  • Cost- 30-70 rs
  • Timing- 9.00am-10.00pm

3-Jhola Sahi Lassi & Sarbat

jhola sahi sarbat

This is another loved lassi outlet in the city. Like other lassi shops,it is famous for its handmade yogurt which is beated by hand and gives the homemade flavor.

  • Location-Jhola Sahi
  • Cost- 50-100 rs
  • Timing- 9.30am-9.30pm

4-Sen and Sen Lassi

sen & sen lassi

Visit Sen and sen lassi to dine at if you feel hungry after gazing at Maa Cuttack Chandi Mandir. You will hardly forget delicious lassi that you can order.

  • Location- Near chandi mandir
  • Cost- 50-70 rs
  • Timing- 9.00am-10.30pm

4-Hina Bhai’s Handmade Lassi:

rabidi sarbat

Situated in the most crowded area of cuttack, it is another popular lassi point for lassi lovers.Here, Hena Bhai brings smiles in the people’s faces during this hot season by making the dahi and rabdi lassi with different types of juice.

  • Location- cuttack
  • Cost- 50-100 rs
  • Timing- 9.00am-9.30pm

5-Gopinath Sarbat And Lassi:

collage square lassi

Another Lassi point is situated in collage square cuttack. what else you needed in these hot days that after studing you will get the chilled and delicious lassi.

  • LocationCollage Square
  • Cost- 50-100 rs
  • Timing- 9.30am-11.00pm

So, that’s all about the top places where you get the best lassi in cuttack and provide your body the ultimate pleasure from this scorching heat, and also have a good time with your loved ones. These are some of the places which I personally visited and recommended to you too I hope you like this and you will have a good time. So, if you like this you can share yourexperience with us.

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