Daily Rituals Of Lord Jagannath: Name, Time & Details

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The Jagannath Temple is an important Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Jagannath, a form of Vishnu–one of the trinity of supreme divinity in Hinduism. It is located in the heart of Puri in the state of Odisha, situated on the eastern coast of India.

Daily rituals of Shree Jagannath are popularly known as Niti which is an unique system in the world. The rituals of Mahaprabhu are divided into three parts such as daily Niti, periodical Niti and festive Niti. Each Sevak of Srimandir has a specific role to play the Nitis of Mahaprabhu in the daily time manner. Mandir Niti started in the early morning at about 4:30 am and completed by midnight every day.

Here you will get all the information about the 18 important daily rituals of lord Jagannath.

Table of Contents

  • Daily Rituals of Lord Jagannath
  • Morning Rituals
  • Afternoon Rituals
  • Evening Rituals

Daily Rituals of Lord Jagannath

The Jagannath Puri temple facts can blow your mind. The worship and ritual system of Sri Jagannath Temple or Srimandira is very complex to elaborate on. Let us briefly know the daily rituals of Lord Jagannath and the schedule of the Temple at different times.

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Morning Rituals

The morning rituals from the daily rituals of Lord Jagannath Temple is discussed below 9 different time stamps. Get a brief list of morning rituals here.

  • 4.30 AM Dawn – The Bhitarachho Mahapatra open the Jagannath Temple. While opening the temple, He checks the Jaumuda door whether the door is in order or not.
  • 5.30 AM Dawn – The four lords wear Uchhagi and Uttariya.
  • 6 AM Morning –Early morning Lord jagannath & his family brush the teeth, bathed and dry clothes are worn.
  • 8 AM – Sahan Mela for public viewing. From this time onwards visitors can view lord Jagannath inside Jagannath Temple.
  • 8 AM – Lord’s worn their costumes.
  • 8.40 AM – The Surya Puja rituals occurred near the Mukti Mandap.

Now it’s time for their 1st meal:

  • 9 AM – The first offerings of Nadia Kora (dry coconut slices), Kadali (banana), Khua, Manda, Dahi (curd), Lahuni (milk cream), and Nadia (coconut) are offered to the four lords.
  • 10 AM – Sakala Dhupa – The dishes like Badakanti, Sanakanti, Enduri, Mathapuli, Bundia, Saga, Khechedi, and Khiri are offered before the lord.
  • 11 AM – Again, there is a change in the costume of the 4 lords. Various types of dry offerings are offered by the devotees.

Afternoon Rituals:

  • 1 PM – Second Sankudi Dhupa – The dishes like Jata Anna, Sakara, Dali, Mahura, Besara, Saga, Dalma, Palau, Kadamba, Arisa, Dhaula, Bada, Tripuri, Nadi, Manohara, Kakara, Maricha Ladu, Pitha, Sara, Pana, Badhikhirisa, Dudha and many other are offered before Lord Jagannath. In 1910, there were 435 types of dishes of this offering. Now there is a lot less.
  • 2.30 PM – Midday Paduda falls and 4 lords take a rest. The Ratnnapalanka goes inside the main Temple.

Evening Rituals:

Important events are done in the daily rituals of Lord Jagannath, like Sandhya Dhupa, Badasinghara Besa and Debadashi Dance in the evening time.

  • 6 PM – The Pahuda opens again. Again the main temple is open for visiting. Sandhya Arati starts.
  • 8 PM – Sandhya Dhupa like Kanla Puji, Takua, Mathapuji, Pitha, Khaja, Magaja Ladu, Gotali, Kakara, Suruma, Amalu, Chadheineda, Kadamba, Subas, Pakhala, Dahi Pakhala, Malasa are offered to the Lord.
  • 9.45 PM – Sahana Mela, the Darshana opens for all again.

Late night dinner

  • 10 PM – Costume change happens again. In the “Chandan Lagi” ritual Sandalwood paste is wrapped over all Gods. For Chandan Lagi, camphor, Keshar and sandalwood paste are mixed in a silver bowl.
  • 10.30 PM – Badasinghara Besa – In this costume, Lord Jagannath wears Badalagi Pata, Chandrika, Karapallaba and many other items. All the instruments or items used in Badasinghara Besa are presented by Amara Matha and Shree Rama Das Matha. Inside the border of the Badalagi Pata, Jagannath’s favourite song Gita Govinda is written in the odia language. The Gita Govinda song was written by Jayadev. The Badalagi Pata is made by trained Tantis.
  • 11.30 PM – Badasinghara Dhupa – In this Dhupa only Kadali (banana), Poda Pitha, Khiri, Kanji and Kakara are offered before the Lords.

Now it’s sleep time of the LORD.

  • 12 AM – The cleaning of the temple starts. The Ratnnapalanka goes inside. The beds are prepared, and flowers are sprinkled over Ratnapalanka. The singers come to the temple and Kirtana starts. Madana and Mohana come to the door. Paida (green coconut) is offered, and Chandan Lagi starts. Debadashi, Lord Jagannath’s royal dancer comes to the temple and performs dance and song. Everyone comes out of the main gate. All doors of the Jagannath Temple are closed and sealed with Jau (wax seal).
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Lord Jagannath’s daily rituals, observed with devotion, unfold a divine connection. From the early morning “Mangala Arati” to the evening “Shayan Arati,” each ritual marks a spiritual journey. These sacred practices, rich in tradition, create a timeless bond between the deity and devotees, fostering a harmonious rhythm of faith in the heart of worship.You can get more information regarding the daily rituals of Lord Jagannath from www.shreejagannatha.in .

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