A Thali Odia Cuisine, DahiPakhala

Best Dahipakhala In Bhubaneswar, That Takes One To The Roots Of Odisha.

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Dahi Pakhala is one of the very common meals in Odisha. We can also called it “The lifeline of every true-blue Odia”. The coastline and the biodiversity of Odisha show up on the plate of every Odia in an amalgamation of recipes that make the best of both land & sea and pakhala is the best example of it .

Pakhala is made by soaking cooked rice in water over the night and when we added sour curd in it, becomes “Dahipakhala”. While serving there is a stir fry of fresh greens, crushed lentil dumplings (Badi Chura), a piquant chutney of mashed roasted vegetables, and course, a side of fried fish. So, if you’re ever been to Bhubaneswar, you must add this to your meal.

So, here is the list of some of the best dahipakhala in Bhubaneswar that shows its authentic side to the visitors.

1. Dalma

Dalma, Unit 4, Madhusudan Nagar

A popular name in the food industry, known for serving the most authentic Odia cuisine, Dalma restaurant is undoubtedly the first choice for Pakhala. The restaurant, which has several outlets in the city, has been hosting a special seven-day ‘Pakhala Festival’ every year. It is most famous for its innovative side dishes which include ‘Posto Bada,’ ‘Chhatu Poda,’ ‘Chhuin Besara Bhaja, ‘Baigan Tomato Chhecha,’Kancha Aama Chhecha,’ besides chutneys like ‘badaam chutney’ and ‘Dhania Tentuli Chutney.’ The menu keeps changing everyday for seven days and there are at least 12 to 14 variants in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. 

Average Cost :- 600 Rs for two person ( approx.)

2. Mayfair Lagoon

Mayfair Lagoon, Jaydev Vihar

Mayfair Lagoon giving an international identity to Pakhala, it hosts national and international guests celebrates the Pakhala Dibasa for its in-house guests and visitors. With variants like ‘Jeera-Dahi pakhala’ ‘Saga’, ‘Badi Chura,’ ‘Amba Khata,’ ‘Alu Chips,’ and ‘Fresh Fried Sea Food’, Mayfair also takes care of the ambience, giving it an Odia touch. 

Average Cost :- 1,800 Rs for two person (approx.)

3. Hotel Marrion

Hotel Marrion, Near Ram Mandir

Hotel Marrion also creating popularity of pakhala at national & international level. ‘Mirch Masala,’ the restaurant in Hotel Marrion also begins its summer special Pakhala from March 20. The menu which changes on a daily basis has over 15 varieties of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes which are served till the onset of monsoon. From ‘Badi Chura,’ ‘Baigan Chutney,’ Chatu Bhaja,’ ‘Saga Bhaja,’ ‘Chunna Macha Bhaja’ and ‘Kukuda Mansa Bhaja,’ the restaurant offers many authentic side dishes with DahiPakhala variants.  

Average Cost :- 1,500 Rs for two person ( approx.)

4. Odisha Hotel

Odisha Hotel, Patia

This restaurant offers you great dishes of Odia cuisine. Order nicely fermented rice called pakhala serve with sour curd on it. This thali serve with potato chips(just like french fries), papad and badi choora, some fresh fried fish & crab curry at Odisha Hotel when you happen to be near it. Have a nice time here and at the end share tasty rasgulla in dessert. This place offers you good cordial.This spot is famous for its great service and friendly staff, that is always ready to help you. Many people mention that the dishes are offered for adequate prices. You will appreciate the modern decor and peaceful atmosphere of this restaurant. 

Average Cost :- 400 Rs for two person ( approx.)

5. Pakhala

Pakhala Hotel, Kharvel Nagar

The name says it all. Another restaurant easy on the pocket, Pakhala in Kharvel Nagar, has been in business for the last three years. They serve a wide variety of fried fishes to be eaten with pakhala, such as rohu, dangili, pomphret, prawns and have options for the vegetarians too—like, their special mushroom-leaf fry, mashed and fried tomato/brinjal/potato, saga bhaja, deep-fried veggies and salad. Their pakhala meal price begins at Rs.51. And their pakhala menu differs on all the seven days of the week.

Average Cost :- 200 Rs for two person ( approx.)

DahiPakhala beats the heat in a way that no other food can. It is the most loved dish of Odisha and March 20 will be observed as International “Pakhala Dibasa”. So, if you’re ever been to Odisha please try Dahi Pakhala in your lunch meal, you’ll gonna love it.

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