Sidheshwar Temple,Cuttack (ସିଦ୍ଧେଶ୍ୱର ମନ୍ଦିର)

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On every Monday we always notice lots of devotees worship Lord Shiva by going to various Shiv Temples. In Odisha we have many Shiva Temples where lakhs of people visit every day and Shidheswar Temple is one of them.

Sidheswar Temple Cuttack

Histry of Sidheswar Temple

The Sidheswar temple is one of the ancient temple in this area. It is believed that the Arjuna has placed the Shiv Linga and worshiped to get “sidhi” (sucess) here. So the temple is named as Sidheswar from there. Sidheswar Temple situated on the bank of Mahanadi river nearby mundali bridge. Local worship lord shiva at the temple. the temple is at top of the hill. One of the best Shiva temple outskirts of cuttack

Sunset View of Shidheswar Temple

The famous Sidheswar temple is located in the bank of river Mahanadi. The ancient temple is situated at the hill between Talagarh. In the month of Sharavan many many Kaudiyas visit this place.The temple is present and the end of the village and is well connected with the road. Many people visit this place as you can witness the sunset from the temple.

Sunset view of Sidheswar Temple

The famous Naraj barrage is visible from this place. The calm and cool breeze from river Mahanadi makes this place wonderful to sit and enjoy the nature and the view of Sunset from Sidheswar temple is the most beautyful and peaceful thing.

Location of Sidheswar Temple

If you want to visit the place then here are the distance from various points of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar for your reference

Mastercanteen to Sidheswar route map
Mastercanteen to Sidheswar route map

Distance of Sidheswar Temple from Bhubaneswar

  • From Bhubaneswar railway station – 40.4km
  • From Baramunda bus stand – 36km
  • From Airport- 34km

Distance of Sidheswar Temple from Cuttack

  • From Cuttack Railway station- 21km
  • From Badambadi bus stand- 17km
  • From Barabati Stadium- 16.3km.

Best Time to Visit

There is no such particular time to visit this place. You can visit this place any time in the year. As this place is situated is above the hill top so I advice you all to have your own vehicle. You can take your vehicle to the top of the hill near the temple.

I hope the article will help you to known more about the Sidheswar Temple. Do share your experience by commenting below .

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