Peacock Valley, Cuttack- The Hidden World of Peacocks

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Who does not admire Peacocks? People honor their beauty & symbolism. Even our National Bird is Peacock.

I remember those school days, when we used to keep the feathers in our books and used to feed also, thinking they would grow big.

Well ! Coming to the point, I am going to share a place, of-course kind of unexplored place, where you can feel them in real and can spend some relax time.

Yes, the place people call Peacock valley. And locate it in Cuttack District, Odisha.


Then Read the article till the end to know more on the peacock Valley.

I am going to cover the exact location, Here you will get to know about the peacock valley, where it is situated, who takes care of the peacocks and many more interesting things. After reading the article till the end you will get to known everything about this small little hidden world.

So why to waste time, Fasten your seat belts and begin your journey to explore the unexplored world of these beautiful creatures.

About the Peacock Valley-

kanchu charan Behera with peacocks
Mr Kanchnu Charan Behera

The Peacock valley was set up by Mr. Pannu Behera in the year 1999. During that days he used to work as Home Guard with Odisha Police. He continued to feed the peacocks through out of his life and finally he passed away in the year 2017.

After the death of Mr Pannu Behera those beautiful creatures are taken care by his grandson named as Kanhu Charan Behera. Till today there are around 130 peacocks and all are fed by his grandson.

Due to this great work the boy is named as THE PEACOCK BOY.

The boy with clear heart is now fulfilling his promise that he gave to his grandfather. This is really a great work as in this past moving environment the boy is still keeping the promise that he made long back.

Mr Kanhu charan Behera Feeding  Peacock
Mr Kanhu charan Behera Feeding Peacock

Location of Peacock valley-

The Peacock valley is located in Cuttack. The place is close to the river Mahanadi, One of the largest river and plays an important role for agriculture and industry in Odisha.

The valley is full of lush green and is calm place where you can enjoy the dance of beautiful peacock in the monsoon.

Peacock Valley cuttack
Location of peacock valley from Bhubaneswar
Location of peacock valley from Bhubaneswar

Near to this place is located the famous Sidheswar Temple where lots of devotees visit to worship lord Shiv.

Distance from Bhubaneswar to peacock valley :-

  • from railway station- 32.8km
  • From airport- 34.3km
  • From baramunda bus stand- 35.9km

Distance from Cuttack to peacock valley:-

  • from bus stand- 17km
  • from railway station- 19.8km

It is advisable to hire a vehicle as is located near to the Mahanadi river so that after visiting that place you can visit nearby places as all places will be coming in that route. Recently MoBus has started a direct bus service from Bhubaneswar railway station to Mundali. The bus has a stop at the peacock valley. So you can take the direct bus to peacock valley from Bhubaneswar.

Here is the Route chat of the bus to peacock valley-

Route chat for bus to peacock valley
Image Source- Cuttack Pulse from Facebook

Best Time to visit-

peacock opening firs

The best time to visit the peacock valley is in the evening (3pm – 5pm). The monsoon is the best time to visit as during rain the peacock opens its fir and dances which is completely mesmerizing to watch.

You have to leave your vehicle and take umbrella and have a distance walk to main area. If lucky you will find them near your car or just little away.

It is advised not to throw any thing to them and keep a safe distance from them so that you can watch them without disturbing them.

Nearby places to visit-

Near to peacock valley you can visit following places:-

  • Sidheswar Temple
  • Naraj Barrage
  • Naraj selfie point

After visiting peacock valley you can have Dahibara as your evening snacks. Dahibara is one of the most known dish and this for this Cuttack is well known.

I hope you would have liked about the Peacock valley, Cuttack. After reading this article it will be easier for you to make plan for visiting this small place. If you like the peacock valley do share and comment down below what is your experience after visiting the place.

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