Top 10 Authentic and Traditional Food of Odisha- Must Try

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Odisha is famous for lot many things like culture, heritage, cloths and food in between them Odisha is very famous for its Authentic & Traditional Food items. Odia foods are very rich and testy too. You can get a good food in a low budget so that anyone can afford. Here I am trying mention some special Authentic food of Odisha, which you can must try once in life to get the actually test of Odisha.

1. Pakhala(पखाल)

Pakhaḷa is an Odia cuisine, consisting of cooked rice washed or lightly fermented in water. The liquid part of the dish is known as Toraṇi. It is a preparation that is consumed during summer, although many people eat it throughout the year, especially for lunch. A traditional Odia dish, it is prepared with rice, curd It is popularly served with dry roasted vegetables—such as potato, brinjal, badi and saga bhaja or fried fish.

Pakhal bhata with side dish like saga,chingudi sukhua ,badi chura,baigana bhaja, achar,pamapd ,bendipoda.

2. Dalma(डालमा)

Dalma is essentially dal cooked with an assortment of vegetables and spices. Apart from being a part of the main course, people relish the dish with a variety of dishes like Dalma with Pitha ,Dalma with Vada .The high protein and healthy dish is the most essential component of any Odia meal.


3. Poda pitha(पोड़पीठा)

Poda pitha is slow-cooked pitha. It is made by slowly baking fermented rice, black gram, grated coconut and jaggery overnight. Its crust is slightly burnt, while the inside is soft and white .Poda pitha is generally made during Raja Parba. It is served to Lord Jagannath and his siblings at Mausi Maa Temple on their way back after Ratha-Yatra, from Gundicha Temple to Jagannath Temple, Puri.

poda pida

4. Rasgola(रसगोला)

 It is made from ball-shaped dumplings of chhena (an Indian cottage cheese) and semolina dough, cooked in light sugar syrup made of sugar. This is done until the syrup permeates the dumplings. While it is near-universally agreed upon that the dessert originated in the eastern Indian subcontinent, the exact locus of origin is disputed between locations such as West Bengal, Bangladesh, and Odisha, where it is offered at the Puri Jagannath Temple.


5. Santula(सन्तुला)

santula is a vegetable dish from the state of Odisha in eastern India. It can be either fried (bhaja santula) or boiled (sijha santula). Ingredients include potatoes, brinjal, papaya, pumpkin and tomato, which are first boiled together, then fried in oil with diced onion, panch phoran, and green chillies.


6. Matihandi mutton(मटिहंदी मटन)

matihandi mutton is very traditional dish of odisha which is very authentic odia test . Mati Handi Mansa is a traditional way of cooking the mutton ,In this recipe the use of pressure cooker is avoided and the mutton is allowed to be cooked in an earthen pot for a pretty long time, so that the goodness and finer aroma of the earthen pot also gets absorbed into the mutton.

matti handi mutton

7.Machha ghanta(माछ घाँट)

Macha ghanta is a one of the famous traditional food in odisha ,fish is the regular food in Odisha ,this dish is mixed with fried fish head , chana dal and vegetable .we can have lot of portion on this dish as well its very authentic test of Odisha.

Machha ghanta

8.Enduri pitha(एंडुरी पीठा)

Enduri pitha is one of the traditional authentic food of odisha ,in odisha they only prepare this enduri pitha in a very specific festival like prathama astami . This festival we are celebrating like elder brother and sister ,they are wearing new dresses and we are doing puja of them. So on this festival odia people are making this enduri pitha its made by white rice and black gram.

enduri pitha

9.Pala Chhatu besara(पालछतु बेसर)

Pala Chhatu besar is a one of the authentic food of odisha basically this item made in pala chhatu ( odisha special type of mushroom) Mustad masala potato and tomato, normally this item is eating is winter season this dish we can eat with pakhala bhata .

pala chhatu


Odisha is famous for sweet dish there are lot many dishes are there and rasabali is one of them rasabali is offered to baladevjew . this dish is originated in the baladevjew temple of kendrapada it is one of the chapan bhoga of jagarnath temple puri.

It consists of deep fried flattened reddish brown patties of chhena  that are soaked in thickened ,sweetened milk the thickened milk is also usually lightly seasoned with crushed cardamoms.

Odisha is the place of beautiful culture verities and authentic foods , I have tried to introduce some of the Authentic and Traditional Food of Odisha on my article which you surely try once in life. The above listed food items represent the real taste of Odisha. So you must try visit Odisha once .