Gunduchaghagi waterfall

Gundichaghagi Waterfall: One Of The Famous Waterfall In Keonjhar

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Here, I’ll talk about the well-known Gundichaghagi waterfall in the Odisha district of Keonjhar, which is close to the Harichandanpur block (kendujhar). You should must visit this waterfall if you’re going to the Keonjhar Waterfalls with family and friends. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and not find it boring.

Gundichaghagi waterfall is located in abundance a spectacular natural environment with lush green forest. people are talking about this waterfall origin is Musala river and her surface is 50 feet. Gundichaghagi area like smoky and full of attractive.

It is a well-known water fall in Keonjhar. It is a good option if you are planning a photo wedding shoot then its a good choice. At the moment, the majority of couples are being visited. If you like mother nature, the best time to visit is during the rainy season (July to October), when Gundichaghagi looks lush and green. If you like wild feasts, the best time to visit is during the winter season (November to February).

There are more than 3 waterfalls you can find in one place & the three waterfall looks like amazing. Gundichaghai, there is a watchtower from which visitors can get a complete view of the waterfalls.

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It is about 12 km distance from Ghatagaon Maa Tarini temple and 55 km from Keonjhar Town. It is a beautiful famous water fall, and all kinds of facilities are available for visitors.

  • Travel option: car,bus,bike
  • Nearest Town: keonjhar(kendujhar)(60.08km,1hr 19min)
  • Nearest Market: Harichandanpur(11.0km,20min)
  • Trip Type: Families, Couples, Friends

You Should not miss:

Bath under Waterfall: It is completely safe to bath & enjoy the waterfall.

Stairs to reach the waterfall: If you use the stairs then you look the entire waterfall and superb jungle view.

Spectacular View: There is a Bridge is another viewpoint near to fall that gives a spectacular view .


It’s a very famous waterfall to time spend with your family and friends. I am sure you love this place. if you like this type of content then follow our site Thank you…