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Spend a Day at Ansupa Lake (With All The Information)

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If you guys are planning to visit Ansupa Lake but still confused about how and where you should visit,, So am going to help you with all the information through this blog.

So lets get explore a new tourist place with so much fun..

Ansupa Lake

Why Ansupa Name And Its Geography :

The shape of this lake is nearly equal to a horse shoe shape. That’s why it is named as Ansupa lake. This is a well known tourist place in Odisha. It is a part of a river named the Mahanadi. It is in Banki, under Athagarh Forest Division and 40 km away from Cuttack. its length of 5 kilometers, width of 1.6 kilometers and accoupied 141 hectare.

How to reach :

This lake is on the left bank of the Mahanadi river. This located 50 kilometers from Cuttack, situated in the middle of the state highway connecting athagarh and Banki block of Cuttack.

Main Attraction :

Birds at Ansupa lake

This is the largest fresh water lake in Odisha.

  • It act as a shelter for the migratory birds in the winter season
  • Boating facility
  • Fishing facility
  • Bamboo cottage

That lake is surrounded by the Saranda Hills and enclosed by bamboo and mango trees.

When To Visit :

This place is open all the days of year, but best time is to visit the lake is during winter season..

Explore nearby areas :

Some famous places near ansupa lake for sightseeing and natures view.

  1. Bhattarika Temple :
Bhattarika Temple

This temple dedicated to Hindu Goddess Bhattarika as a manifesation of Shakti. As per the puranic tradition, Parashurama, facing certain defeat at the hands of Saharasjuna, prayed to Durga who appeared on this spot to impart her divine power to his aid.

2. Nuapatna :

Nuapatana Handloom

The handloom cluster of the Cuttack district near ansupa lake in Odisha. About 15000 weavers are employed in the region cross 6 villages.

The weavers were said to have produced Gita gobinda khandua, an offering to Lord Jagannath in Puri. They also weaving beautiful patterns on the odissi sarees and textiles.Whats more one can buy too.

3. Chandaka Forest :

Chandaka Forest

Chandaka sanctuary is a wild life reserve located in north western fringe of Bhubaneswar. Popular destination for solitude seekers, hunt for eco-tourists. Large species number of birds are also there as it is near to Anshupa lake. Also it is 20 kilometer by road from Bhubaneswar.

4. Banki Maa Charchika Temple :

Banki Maa Charchika Temple

One of the oldest shakti place in Odisha, which is situated in Banki town of cuttack district. This temple is dedicated to eight armed Goddess Chamunda.

This temple consists of a wooden ceiling of the Mandapa which have painting episode of Bhagabata Purana. Also you can see images of elephant, peacock, duck, parrot, animal hunting, etc.

Approximate driving distance between Anshupa lake road and banki Charchika is 56 kilometers.

Conclusion :

At Ansupa lake you can enjoy boating and fishing facility surrounded by Saranda hills. Eye catching bamboo cottage and different species of birds are main attraction for tourists in Odisha.

If you are a nature lover, then you must enjoy all the views.. So spend a day at Anshupa lake and give yourself a break.