know all about Deras and Jhumuka dam

Know all about Deras and Jhumuka dam

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Are you guys planning to visit Deras and Jhumuka dam? still confused about how, where, and when you should visit. well, let me help you with this. I am going to clear all doubt related to this blog so let’s get started to know all about Deras and Jhumuka dam

Deras Dam

Know all about Deras and Jhumuka dam

Deras Dam is located 15 far from Bhubaneswar in a small village named kantabada of Khordha district. this dam is the third largest dam in Odisha. it’s a perfect place for an outing with family and friends. here is also a 40 kilometer of long jungle safari available. Deras Dam is situated in the Chandka national park. it attracts tourists for its scenic view. most of the tourist comes to the place in the rainy days as the dam get full of water and it satisfying to watch that view full of water in Dam and people also take bath in the Dam water and enjoy the place. not only it is famous for its dam Deras also famous for its greenery. you will find peace, a lot of foreign tourists also comes here to see the beauties of this place. if you are planning to do spent a complete day this is the perfect place I would recommend. there are small villages available n the jungles of Chandaka. the tribal people stay there and they are completely dependent on the jungle.

Jhumka Dam

Know all about Deras and Jhumuka dam

Jhumuka dam is only 3 to 4 far from Deras Dam as it has same things available in Deras Dam. people how often visit Deras dam visits the Jhumuka dam also. if you are visiting this place you can do a feast and picnic there. as this place have a tremendous view there are some regional movie shooting happens where fans can meet their favorite superstar of Ollywood. mainly the water of the Dam attracts its tourist and this place gets overcrowded in the season of winter and rainy days as the most beautiful views comes in these two season.

if you guys want to know all about the Deras Dam information related to travel here I can help you with the ticket price, opening time, location, resort, and contact number. so I am putting all the information below

Deras Dam resort

Know all about Deras and Jhumuka dam

if you guys wants to stay in the resort cum their camp you can book online through going on their website name ecotourodisha and get your booking done and enjoy the night stay in the jungle of Chandka.


Deras and Jhumuka Dam is only 15 km far from Bhubaneswar. it is situtated near Kantabada village i am putting the map location so it could help you to find the place without and problem.


but it will be good if you pick a local guy so he can help you to explore ti=his place in better way.

Ticket booking

you can book ticket both offline for a visit. Generally they took 40 rupees for each person but if you are carrying camera and other shooting accessories they can charge up to 200 per person.

Visiting time

this places stay open all the days of a week generally it open at 10 am and get closed by 5 pm

Contact number

before visiting this if any queries you want to solve you want to contact their office for that you have to visit their office as their no contact details available on their official site.


with this, I want to wrap up this blog hope you guy enjoy this blog know all about Deras and Jhumuka Dam. if you guys want to explore more places in Odisha you guys can read my previous blog on the Best places to visit in Odisha during winter thank you.