Sapua Dam : New Tourist Attraction In Odisha.

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Introduction :

If you are searching for Sapua dam, then you must be a naturalist. If yes then you are at the right place. So let me explain you with all the information about Sapua dam. Peoples are visiting more as it is a new tourist attraction in Odisha. This place is special for its scenic views and picnic spot by the dam. It is suitable for a single-day trip plan to free up your mind.

Here have a look……

Sapua dam view

How To Reach :

Now a days Sapua dam is new tourist destination in Odisha. This dam is situated in Hindol block of Dhenkanal district. Nearly 90kms from Bhubaneswar and 46 kms from Dhenkanal. The architectural structure of this concrete barrage is framed in the form of a snake. That’s why literally it is named as Sapua translates in to snake.

Why Sapua Dam Made :

The dam was built as a medium irrigation project by the water resources department of Odisha under the Mahanadi basin. The project is helping more to farmers for cultivation to 855 hectares in kharif. It store the running water of the Mahanadi for later use.

Why Tourists Choice :

Top view of Sapua dam

This Sapua dam is full of green forest and a very good picnic spot. Once it was a barred area, but now this zone is first choice for camping, sightseeing and picnic place by tourists. Also it is surrounded by saal forest which is definitely enhance the surrounding view of this dam. People from all across the state come here to see the momentary view.

Conclusion :

You can come here with your friends or family to behold the scenic beauty place and to spend some quality time. For enjoying natural view this is the best place in Odisha now a days. So go ahead and give yourself a break , plan for a trip, restore your energy, free up your mind.

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