Top 6 Tea Places In Cuttack – Location, Price, Time

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Tea is emotion for every Odia people. In the morning and evening, tea is like medicine for some people. Are you the one who’s crazy for chai, then this article must be helpful.

In Cuttack people always prefer road side tea stalls for tea rather than cafes, just to have a quick break from daily routine with their loved ones and have a beautiful chat while having chai.

Here are a few highly-rated tea stalls you might want to explore.

1.Munu Bhai Guaghia Chaa (Near Barabati Stadium, Cuttack)

Munu Bhai tea stall is one of the famous tea stalls in cuttack. This is a typical old-school hangout place for Cuttack people. They use desi ghee (in odia known as guaa ghia) to make tea, which makes tea creamy and tasty. If you are from Cuttack then this should be your must visit place for a small break in a hectic schedule. People used to park their vehicles and gossip with their loved ones with a cup of tea. This is the only place in cuttack who serves desi ghee tea. In winter evenings this is my goto tea place.

  • Location- Near Barabati Stadium
  • Price- 10rs
  • Time- Monday to Sunday (8AM-12PM, 4PM-10PM)

2. Amareswar Tea Stall (Police Lane, Buxi Bazar)

Another crowded tea stall of Cuttack. This stall is also good its coffee but the tea is what mostly people crave for. The tea here is brewed traditionally in a brass handi and is made by using rich tea leaves, fresh and thick milk and ginger.

Although they have customers belong to all age groups, since the tea stall is situated near police lane, but the regular ones most of the officers, VIPs and the elderly people who visit the stall for their daily dose of tea.

  • Location- Police Lane, Buxi bazar
  • Price- 10rs
  • Time- Monday to Sunday (6AM-11AM, 5PM-10PM)

3.Ranjan Tea Stall (Chahata Ghat, Cuttack)

Far from home but close to heart, Ranjan bhai tea stall. It’s one of the renowned tea stall of cuttack. Ranjan bhai tea stall located at river bank of Mahanadi. Around 3-5 km from the centre of the city that I lived in. Earthy smell of the pot, sweetness of cardamom, strong taste from black pepper, make the tea most special.

Soothing breeze of Mahanadi and strong Chai of Ranjan bhai are made for each other. The peacefulness of river bank get disturbed when tired office colleague meet up everyday at the tea stall. I have been there regularly since more than 3 years and now its two times the cost .

  • Location- Chahata Ghat
  • Price- 10rs
  • Time- Monday to Sunday (6AM-12PM, 5PM-10PM)

4. Kapil Bhai Tea stall (Ranihat, cuttack)

This is one of the oldest and famous tea stall in Cuttack over four decades. It has become a center of attention for both the locals and those passing by. Lots of joggers people gather here after their exercise session.

The tea stall has also become a part of the student’s life in colleges and universities nearby. The stall near to the colleges make it an ideal spot for quick refreshment and casual conversations.

  • Location Ranihat
  • Price-10rs
  • Time- Monday to Sunday (5AM-11AM, 5PM-10PM)

5. Santosh Tea Stall (Choudhury Bazar, Cuttack)

This tea stall is located close to both the Municipal High School and the Cuttack Municipal Corporation office. It holds a special place in the daily routine of many people. The high school teachers also come to this tea stall on a regular basis. The best part of the tea stall is the sweepers and morning road cleaning staffs are gathered here. Over sips of hot tea, they share stories of their daily struggle.

This tea stall is also near to the wholesale market. The merchants and businessmen, on their way to buy goods for their business, stop for a cup of refreshing tea.

  • Location- Choudhury Bazar
  • Price- 10rs
  • Time- Monday to Sunday (5AM-11AM, 5PM-10PM)

6. GABBARCHAI (Mahanadi Vihar, Cuttack)

This is one of the best destination for tea lovers. They have a variety of tea options. Apart from tea they also provide sandwiches and coffee.

A great place to hang out with your friends. Hot coffee and cheese corn sandwich are major recommendation for this place.

  • Location– Near by Bank Of India, Mahanadi Vihar
  • Price- 10rs-100rs
  • Time- Monday to Sunday (6AM-9.30PM)

People can find thousands of tea stalls in Cuttack but these few are my personal favorites’ where I used to go. You guys must go there once and comment your experiences below.

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