Exploring 11 Beautiful Picnic Spots In Odisha: Perfect Goal For Family Fun

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Picnic spots in Odisha is on high demand as the youth or the families are in search of some beautiful, unique and, scenic places to explore the nature and enjoy the moments with their loved ones. Odisha is famous for it’s rich cultural heritage, natural beauty and diverse landscapes.

Odisha attracts many travelers, tourists to visit it’s ancient temples, beautiful beaches, energetic markets. Some of them are so mesmerizing that my eyes got stock with it’s beauty.

I have prepared a list of picnic spots that I would recommend you to visit for outdoor family time.

1. Koilighugar Waterfall (Jharsuguda)

Koilighugar Waterfall,picnic spot in jharsuguda

Koilighugar Waterfall is the most populated and famous picnic spot in Jharsuguda. The enthralling waterfall with it’s lush green forest and the beauty of nature makes the tourist and the local people more attracted to this place for picnic.

Here, Lord Shiva is worshipped and the Shivling is inside the water which attracts the tourist more. A great fest is organised during Shivratri.

  • Location : Jharsuguda.
    • It is located in Kushmelbahal village which is 30 km from Belpahar near Lakhanpur area.
  • Best Time to Visit : During Winter Season.
  • 200 ft. height of the waterfall.
  • Picnic Spot : Beside the river, an area for cooking is made.

2. Duduma Waterfall (Koraput)

Duduma Waterfall,Machakunda,Jeypore

Duduma Waterfall is famous for it’s nautral beauty and a popular tourist destination. It’s surroundings give an exceptional opportunities to adventure seeking people which is full of lush green forest, cascading waterfall and the beautiful landscapes also makes the best picnic spots in Odisha near Jeypore region. It is also named as Machakunda which is known for Matsay Kshetra.

  • Location : Koraput.
    • It is located 3 km from Nandapur village in Jeypore about 45 km from Koraput.
  • Best Time to Visit : From October to February.
  • 575 ft. height of the waterfall.
  • Picnic Spot : At th summit of waterfall.

3. Chandrabhaga Beach (Puri)

Chandrabhaga Beach, a picnic spot in puri

Chandrabhaga Beach is the first beach in India to get Blue Flag Certification for its environment friendly and cleanliness. If you are searching for picnic spot while enjoying the beautiful and calmness breeze of the sea then, this beach is one of the best picnic spot for enjoying the moments.

Also all the utensils for picnic can be found there, they are povided in rent.

  • Location : Puri.
    • It is located 3 km from Konark Temple.
  • Best Time to Visit : October to December and on February.
  • Picnic Spot : Under the Casuarina trees.

4. Ram Chandi Temple (Jharsuguda)

Ram Chandi temple,temple inside a natural rock cave,brajrajnagar,jharsuguda

Ram Chandi temple is present inside a natural rock cave near the bank of river IB. Here, the goddess Chandi is worshipped inside the cave. According to locals and the elder persons, this temple had been there since the era of Lord Ram.

  • Location : Jharsuguda.
    • It is located about 4 km from Brajrajnagar.
  • Best Time to Visit : During Winter Season.
  • Picnic Spot : Above the hill, down the temple is there, above good place is there for picnic.

5. Barehipani Waterfall (Mayurbhanj)

Barehipani Waterfall has been a great location to visit for many tourists and also a great place for picnic to spend time with your family. It is the 3rd highest and a 2 tired waterfall in India. The waterfall in Simlipal National Park makes a major tourist place.

The summit of waterfall creates a beautiful pond like shape which is a beautiful picnic spot in Odisha. This waterfall is situated on the Budhabalanga River flowing over Meghasuni mountain of the Eastern Ghats.

  • Location : Mayurbhanj.
    • It is located in Simplipal National Park.
  • Best Time to Visit : From November to February.
  • 1306 ft. height of the waterfall.
  • Picnic Spot : At th summit of waterfall.

6. Badaghagara Waterfall (Kendujhar)

The powerful flow of the water flowing down the rocks makes one of the beautiful picnic spots in Odisha surrounded by green forests. This waterfall falls into Ghagra river which is a branch of Baitarani river.

This place is full of exotix flaura and fauna which is a great attraction for people to enjoy the time with families/friends away from the city rush. To reach this amazing place for picnic, I would recoomend you to use private vehicle. The early and sunset view of this place is so amazing that attracts a lot of attention for tourists.

  • Location : Kendujhar.
    • It is located 9 km distance from Kendujhar town.
  • Best Time to Visit : From October to February.
  • 100 ft. height of the waterfall.
  • Picnic Spot : Near the summit of the fall.

7. Lal Pathar (Jharsuguda)

Lal Pathar, Red stone hill,Jharsuguda

As the name says, the waterfall is surrounded by red rocks that makes the locals more demanding for picnic. The beauty of this waterfall makes a beautiful picnic spot for many locals to enjoy the moments with their families/friends. I would recommend to take the utensils with your private vehicle.

This Red Stone Hill has different layers of colour which range from red to yellow to white. The hill also provides the visitors a great place to do hiking, rock climbing and many more.

  • Location : Jharsuguda.
    • It is located in Girindola, 7 km distance from Belpahar town.
  • Best Time to Visit : From October to May.
  • Picnic Spot : Near the red stones.

8. Gudguda Waterfall (Sambalpur)

Gudguda Waterfall, one of the beautiful picnic spot in odisha, Sambalpur

One of the beautiful waterfall that I like the most. The water flowing down in 3 steps makes so much soothing sound that can mesmerize anyone. This is one of the most beautiful picnic spot that I have gone. The water is so clean and can be used for bathing too.

The beautiful surroundings of this place attracts many tourist and is the best place for trekking, camping, mountain climbing. This place has already pindh for cooking and for tourist Odisha government has made changing rooms, washrooms to maintain the beauty of nature without hampering it.

  • Location : Sambalpur.
    • It is located 32 km distance from Kuchinda.
  • Best Time to Visit : From October to June.
  • 1286 ft. height of the waterfall.
  • Picnic Spot : There are spots espicially made for picnic, no need of searching them.

9. Deojhar Waterfall (Cuttack)

Deojhar Waterfall, Narasinghapur block of cuttack district

Deojhar Waterfall has transformed into an attractive location for tourists as well as people residing near this region for picnics. Its charming beauty and peaceful surroundings are well-known. People who visit this place for picnics also enjoy indulging in trekking, as it offers a delightful trekking route that is favored by everyone.

For precautions, I recommend bringing appropriate trekking equipment with you and using your private vehicle to reach there. Additionally, ensure that your vehicle has a full tank of petrol, as there is no petrol station near the waterfall for 18 km.

Moreover many food stalls have been started there for tourist attractions and a park is there near the parking area.

  • Location : Cuttack.
    • It is located in Talapunji village 23 km distance from Narasinghpur.
  • Best Time to Visit : From August to February.
  • 300 ft. height of the waterfall.
  • Picnic Spot : Cooking place there near the waterfall.

10. Ansupa Lake (Cuttack)

Ansupa Lake, on the left bank of the Mahanadi river, opposite Banki in Cuttack district

Ansupa Lake also known as freshwater lake and is famous for it’s natural beauty, birds watching opportunities and boating experiences which makes the place a suitable place for picnic.

For it’s unique bio diversity character this lake is of national importance as it is home to many migratory as well as sheltered birds. There is a park near the lake that makes it a beautiful picnic spot in Odisha. The lake is of 382 acres and is horse shoe shaped that’s why it is named as ‘Ansupa‘.

  • Location : Cuttack.
    • It is located 40 km distance from Cuttack town in the bank of Mahanadi river, opposite of Banki.
  • Best Time to Visit : From June to September.
  • Entry Fee of the Lake : INR 20.
  • Picnic Spot : Inside the park.

11. Bhimkund Waterfall (Mayurbhanj)

Bhimkund waterfall, on the course of river Baitarani, border of Mayurbhanja and Keonjhar

People near Mayurbhanj also consider Bhimkund Waterfall a beautiful picnic spot. The Bajrangpur region relies on this significant natural waterfall and water reservoir. The legendary Pandava prince Bhima from the Hindu epic Mahabharata lends his name to this place, which holds religious and cultural importance.

It is created by the course of the river Baitarani and is characterized by its horseshoe-shaped rock formations, giving it a unique and charming appearance. The tranquil surroundings and the sound of the cascading water add to its charm.

I would advice you to be more careful near the waterfall as the current of water is very high.

  • Location : Mayurbhanja.
    • It is located about 40 km from Karanjia.
  • Best Time to Visit : From November to June.
  • 100 ft. height of the waterfall.
  • Picnic Spot : The cooking spot made near waterfall inside the forest.

Odisha is full of historical and cultural experiences. While planning picnic spots in Odisha, you should check the weather conditions, accessibility and, entry permissions to some specific locations. Odisha gives a memorable and joyful moments to the people or tourists that is full of cultural heritage, natural beauty and diverse range of beautiful picnic spots.

These are some beautiful picnic spots in Odisha that I have gone and and experienced some of these mesmerizing beauties of nature and are the best places for picnic. These picnic spots are so beautiful that will make you and your family so relaxed and tension free that you will forget everything else.