Deojhar Waterfall

Deojhar Waterfall: How to Reach, Best Time, Tips Before You Visit, Map

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Waterfalls are always fascinating to watch. It relaxes our mind and brings us close to nature. Amid this chaos city life we go to the natures lap to get away from the honking’s ,pollution, toxic people of city life and spend some quality time with ourselves and our loved ones.

Our country is blessed with thousands of beautiful waterfalls, so is our state. Odisha is not all about Puri and Konark, we also have many Wildlife Sanctuaries, Beautiful Eastern Ghat Mountains, Breathtaking Waterfalls etc.

Eastern Ghats

Out of all the waterfalls in Odisha, here we will Discuss about the magnificent Deojhar or Deojhar Waterfall, located in Cuttack District. Deojhar has gained a lot of popularity recently in social media due to its stunning beauty.

About Deojhar And Why It is  so Popular?

The breathtaking Deojhar Waterfall is situated in Narasinghpur Block of Cuttack District, Odisha. It is about 130 kms far from Cuttack City. This Waterfall is located 80 km ahead of the Ansupa lake ,a beautiful waterfall set amidst the forest of Eastern Ghats. The waterfall is approximately 40 ft in height and mostly still unknown to the outside world.

It is a favourite picnic spot for the locals. But recently due to social media this waterfall has become popular all over Odisha.

This place is a nature lovers’ delight. If you like to have some adventure ,want some peace of mind and come back with lots of photographs and memories this place is a must visit.

How to reach Deojhar Waterfall

Deojhar is situated amid the green Eastern Ghats.

  • By Car / Bike : The best and easiest way to reach Deojar  is to drive there in your car or in your bike. This Waterfall is well connected with amazing roads amid the green forests and hills. It is approximately 100 km far from Cuttack City. There are 2 routes from Bhubaneswar. One route will be Banki – Athagarh – Narsinghpur which will be about 122 km. The other one will go to Khordha via Kantilo which will be about 114 km.
  • Bus : From Cuttack bus stand you can find bus for this route. Bus service is available up to Champeswar in Cuttack Narsinghpur road. From Champeswar to Deojhar you can go by hiring auto riskshaw.
Deojhar Road
  •  Railway : Nearest railway station is cuttack.       

Deojhar Distace From Bhubaneswar :

 Deojhar is Located at a distance of 113 kilometres from state capital Bhubaneswar. It will take around 2.5 hours – 3 hours to reach the destination.  One route from Bhubaneswar will be Banki – Athagarh – Narsinghpur which will be about 122 km. The other one will go to Khordha via Kantilo which will be about 114 km.

Best Time to Visit

Deojhar Waterfall remains mainly dry throughout the summer time. So it is a big NO NO for summer time.

 But After a few spells of monsoon rain during July and August , it gets flooded with water providing amazing views to the visitors. So the best months to visit are “from August to February” .

The surroundings of Deojhar waterfall are one of the best locations for picnics during winter season. My favourite time of the year to visit will be October because at that time the water fall will be gushing with water and surrounding will totally green with less crowd.

Deojhar In Monsoon

What can you Expect ?

  • 40ft high falls.
  • Cold water and the rocky terrain .
  • Those who love bathing can enjoy a lot. If you want to bath there you can bath there, it is like a swimming pool. But be cautious of slippery rocks and broken alcohol bottles.
  • Wonderful forest sceneries, animals like deers and birds like peacocks make the place even more attractive.
Deojhar Sunset
  • Wonderful place for adventure. Those guy who are nature lovers it is the best place..
  • One cave named as Badedidhar is just at the top of the waterfall where saints used to lived.

Nearest Places That You Can Visit

  1. Bhattarika Temple (30 km)
  2. Kantilo Nilamadhav temple (35 km)
  3. Ansupa lake (75 km)
  4. Sarankul (75 km)
  5. Asurakumari (95 km)

Traveler’s Tips Before Visiting Deojhar

  • Please Do not litter in this beautiful place.
  • You will not find any kind of mobile network/communication in this area. There are no snack counter, hotel, lodge, petrol pumps and atm’s near Deojhar Waterfall .
  • Nearest town is Athgarh, one can find petrol pumps and ATM’s there.
  • If you are going there make sure you either provision for or pack your food along. Champeswar is the point where one can catch on a few snacks.
  • One can cook the food there provided one carries all the essential items to the spot. Its better to buy your ration at Cuttack.

Here are some Amazing Pictures Of This Mersmerising Waterfall.

A day trip to this location is truly worthwhile, surrounded by vibrant lush greenery and featuring a meticulously maintained children’s park. The breathtaking waterfall is simply mesmerizing, and the trek to reach it adds to the overall fantastic experience. The scenic beauty of the place is truly captivating! as per new updated in 2024.

For More Information You Can Visit Odisha Tourism Website .