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Top 7 Wildlife Places In Odisha For Wonderful Experience

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Odisha is home to varied flora and fauna. The host of a flora and fauna in Odisha is proven to it. Now it’s captivating for its tribal culture, temples architecture, diverse wildlife golden sand beaches, the historic site, national park, and incredible nature or delicious food that make it a without doubt precise area to visit.

Get surprised by the treasure trove of the unexplored and untouched woodland and wildlife of Odisha. Here is our choice of the top 7 flora and fauna locations and sanctuaries in Odisha.

Scroll the listing under to unearth Odisha’s satisfactory rightly referred to as India satisfactory stored mystery gems!

  1. Bhetnoi Sanctuary _ Amazed For Graceful BlackBucks
  2. Ushakothi(badrama) Sanctuary_ It’s Refreshing Floral Beauty
  3. Baisipalli Sanctuary_ Enjoy Carefree Nature 
  4. Karlapat Sanctuary _ Witness The Splendid Flora And Fauna
  5. Debrigarh sanctuary _ Experience The Various Species
  6. Gahirmatha(Marine) Sanctuary_ Significance Of Olive Ridley Turtles
  7. Kotagarh Sanctuary_ Explore A Lesser Known Wonder Of Odisha


Details About Bhetnoi :

  • Bhetnoi is a small and exiquisite village withinside the Ganjam district in Odisha and herds of the threatening Black Bucks (antelope cervicapra) grazing playfully in a lush surrounding here.
  • Every villager lives with a motive to save the endangered blackbucks. It is a real domestic for the mystical blackbucks. These magical blackbucks are extraordinary endangered and rare to see them anywhere in India.


Ganjam, Odisha

Why should you Visit:

It’s a high-quality traveler attraction place in India. The chermeria national camp, salupalli nature camp, and bhanjanagar nature camp are the three locations that are offered to visitors for best tourism.

How To Reach Bhetnoi :

One could rent a car from Bhubaneswar to go to visit bhetnoi village for a one-day tour.
Bhetnoi is 71km away from Berhampur and 165km from Bhubaneswar.


Details About Ushakothi :

  • The Ushakothi (badrama) wildlife shelter is other hidden treasure of Odisha. This nature reserve is placed at a distance of about 22 kilometers from Sambalpur. To the west of the reserve lies the Hirakud dam.
  • This preserve is one of the most essential flora and fauna reserves in Odisha. There are many specific kinds of animals, plants and delightful nature are gift here.
  • Here we are able to find out a dry deciduous woodland such as ,Arjun, sandalwood, acacia, neem, casuarinas trees, etc. The prime wild animals of this nature reserve are the royal Bengal tiger, panthers and elephants, leopard and the primary enchantment of this haven are racket tail dragons and flying squirrels.


Near Sambalpur, NH 6 Odisha

Why should you Visit:

The reserve gives a wonderful experience to wildlife enthuses. It shelters a huge sort of fauna. For vacationers who plan to visit the ushakothi wildlife haven, wintery is a satisfactory time to spot flying squirrels and racket tails dragons.

How To Reach Ushakothi :

The nearest railway station is Sambalpur.
You can go by road to lease a cab.


Details About Baisipalli :

  • The baisipalli is placed in which the Mahanadi river passes via a Gorge in the eastern ghat mountain in the nayagarh district.
  • The basilipalli wildlife preserve offers a complete time . Offering complete rest on your thoughts and body, baisipalli wildlife Odisha grants you the pleasant place to get comfort from all the pains of the relaxtaion of the world.
  • This reserve is domestic to bears, elephants, leopards, deers, and spotted deers.


Near daspalla via Nayagarh, Odisha

Why should you Visit:

This is a really perfect visitor destination. Basipalli conservation park is one of the maximum reputed wildlife reserves of the eastern Indian state of Odisha, additionally an extraordinary area for tourists, nature lovers, and wildlife enthusiasts.

How To Reach Baisipalli :

Basipalli is approximately 160 kilometers away from the capital Bhubaneswar and is easy to reach by any transport mode.
The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar and the closest railway station is Khurda station.


flora and fauna

Details About Karlapat :

  • Karlapat is a wildlife reserve located in the Kalahandi district.
  • A very famous tourist attraction in Odisha. The forest consists of flora like sal,bija asan, harida, amla, bahada, bamboo, and a variety of medical plants.
  • The nature reserve is home to many wildlife species like tigers, leopards, elephants, nilgai, gaur, sambar, barking deer, mouse deer, a wide variety of birds, and reptiles.


Kalahandi, Odisha

Why should you Visit:

Karlapat wildlife conservation park is one of the most maximum well-known traveler locations withinside the Kalahandi district. The splendor of this wildlife haven with its valleys, hills, and waterfalls offers vacationers a lovely attraction. A beautiful waterfall named Phurlijharan is a picnic spot for visitors and draws a big numbers of tourists.

How To Reach Karlapat :

Buses are available from Bhubaneswar to bhawanipatna.


Details About Debrigarh :

  • The debrigarh wildlife haven is placed withinside the bargarh district in the Indian state of Odisha. The wildlife haven has a ancient refference to Odisha freedom fighter-Surendra sai.
  • The debrigarh wildlife is an important location for the conservation of diverse wildlife and habitat. it is home for a various type of flora and fauna.
  • Over 40 species of mammals,200 species of bird, 40 species of reptiles,12 species of amphibians, 42 species of fishes,39 species of odonates,85 species of butterflies,38 species of spiders are withinside the prservation.


Right Dyke Road, Bargarh, Odisha

Why should you Visit:

The debrigarh wildlife is unique in a way it has historical as well as natural significance. Debrigarh is one of the most flourishing wildlife sanctuaries with rich wildlife. it’s a well-known traveler spot also amazing for experiencing the great flora and fauna in Odisha.

How To Reach Debrigarh :

Sambalpur is the Nearest and most well-related town. through the road, you possibly can reach the asylum from Sambalpur in just a pair of hours.
From Bhubaneswar to debrigarh is a distance of 317 kilometers through road.


olive ridely turtle in kendrapara

Details About Gahirmatha :

  • Gahirmatha is a marine wildlife located in Odisha’s kendrapara district and exceptionally famous tourist attraction of Odisha in India. It’s the biggest reproducing home of ocean turtles.
  • It is the world’s biggest nesting ocean side of Olive Ridley Turtles.
  • The gahirmatha marine wildlife is the only marine of Odisha. The gahirmatha gives an incredible variety of flora and fauna.


Kendrapara, Odisha

Why should you Visit:

Gahirmatha turtle haven is an enchanting destination for wildlife enthusiasts. It draws vacationers from far far away and offers the fine magnificence of olive ridley turtles. There is an ideal long ocean side that has become the main attraction of the asylum.

How To Reach Gahirmatha Marine :

The closest airport is Bhubaneswar(75km) and The closest railway station is Bhadrak(49km).
going by road you need to take NH5 from Bhubaneswar on to Cuttack then Kendrapara, Rajnagar.


Details About Kotagarh :

  • Kotagarh wildlife reserve is situated in the baliguda subdivision of the Kandhamal district of Odisha state in India. Kotagarh wildlife has become renowned for its elephant, tiger, and antelope population.
  • This preserve wildlife was safeguarded by the wildlife act of 1972. It has now turn into a protected wildlife area.
  • This asylum might not show in a list of the most visited sanctuaries in India, nonetheless , if you plan to explore a lesser-known wonder of Odisha, then Kotagarh is an unquestionable requirement visit area for you.


Baliguda, Kandhamal, Odisha

Why should you Visit:

It is the ideal vacation location. Kotagarh Wildlife preserve is an optimal spot for nature lovers and animal encaustic. A visit through the kotagarh wildlife will provide you with a feeling of experience excites. on the off-chance, that you are searching for an offbeat destination to head out to this colder time of year, then, at that point, kotagarh wildlife haven is the spot to be.

How To Reach Kotagarh:

Transport services in baliguda that are connected with Bhubaneswar, Berhampur.

Wrapping up on the top 7 wildlife in Odisha that perfects for your great untamed wildlife experience. if you are planning for a trip then must go to these sanctuaries. hope you enjoy reading this article and find the important information here.

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