Top 5 best places for Dahibara Aludum in cuttack – You Must Try

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Dahibara Aludum is emotion for cuttack people, and undoubtedly it is the favorite snack in every odia house. Its a type of snack from cuttack city and it is prepared by soaking vadas(fried flour balls) in light dahi(yogurt) water. Then adding aludum(potato curry) to it.

If you are planning to visit cuttack to taste the dahibara aludum here then these are the must try places i have listed in this article.

There are many dahibara aludum vendors across the city, out of which i have listed top 5 best places for dahibara aludum which is my personal favourites.

I have mentioned top 5 must try places in cuttack with their locations and timings.

1. Vendors opposite Barabati Stadium

dahibara in barabati stadium you must try

These vendors opposite to Barabati Stadium is one of my favorite places for dahibara aludum. There are all total 6 to 7 stalls available and all of them have their different taste and different style of selling dahibara aludum. this is the place where you get hot and fresh served dahibara all the time.

All of them are amazing. These stalls mostly targets students.

Location :

Opposite Barabati Stadium, Horse Gate.

Timing :

The vendors sells dahibara throughout the day and also in the evening hours.

2. Raghu Dahibara

raghu dahibara

Raghu Dahibara is the only man who has gained popularity in social media for his unique style of dahibara and aludum. He was among those vendors who got appreciated for his work in social media, following the huge fan following of the katakias.

Raghu dahibara has achieved a lot and became the biggest name among the dahibara lovers.

The fun fact is that you’ll get to eat the dahibara with your hands.

cuttack people are spicy lovers, so Raghu dahibara keeps the spicy flavours in his dahibara which attracts the people even more.

Location :

Bidanasi chak

Timing :

6pm to 9pm

3. Trinath Dahibara Aludum

trinath dahibara

Trinath has gained his popularity for his amazing blast of flavours in his dahibara and aludum. it has most amazing take on dahibara aludum in cuttack.

If you are looking for more contrasting flavours, then do try Trinath Dahibara Aludum.

Location :

kanika chak

Timings :

evening hours (5:30pm to 8pm)

4. Ranka Dahibara

ranka dahibara

If you are the one who is spicy lovers, i will highly recommend Ranka Dahibara to you people. It is the best morning time breakfast for Katakias.

Location :

Near BOSE entrance gate.

Timing :

morning hours.

5. Subhas Dahibara Aludum

subhas dahibara

Being a Cambridgian Subhas dahibara has been my all time favorite. It mainly targets school students. The dahibara is different in all levels.

if you haven’t tried Subhas dahibara, I will highly recommend to try it.

Location :

opposite st. Josephs High School

Timings :

All day.

So, these are my top 5 must try places for best dahibara aludum in Cuttack. I hope this article has been helpful for you. So, go and grab your plate of happiness and share it to the world.

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