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Best 5 Biryani Places in Cuttack – with Price & Location

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From observing on the lovely golden rice grains to transcending right into a royal global due to the hanging flavours and aroma, to swallowing the first part of rice with gentle meat pieces a biryani lover can understand the state of mind when dealt with this delicacy. This article is dedicated to all the biryani lovers which has become one of the most loved foods in India. So here you come across some of the best biryani places in Cuttack where people flocks to relish this favorite dish.

Biriyani Box

1. Biriyani Box

If you are trying to satisfy yourself with a homely meal then you gonna try it at Biryani Box. Biryani box is a place where you will be getting a very friendly environment to eat and have fun with your loved ones. They also serve special biryani on occasion like the Republic Day. You can also wash it down with a clean glass of their traditional “lemonade” which tastes very good. Their biryani is served with a regular, family and party pack depending on the number of guests. They also have a mini biryani pack which comes at Rs.99 served with soft drinks.

Price : Regular pack chicken biryani is at Rs.169 with 3 pcs, Family pack chicken biryani is at Rs. 319 with 6 pcs and Party pack chicken biryani is at Rs.639 with 12 pcs.

Location : Buxi Bazar, near Post Office, Cuttack.

DFC Restaurant

2. Deep Food Corner AKA Dada’s Biryani

Hotel Royal

3. Hotel Royal

One of the primary locations to serve dum biryani in Cuttack with an idea from each Hyderabad and Lucknow dum biryani which is called as “Royal”. It was started in the year 1989, the biryani in this place is ready with hand-made masalas and is natural dum biryani.

Price : Half plate Chicken biryani is at Rs.180 and full plate is at Rs.360; Half plate Mutton biryani is at Rs.205 and full plate is at Rs.410.

Location : J.P. Market, Buxi Bazar, Cuttack.

4. Jagamohan Restaurant

This is another well known famous restaurant which serves an arrays of dishes, Jagamohan is maximum famous with it’s Chicken biryani which tastes incredibly awesome. Most of the people visit this restaurant and take the full pleasure in eating biryani to the fullest.  They always choose to use restricted quantity of masalas rather than making it too spicy. What draws customers is that the specific aroma emanating from their biryani which brings a mystery essence that they are proud of. Best and consistency of making biryani is constantly their priority. 

Price : Half plate Chicken biryani is at Rs.150 and full plate is at Rs.300; Half plate Mutton biryani is at Rs.200 and full plate is at Rs.400.

Location : Choudhury Bazar, Near Flower Market, Cuttack.

Hashim's Restaurant

5. Hashim’s Restaurant & Caterers

It is opened in January 2015 a very brand new entrant into the arena of food business. Hashim’s has efficiently carved a gap for itself into this business. They specializes in Mughlai biryani which is pretty famous and very different from other biryani because of it’s balanced flavor and welcoming aroma. Pahadi chicken is a great accompaniment with their mutton and chicken biryani.

Price : Half plate chicken biryani is at Rs.219 and full plate is at Rs.438; Half plate mutton biryani is at Rs.249 and full plate is at Rs.499.

Location : CDA Sector-9, Near Jugal Kishore Park, Cuttack.

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These are some of the best 5 biryani places available in Cuttack. So I hope this article is helpful to all the biryani lovers exploring the favourite dish. So if you want to give any feedback or suggestions then feel free to share us in the below mentioned comment box.