Top 5 Street Food In Cuttack Which Is Aa- Wish-Vasniya

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When i think about street about i personally feel its an emotion. Street food is a ready to eat food prepared or sold by beautiful vendors especilly in streets. Today people may purchase street food for number of reasons I personally love because to get flavourable food for a reasonable price.

The best part is street food taste better when i eat with my friends and family. And when my bestfriend eat my food thats the best feeling ever.

The biggest reason that we all love street food because its cheap / inexpensive. And Cuttack is one of best place for street food.

And in this I cover Top 5 street food in Cuttack which is completely mouth watering.

Street Food

1.DAHIBARA ALOO DUM (5pm to 9pm) Location– Sibaa bazar

We absolutely cannot start our journey without mentioning this delicacy first. This is a complete versatile food can have this in breakfast, lunch, dinner at any time. It is an amalgamation of two different dishes – Dahibara And Aloodum. Dahibara an extension of southern vada has a mild sour taste that pairs perfectly with the spice laden aloo dum. Most of the people love Raghu Dahibara And Aloodum but I personally love Trinath Dahibara and Jeetu Dahibara.

Dahibara Aloodum

2.GUPCHUP (5pm to 9pm) Location –Dolomundai

Better known as Golgappa in North, Paanipuri in West and Puchkas in Bengal, Gupchup is the word us Cuttackias use for this dish. A sight of pure delight, these little puchkas are served with a filing of lentils, spicy mashed potatoes, jaljeera water and sweet sauce on demand. People frolic around the vendors almost every evening. Dolomundai is a famous place for gupchup. This a complete mouth watering dish that I can guarantee one thing you cannot stop.


3.MUTTON CHOP-(5pm to 11pm) Location-Professorpada

One little shop three generations of a family and one tasty little dish, that’s the legacy of mutton chop in cuttack. Your nose will lead you right to their shop front, you can trust me on that. These little deep fried balls of goodness, filled with perfectly cooked pieces of mutton and spicy mashed potato will enchant you both with its taste and smell. these are so famous that the shop runs out in less than three head out right now. And most important your stomach should be empty.

Mutton Chop

 4.KACHORI CHAT-(5PM TO 9PM) Location-Near Highcourt

 Served almost everywhere in Cuttack, kachori Chat is the go-to-go dish of for every hungry mortal. Mostly famous as an evening snack, kachori chat is made of one kachori filled with spicy mashed potatos,tomatoes and white peas topped with sweet and spicy sauce , sev, papdi and different garnishes. It is available almost everywhere though near highcourt remains famous for it.

Kachori Chaat

5.KABAB POINT-(5PM TO 9PM) LOCATION – Bigbazar Towards Netaji Museum

A small Kabab stall in the lane next to the N.S.C.B arcade specialising in tandoori items is kebab point, which is rarely empty in the evening. Be it chicken tandoori, or garlic kebab or hariyali chicken everything is below INR50 infact the chicken spring rolls are at INR10 only. So what are you waiting for.


Thanks for reading my blog on top Street Food In Cuttack and if you like my blog tell me in the comment section and if you want to give any suggestion then also you can write it down. When ever you get time try to visit Cuttack and taste all these food you will love it for sure.

Enjoy with family, friends grab it.