20 Unique Facts about Odisha you never knew

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When we say we understand our state of Odisha, we mean we know the local facts. None of us has conducted detailed research on the subject. When there are floods, Naxal attacks, cyclones, and other natural disasters in Odisha, the national media always covers them. Odisha, on the other hand, is rich in culture, natural resources, and scenic beauty. In this, I am going to tell you 20 unique facts about Odisha you never knew. So let’s start.

01. Largest Village in Asia


It has a village called the Bhubana which is the largest village in Asia

02. Largest open theatre


Every year it hosts the largest open-air theatre, The Dhanuyatra, in Baragarh.

03. 1st state to implement special drive

migrant workers

It has become the 1st state to begin special drives to register migrant workers working in other states.

04. Largest Kitchen in the World

kitchen of sri mandir

The Jagannath temple’s kitchen is the largest kitchen in the world and has a capacity to feed 10,000 people per day.

05. Deepest Port in India

Dhamra port

DHAMRA is one of the deepest ports in India presented in Odisha

06. Place where Chandashok changed to Dharmashok

Dhauli temple

Shanti stupa Dhauli is present in Odisha, where Chandashoka changed to Dharmashoka after seeing the darkness of the war.

07. Largest Dam in World

Hirakud dam

It has the 4th largest dam in the world named as Hirakud dam located at Sambalpur, Odisha

08. Only leaning temple in the World

huma temple

The world’s only leaning temple, Huma Temple, is situated in Sambalpur, Odisha.

09. World’s Only White Tiger Safari

White tiger safari

The only white tiger safari is situated at Nandan Kanan zoological park, Odisha.

10. World’sHighest Electrified Track

Electrified station

The world’s highest electrified track is situated at Odisha in the Jakhapura-Daitari section.

11. Rasagola


The famous Rasagola sweet originated from Odisha and got the GI tag.

12. Oldest Survival Dance in India


Odissi the oldest survival dance form originated from Odisha.

13. Largest Brackish Water Lagoon


The largest brackish water lagoon, Chilika, is present in Odisha.

14. Puri Dhama

Jagannath Mandir

Puri dhama is the only dhama in India where folk, Shaiva, Shakta, and Vaishnava worship is done

15. Hide & Seek Beach


The only hide-and-seek sea beach is Chanidpur, present in Balasore, Odisha.

16. Black Pagoda


Konark Temple also called Black Pagoda built long before the Taj Mahal, located in Odisha.

17. Temple City in India

temple city

Bhubaneswar was the land of 500 ancient temples in India, thus called the “Temple City in India.” It is located in Odisha. It is also the capital of Odisha.

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18. 1st Land Revenue system in India

Land revenue system

The land revenue system was 1st started in Odisha before being carried out in India

19. Written Place Of Mahabharat

Sri ganesh and mahabharat

According to mythology, the Mahabharat was written by Shri Ganesh in Rourkela, near Vedvyas.

20. Indian Surf Festival

Surf festival

India surf festival is observed every year near Ramchandi in Odisha only

There is so much to learn about our state of Odisha, but we are frequently ashamed of ourselves. Every state has something to be embarrassed about, but they also have things to be proud of. We have to keep that in mind. So this is all about the 20 unique facts about Odisha. I hope you know some unknown facts about our state. If you found it helpful, please like, comment, and stay connected for further updates. Thank you.

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