Top 10 Hangout Places in cuttack

Top 10 Hangout Places in Cuttack You Need to Experience

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Good food, Good time and Good friends that’s what matter to Us Right ? If it happens in cuttack then it will be awesome.

Hangouts are the best solution for relaxation & trust me, cuttack is perfect for it. Making memories, exploring new things, spending quality with your loved ones is just priceless.

You may think Why Cuttack ?

Let me explain-

Cuttack the Silver City Of Odisha is not only a word,  It is the emotion of every Cuttackia. If Cuttack is the Heart Of Cuttackias then  Mahanadi Barrage, Barabati Stadium, Cuttack chandi temple, Deer park, Odisha Maritime Museum, Jobra, Naraj, Big Bazar, Dhabaleswar Island, Paradip Seabeach is the Heartbeat. Many memories, Stories, emotions are attached with those places.

I will highly recommend these places for hangout. You will fall in love with every places and You will go back to your golden school, college time.

List Of Best Hangout Places in Cuttack :

1. Mahanadi Barrage :

Cuttack along with the river Mahanadi considered as the nerve centre of the people of Odisha which is connecting to Bhubaneswar also. A huge number of tourists come this place to enjoy glorious sights of blue river water and excellent natural beauty. You will find people of all ages mostly students sitting near the barrage & enjoying their “ khatii “ and clicking selfies with their loved ones. The fresh air and sight of fisherman with their boats will give you a amazing feeling. At the side of barrage the local fisher man sell the fresh sea products including prawns, fishes, crabs etc. If you are non-vegans then it is the best place to get fresh sea products. The scenario of sunset in evening at cuttack Mahanadi Barrage is most beautiful thing you have ever seen. Crowded always but worth to visit.

2. Barabati Stadium :

The Barabati Stadium cuttack is an Indian sports stadium specially famous for cricket, association football & hockey. Many T-20 cricket matches, test matches, ODI held in this stadium. In these match days you can sit in gallery & get the opportunity to see your favourite player. If you are visiting barabati stadium then don’t miss the Baliyatra Playground Cuttack which is just near of this. The second largest trade fair in Asia named as “Baliyatra Festival” helds at november which continues for 7 days. A large number of visiters from the every corner of Asia come to this Fair. The anaother one ” Baisakhi Mela ” helds at April in every year. Except this It is the best place for khatti for everyone mostly college and school students. Café Corner and Dahibara Aloodum stalls is the most favourite hangout spots here. You can enjoy the cold coffee and a full plate of Dahibara Aloodum. If you will go Barabati Stadium Cuttack with your friends don’t miss the Special Tea of Munu Bhai Tea Stall.

3. Cuttack Chandi temple :

You can ask anyone what to see in cuttack they will say it first. The cuttack chandi temple is one of the oldest and famous temple in Cuttack dedicated to the Goddess Maa Chandi, which is located at chandichak. Maa cuttack chandi considered to be Living diety of Cuttack. Lakhs of devotes come to this place during Durga Puja and Kali Puja festival. This place is always full of crowd specially on every thurday. You must not miss morning and evening Arati. This temple is small but pure bliss.

  • Best Time to Visit : Morning, Evening
  • Special Occassion Visit : Durga Puja & Kali Puja
  • Address :  FVG7+V2X, Chandi Chhaka, Biju Patnaik Colony, Cuttack, Odisha 753001
  • Google Location :

4. Deer Park Cuttack :

Are you nature lover and photography enthuciasts ? then You are in right place . It is the oldest park yet the best example of wildlife which located at Mahanadi River, Madhusudan Nagar, Cuttack. It comes on the way of Barabati Fort & Promod Resort so that the people who come to these two places they have get to chance to visit Deer Park with no cost. The best destination for tourist mostly for kids to enjoy. There are Large number of deers around 200+at playing around. You can feed them by Parle- G buscuits from outside the fence. If you are lucky then you will get chance to direct interact with the park keeper who will explain about the life style of deers deeply. Deer park, cuttack is the best picnic spot to spend a quality time with your family & friends so you must visit once.

  • Best time to Visit : Morning , Evening
  • Suggested Duration : 1 hr
  • Address : FVQ6+8QF, Mahanadi Rd, Biju Patnaik Colony, Cuttack, Odisha 753008
  • Google Location :

5. Odisha Maritime Museum :

The Museum is all about the culture and tradition of Odisha & variety of artifacts, a bit history and a bit of technology. This beautiful place has a large number galleries to explore so many things about culture, history, science, tradition of past. This place is absolutely stunning and one can learn and entertain. Maritime history has Interesting stories behind How the Mariners were engaged in building the ships they used to go on their voyage. Many school students come to this place for tour. All ages of people come to this place and explore so many things which they don’t know. Odisha Maritime Museum is the hidden gem in Cuttack and money worthy place. I will highly recommend to visit this place for hangouts.

Highlights :

Main Galleries : Introduction, Maritime History, Monuments on Odisha cost, Boat & Ship building, Jobra Workshop, Rituals and Navigation

Special Exhibit Galleries : Boat Shop, Boat Repairing Jeetty, Saw Mill, Children Activity Room, Library & Research Centre

Let Us Experience Galleries : Aquarium, Cafeteria, Multimedia Hall, Open air Theatre

  • Best Time to Visit : 10 am. to 4:30 pm.
    • ( Monday – Closed )
  • Entry Fee :
    • Per head ( 10rs. )
    • car parking ( 40rs. )
    • Aquarium Visit : ( 30rs – Optional )
    • Shows Visit : ( 50rs – Optional )
  • Address : FVHW+HFF, Mahanadi, Ring Rd, Professors Colony, Cuttack, Odisha 753003
  • Google Location :

6. Jobra Cuttack :

Jobra suicide point is famous as Lover’s Point of cuttack. It is located infront of Odisha Maritime Museum.The Evening is the best time for hangout with your friends. Lots of gossips, fresh air, good snacks, view of mahanadi river will give you an pleasure experience and you can also enjoy boating. There are so many street food stalls that you can enjoy and Don’t forget to eat Gupchup (puchka/ panipuri ) at jobra cuttack.

  • Best Time to Visit : Evening
  • Address : Jobra, Ring Road, Cuttack, Cuttack, Orissa 753003

7. Naraj :

Naraj cuttack is another perfect hangout place for friends & family. The pink sky and sunset in the evening is absolutely stunning. When you want to chill you just go there and sit calmly you will feel relax. Aloo paratha with hot cup of tea is just perfect combination to satisfy your appetite. The fresh air and the sight of nature keep the mind relax. You will find helipad there and a guest house where people can stay. If You will 10km from Naraj You will find the place named as Peacock Valley. you can watch Hundred of peacocks and peahens before Sunset. The amazing view of peacock valley will make your heart happy. At rainy season you can see the beautiful dance of peacock with the rain. Trust me, If you visit this place once, then you will never want to return.

8. Big Bazar Cuttack :

Big Bazar cuttack is one of the best place for hangouts and shopping as well. There are lots of options for shopping including reliance trends. If your heart want to eat some crunchy, spicy snacks then ICE ( Indian Chicken Express ) is the perfect destination for you. You can try every chicken items like wings, popcorn, nuggets & many more. When you are craving for a hot cup of cappuccino you can also go café coffee day with your friends & enjoy.

  • Best Time to Visit : 10am. to 9:30pm.
  • Address : Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Shopping Arcade, Jail Rd, Dargah Bazaar, Cuttack, Odisha 753001
  • Google Location :

9. Dhabaleswar Island :

The Dhabaleswar Island cuttack is an alluring location to enjoy vacation situated in the Mahanadi River. It is very famous for its hanging bridge. During walking over bridge you can see lots of turtle & fish in the river for fun. It is a very old Mahadev temple which attracts all the hindu devotees all over Odisha. The Dhabaleswar Mahapravu to be the living God of Cuttack. This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and is located on a hill rock. You will enjoy the beauty of nature through out journey.  If you want to go there then you have to climb 100 stairs to reach temple. It is quite enjoyable to do with lots of gossips with your friends/ family. There are so many puja stalls where you can buy Diyas and puja materials. After done puja you can eat Mahaprasad in lunch there and there so many stalls of dahibara aloodum ( with out Onion & Garlic ). You can enjoy Nature’s beauty through out journey. At the occasion of Jagar/ Shivrati the temple looks more beautiful and crowded. If you are visiting Cuttack then definitely not to miss this holy place.

  • Best Time to Visit : Morning
  • Special Occasion Visit : Mahashivratri ( Jagar ), Sawan Month
  • Address : GR33+M95, Canal Rd, Ranihat Colony, Cuttack, Odisha 753007
  • Google Location :

10. Jawaharlal Neheru Indoor stadium :

If you are visiting cuttack it is the place to do morning & evening workout. It is the best Indoor stadium in India located near Barabati Fort Cuttack. There is also a yoga room. You can practice cricket, volleyball, boxing, badminton, basketball with your team. Some people also were running, walking meditating. Children were also playing. Inside indoor table tennis, basketball, volleyball many more are available in there. Perfect place to hang out with friends/ family at nearby places like Barabati Fort, Baba Bukhari Masjid, Maa Gada Chandi Temple etc. At Baba Bukhari Masjid (Bukhari Baba Park ) the best place to spend time with your loved ones and you can celebrate your’s friends birthday under roof of the nature.

In Short :

I hope these information is going to help you to explore top 10 hangout places in Cuttack. You must need to experience atleast once in a lifetime at those places. Trust me, you will fall in love. I am saying this based on my own experience. If you like my article then please share your experience and valuable feedback in the comment box.

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