Odisha State Museum, Bhubaneshwar- Ticket Price, Timings, Address, Opening & Closing Hour

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If you visit smart City Bhubaneswar at any session please visit the State Museum Bhubaneswar because it shows Odisha’s tradition, history, and Culture.

About the Museum

The genesis of the Odisha State Museum goes back to the year l932, when two notable Historians, Prof. N.C. Banerjee and Prof. Ghanshyam Dash of Ravenshaw College, Cuttack started a collection of archaeological treasures from various places.

The small Museum was then housed within the premises of the College. In l938, by a suitable order, the Government of Odisha transformed this nucleus into the Provincial Museum of Odisha and appointed a Committee of Management consisting of the Principal, the Head of the Department of History, and three other Professors of the College.

state museum Bhubaneswar

The Museum has preserved more than 56,000 rare antiquities ranging from early time to modern period.

The collections spread over nine sections namely-

1. Epigraphy and Numismatics :

Coins similar to that of copper plates throw considerable light on the ancient and medieval history of Odisha. The coins so far discovered represent only a few royal dynasties of Odisha. In addition, a new variety of punch-marked coins of pre-Maurya and Mauryan age, Kushana and Puri Kushana coins, Gupta gold coins, coins of Sri Nanda Kalachuri and Yadava gold coins, Ganga gold fanatics, and silver coins of some Mughal emperors have discovered.

2. Armoury :

The armory section depicting a variety of ancient weapons like swords, shields, battle axes, guns, and cannons speak of ancient Odishan Military traditions and the alloy technique employed in the metallurgy of ancient weaponry. Paintings of war scenes and the model of the entrance of a historic fort instantly attract the visitors.

3. Archaeology :

Archaeology Gallery is famous for rare sculptures of Buddhist, Jaina, Saiva, Vaisnava, and Sakta pantheons. The exhibits spread over three spacious halls, on the ground floor. The subject matters cover a long time span of 3000 years representing the flourishing plastic, artistic, sculptural, and architectural trends and traditions of Odisha. The fragmentary Asokan pillar, bell capital, lion, the Buddha, Amoghasiddhi, Jaina Tirthankaras, Krishnavishnu, Kaliyadalana, Tantric figures of Chamunda, Manasa and six-headed Kartikeya images, etc.

4. Mining & Geology :

In Mining and Geology Gallery, semi precious stones, Khondolites and sand stones of which temples and sculptures are built, minerals like iron-ore, chromite, lead and bauxite etc. have been displayed. Here a fossilised leaf impression draws the attention of discerning tourists.

5. Natural History :

In the Natural History Gallery birds and mammals of vertebrate and invertebrate specimens have been colorfully displayed in two spacious halls. It attracts the instant attention of visitors. The dioramas depicting the royal Bengal tiger, the leopards, a variety of Bisons, Nilgais, Black Bucks, Pangolin, and birds preserved amidst natural habitat give a glimpse of the glittering animal kingdom of Odisha.

6. Art & Craft :

In the Art and Craft Section bewildering a variety of Odishan handicrafts of exuberant artistic excellence find a place together with bronzes from 8th century A.D. The royal insignia and scepter of princely states of the gallery are effluent exhibits. The bell metal, docra artworks, and other folk art items of the gallery are unique.

7. Contemporary Art and Patta Painting :

The Patta Painting Gallery with depiction of Ravananugraha, Tadakabadha, Navagunjara, Buddha Charita, Jagannath triad, Kandarpahasti, Gopalila and Kaliyadalana scenes along with contemporary paintings and sculptures are connoisseur’s delight.

8. Anthropology :

The four-dimensional Anthropology/ethnology Section of the Odisha State Museum is a visitor’s paradise. The showcases depicting tribal life and culture amidst original environmental milieu and ethos are of special significance. Their musical instruments with real audio presentations are the eye-catcher of tourists. The tribal cottage assemblage presented in a special gallery with every detail of an original tribal household is in fact a rare feast for the searching eyes. Their attires and ornaments are other highlights of the gallery.

9. Palmleaf Manuscripts :

Palm leaf manuscripts comprise twenty-seven sections like Veda, Tantra, Darsana, Silpa Sastra, Abhidhana and Ayurveda, etc. Palm leaf, bamboo leaf, handmade paper, old paper, manuscripts of ivory, bhurja bark, and kumbhi bark, etc. in various shapes like garland, fan, fish, sword, rat, and parrot along with different types of the stylus, express illustrated manuscripts of colored and monochrome variety are excellently presented. Manuscripts of Gitagovinda, Usha Harana, Ushavilasa, and Chausathiratibandha (64 erotic postures) and different styles of cover designs of palm leaf manuscripts are of special tourist interest.

See to Believe

Below is a visual treat of the Odisha State Museum. Enjoy the immersive experience and experience the Image views and virtual tours which are soon going to enhance your visual journey!

Opening Hours:


Entrance Ticket Details For Odisha State Museum.

Visitor TypePrice
Adult visitorsRs.10/-
Foreign VisitorsRs.100/-
Amateur Photography (Still) IndianRs.10/-
Foreigner Rs.100/-
Professional Photography (Still)IndianRs.100/-
Video PhotographyIndianRs.200/-
Two WheelerRs.2/-
Light VehicleRs.5/-
Heavy VehicleRs.10/-

Address: Near, Lewis Rd, Kalpana Square, BJB Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751014

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