Key Features of the “State Tribal Museum” Bhubaneswar, Odisha – Should Know

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Having museums is a global concept that’s common to every state. It narrates the story of the past and showcases how culture has evolved over hundreds of years.

Such is the charm of the State Tribal Museum, located in Odisha that over time has been one of the top tourist attractions for all ages of people. Located in the capital city of Bhubaneswar, the museum showcases the culture and livelihood of the tribal people of Odisha through a rare collection of clothes, jewelry, musical instruments, tools, weapons, and more.

Established in 1953, the Tribal Museum is also revered as the ‘Museum of Man’ and is one of the popular tourist attractions in Bhubaneswar.

Odisha State Tribal Museum

Sections in the Tribal Museum

The museum has five sections and each of these five sections are showcasing different objectives of the tribal life:-

  • Hall 1 – Personal Adornments.
  • Hall 2 – Personal Belongings, Arts, Paintings & Photographs.
  • Hall 3 – Hunting & Fishing Implements & Weapons of Offence and defense.
  • Hall 4 – Household Objects and Agricultural Implements.
  • Hall 5 – Dance, Musical Instruments, and Dhokra Items.

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Metal Products

In this section, you will see weapons of all kinds as safety and security were the priority of the human needs then.

Farming tools were used by the farmers for the cultivation of crops and utensils of different kinds of metals to cook and eat food.

Next, you will see different kinds of fishing tools as fish is an integral food culture of Odisha. And also Murtis in different deities and Vahanas associated with them can be seen.

Goddess Saraswati and Ox head Dhokra artifacts

Jewelry items of the tribe

Silver Filigree

Tribal Paintings

Lanjia Sarora Paintings

As you enter, the look around is full of beautiful tribal paintings on the compound walls, main building walls, and lush green lawns full of flowers. While going through several more such interesting tribal paintings on display in the museum gallery. But paintings were that of the Lanjia Saora tribals of the Puttasing, Rayapada in the South Odisha.

Travel Tips

  • Time to visit- 10 AM to 5 PM.
  • It is closed on State Government holidays.
  • Close to the bus stand, railway station, and the airport. One can hire an auto-rickshaw, cab, or use public transport buses to reach the museum.
  • Entry and parking facilities are free for visitors.
  • Several hundred well-documented tribal exhibits are on display.
  • Reportedly had over a hundred thousand visitors in the year 2019, steadily increasing footfalls year on year.
  • Digitized and touch screen interactive kiosks in the galleries.
  • A multimedia tour of the museum accessible within the premises is available in English, Hindi, and Odia languages.

Hope you like my article and find all the important information about State Tribal Museum.