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Nua Goa-The Best Resort In Tangi,Odisha |Know more About this Place

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Are you planning on taking a vacation this year after the lockdown? In this pandemic situation everyone is staying at home and it was around 2years that no one went for a vacation. Then I have a great place where you can spend some quality time with your families and friends.

With my own experience I am sharing with you about this beautiful place where you can spend your quality time with your loved ones. And also this is a beautiful place for staycation.

And the best resort in Tangi was Nua Goa Nature Retreat Private Limited. It has a huge property where you can hangout.

nua goa the best resort in tangi

So, Let’s know about this place with detailed information.

About The Resort

Nuagoa Nature Retreat Private Limited is an unlisted private company incorporated on 21 February 2019.

nua goa the best resort in tangi

About the owner

The credit for the farm goes to the hard work of Dr Anupama Sasmal, a retired oncologist from Cuttack. After her retirement she always went to the resort and look after the cleanliness of the place. At that time she planted the coconut trees and built the mud houses. After she gets older now her youngest son, Chandra Kishore Sasmal (MANTU) now looks after the day to day affairs of the place.

nua goa the best resort in tangi

Specialty about the Resort

At first impression, Nua Goa looks as a perfect rural farm. There are rabbits scrambling around, hens and chickens chucking and feeding, cows are mooing and there are some german shephards are there who all are very friendly with guests.

There is much more to this retreat than a mere farm. The best idea that many peoples like and that is a very basic pool. There is also a pond with lots of fishes, and they take of there ponds by cleaning them regularly.

nua goa the best resort in tangi

There were some small huts for the guests and that was adding a charm of the resort. There are also some villas were there. This place was spread over 8.5 acres of land, the retreat is a refreshing welcome with lush greenery, paddy fields, and distant hills.

nua goa the best resort in tangi

An easy going mocktail bar and a pretty well planned conference place make it the perfect retreat for corporate get together. For more sporting, there is a field that is ideal for a game of cricket or football. The rooms are pretty spacious with high ceilings.

A spacious lobby was there, a guest place with an open kitchen and dinning with a wonderful music jamming corner and a huge fridge serving as the backdrop give the place a nice look.

nua goa the best resort in tangi

How to find this resort?

Far from the maddening traffic of the Twin Cities, it makes for a laidback ride. This place is situated 30KM from Cuttack. There is a Kapilash sanctuary just 3km away from this place. You can also visit a Jagannath temple and a shiva temple nearby.

A proper address : Greenfield Estate Village – Nuapada, PO – Sapha Tangi, Kapilas Road, Badakusunpur, Odisha-754022

nua goa the best resort in tangi

How Did they decide the resort name ?

Actually there is a small village near to the resort called “Nua Pada” with just 10 – 12 houses. So the first word “Nua” came from that village and since it is surrounded with coconut trees and water bodies the second word was “Goa”.

nua goa the best resort in tangi

Day to day plan with food, accommodation and prices

As of now, the place is not open for anybody to just drive-in. It is done mostly on pre-bookings.

  • If you wish to spend a day event plan ( 10:00AM – 6:00PM) Rs.1050/- per person.
  • 10:30AM – 12:00PM ( STARTERS) : Chicken Pakoda, Fish Fry, Veg Pakoda/ Paneer misc types, French Fries.
  • 2:00PM – 3:30PM (LUNCH) : Rice Dal, Fish Kalia, Chicken Curry, Mixed Veg, Kadai Paneer,Raita/Green Salad, Papad, Dessert etc.
  • 4:15PM – 5:30PM : Misc activities including a trip to the lake nearby.
  • 5:30PM : Tea and Biscuit/ cookies etc and departure at 6:00PM.
  • Rs.200/- extra for mutton, Rs.100/- extra for prawns and mushroom per plate. Assorted barbeques at Rs.450/- per plate.
  • For Overnight Program ( 10:00AM Checkin – 9:00AM Checkout )
  • All details mentioned in day package + evening food + breakfast on day 2 + accommodation.
  • 7:30 – 10:00PM evening and dinner at party hall with music/karaoke etc.
  • Starters: chilly chicken, chilly paneer, American corn etc.
  • Dinner : Roti, chicken curry/roast, any mixed veg and salad with desert.
  • Day 2 : Morning tea + Breakfast – Puri sabzi, upma, bread omlette, corn flakes, milk, boiled egg, tea/coffee etc.
nua goa the best resort in tangi

Extra Information


  1. 0-5 Years – complimentary
  2. 5-10 Years – 50 percent
  3. 5 percent GST on food and 12 percent on accommodation as per Govt. mandate
  4. Swimming pool usage currently not allowed as per Covid guidelines
  5. Drinking prohibited in the open spaces
  6. All services within NuaGoa close at 11pm.
  7. Payment – 50 percent with booking confirmation and 50 percent on day of event

For more information you can contact them. Contact number – 07019228977

So that’s all information about the Nua Goa Nature Retreat Resort that I can provide you with my own experience.

Don’t miss to read such type of articles that provide detailed information about the resort.

If you visit this place then let me know in the comment section that how’s you experience in this resort. And feel free to give some suggestions about this resort in the below comment section.
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