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Mo Bus- A Complete Route Chart with Timing & Pricing (Updated Nov 2023)

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Mo bus is a medium of transport which was introduced by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on  November 6, 2018 to provide reliable and safe transportation connecting neighborhoods. In order to ensure a complete transformation of the urban public transport scenario in the city and its hinterland through use of smart technology, service benchmarking and customer satisfaction, Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) rolled out its new buses under the brand name of MO BUS.

So here is the Mo Bus complete Route Chart with Timing & Pricing
Last Update: 3rd Nov 2023

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#Price, Discounts And Passes For Mo Bus


  • For Ac Bus– The minimum price is rs5 only and the maximum price is rs70 only.
  • For Non Ac Bus– The minimum price is rs5 only and the maximum price is rs55 only.


  • Odyssey Card: 20% discount on base fare.
  • Other digital wallet payments: 10% discount on base fare.


  • Bhubaneswar Pass- Unlimited rides on all MO BUS routes within the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) area. Physical Pass can also be availed at CRUT office & Master Canteen Terminal from 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM on all working days.
  • Magic Pass– Pass that allows unlimited rides on all the MO BUS operational routes within the MO BUS service area except Puri & Konark (beyond Pipili). Physical Pass can also be availed at CRUT office & Master Canteen Terminal from 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM on all working days.
  • Route Pass– Designed for frequent commuters, you can enjoy unlimited trips along your preferred routes.

Extra Charges for Luggage:

If a passenger carries more than one bag or if the luggage takes up more than the allocated human seating space for one person, there will be an additional charge of 50% of the total travel fare. This charge will be added to the ticket price at the time of purchase of the same.

Mo Bus Pass is available both online and offline:

Online  Passes:-

Just a few taps on your phone! Download the Mo Bus App, click on the Mo Bus Pass section, select your route or area, and voila! Your pass will be ready in no time. It’s quick, easy, and convenient – all in the palm of your hand.

Offline Passes:

Prefer the traditional way? No problem! Mo Bus Passes are also available offline. Just visit any Mo Bus ticket counter, provide your details, choose your pass, and you’re good to go. Our friendly staff will assist you through the process, ensuring you have your pass in hand for unlimited rides.

How To Create Passes:

A Mo Bus Pass grants the holder unlimited cashless rides along a specific route or in a chosen area for the duration of the Pass’s validity.

  • CRUT Office in Patia on any working day between 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Mo Bus Terminal at Master Canteen on all days of the week between 9 AM to 6 PM.
  • For purchasing the Mo Bus Pass offline, please carry the following documents:-
  • 1 photocopy of the Aadhaar Card of the person for whom the Pass will be purchased
  • 1 passport-size photo of the person for whom the Pass will be purchased

Please Be Informed That:-

Mo Bus Pass has a single-user and single-device policy and is strictly non-transferable, which means that it can only be used by the person in whose name it has been purchased, and for this, the contact number registered should also be of the same person.

If one purchases an AC Pass, s/he can also commute in a non-AC Mo Bus for free; however, if one purchases a non-AC Pass, s/he cannot commute in an AC Mo Bus for free.

Bhubaneswar Pass is valid within the jurisdiction of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation.

Magic Pass is valid in routes plying in Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, and Khordha up to Pipili and except routes to Puri and Konark. Route Pass is a route-specific Pass.

Mo Bus Pass is not valid on any route to Puri and Konark.

Fare Structure For Bhubaneswar Pass And Magic Pass :

Types of Bus PassNon AC ServicesAC Services
Bhubaneswar Pass: Daily (valid for a Single Day)40.0060.00
Bhubaneswar Pass: Three Days (valid for 3 days)80.00120.00
Bhubaneswar Pass: Weekly (valid for 7 days)160.00240.00
Bhubaneswar Pass: Weekly (valid for 15 days)320.00480.00
Bhubaneswar Pass: Monthly (valid for 30 days)550.00750.00
Bhubaneswar Pass: Quarterly (valid for 90 days)1500.002100.00
Magic Pass: Daily (valid for a Single Day)80.00120.00
Magic Pass: Three Days (valid for 3 days)160.00240.00
Magic Pass: Weekly (valid for 7 days)320.00480.00
Magic Pass: Weekly (valid for 15 days)640.00960.00
Magic Pass: Monthly (valid for 30 days)1100.001500.00
Magic Pass: Quarterly (valid for 90 days)3000.004200.00
  • Route Pass is available for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days and 90 days.
  • Route Passes are not valid for Routes-50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 70 & 71.
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Complete List of Routes Mo Bus Service between Bhubaneswar, Cuttack And Puri (AC Bus)

Route No.Starting PointFinal Stoppage
07 AcBhubaneswar Railway StationBrahmagiri New Bus Stand
08 AcBaramunda ISBTBrahmagiri New Bus Stand
09 AcAcharya ViharaPatia
10 Ac CuttackAirport
10S AcCDA Sec-9 Market Sq.Biju Patnaik Park
11 Ac NandankananBhubaneswar Railway Station
11S AcPatia DepotNandankanan
12 AcBhubaneswar Railway StationNandankanan
12S AcPatia DepotNandankanan
12S AcBhubaneswar Railway StationPatia Depot
13 AcNandankananLingipur
13S AcPatia DepotLingipur
13S AcNandankananPatia Depot
16 AcBiju Patnaik ParkMaster Canteen
16S AcCDA Sec-9 Market Sq.Biju Patnaik Park
16S Ac Bhubaneswar Railway StationPatia Depot
17 AcBarabati StadiumAirport Via NH
17S AcCDA Sec-9 Market Sq.Barabati Stadium
17S AcBarabati StadiumCDA Sec-9 Market Sq.
18 AcJagatpurBaramunda ISBT
18S AcCDA Sec-9 Market Sq.Jagatpur Via Judial Acadamy
18S AcBaramunda ISBTCDA Sec-9 Market Sq.
19 AcAIIMSOMP Square (Mahanadi Vihar)
19S AcCDA Sec-9 Market Sq.Mahandi Vihar
19S AcAIIMSPatia Depot
20 AcMaster CanteenKhurda Via Vani Vihar
20S AcBhubaneswar Railway StationPatia Depot
23 AcBhubaneswar Railway StationIGKC Hospital
23S AcBhubaneswar Railway StationChandrasekharpur OD
25 AcRangamatiaDumduma
25S AcPokhariput DepotDumduma
27 AcBhubaneswar Railway StationAIIMS
27S AcPokhariput DepotAIIMS
28 AcBhubaneswar Railway StationKalinga Nagar
28S AcChandrasekharpur ODBhubaneswar Railway Station
32 AcBaramunda ISBTLingaraj Temple
32S AcPokhariput DepotBaramunda ISBT
34 AcBhubaneswar Railway StationBalakati
34S AcChandrasekharpur ODBhubaneswar Railway Station
39 AcBhubaneswar Railway StationAIIMS
39S AcChandrasekharpur ODBhubaneswar Railway Station
50 AcBhubaneswar Railway StationPuri Bus Stand
50S AcPatia DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
51 AcBaramunda ISBTPuri Bus Stand
70 AcBhubaneswar Railway StationKonark
70S AcPatia DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
70S AcPatia DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
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Complete List of Routes Mo Bus Service between Bhubaneswar, Cuttack And Puri(Non-Ac)

Route No.Starting PointFinal Stoppage
09Acharya ViharPatia
09 SPatrapada DepotAcharya Vihar
10SCDA Sec-9 Market Sq.Biju Patnaik Park
11SPatia DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
12NandankananMaster Canteen
12SPatia DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
12SNandankananPatia Depot
13SPatia DepotLingipur
13SNandankananPatia Depot
16Biju Patnaik ParkMaster Canteen
16SPatia DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
16SBiju Patnaik ParkPatia Depot
17Barabati StadiumAirport Via NH
17SPatia DepotAirport
17SBarabati StadiumCDA Sec-9 Market Sq.
18JagatpurBaramunda ISBT
18SCDA Sec-9 Market Sq.Jagatpur Via Judicial Academy
18SJagatpurPatia Depot
19AIIMSOMP Square (Mahanadi Vihar)
19SPatia DepotAIIMS
19SOMP SquarePatia Depot
20Master CanteenKhurda Via Vani Vihar
20 SPatrapada DepotKhordha New Bus Stand
20 SBhubaneswar Railway StationPatrapada Depot
21Master CanteenKhurda Via OUAT
21 SPatrapada DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
22 ABhubaneswar Railway StationKhordha Road Station
22 BJatani GateKhordha New Bus Stand
22B SPatrapada DepotJatani Gate
22 SPatrapada DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
23Master CanteenIGKC Hospital
23 SIGKC HospitalPatrapada Depot
24Sai TempleKalinga Vihar
24ERanga BazarKalinga Vihar Via Sai Temple
24 S Patrapada DepotKalinga Vihar
25 SPatrapada DepotRanasinghpur
26 SPatrapada DepotJadupur
27Master CanteenAIIMS
27 SPatrapada DepotAIIMS
28Master CanteenKalinga Nagar
28 SPatrapada DepotKalinga Nagar
29Sai MandirKalinga Vihar(K9B)
29ESBI Colony KesoraKalinga Vihar(K9B) Via Sai Temple
29 SPatrapada DepotK9B
30Master CanteenChatabar
30 SSum HospitalChatabar
30 SSum HospitalPatrapada Depot
31Bhubaneswar Railway StationHi-Tech Hospital
31SPatrapada DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
32Baramunda ISBTLingaraj Temple
32 SPatrapada DepotBaramunda ISBT
33Bhubaneswar Railway StationPipili
33 SPatrapada DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
34Bhubaneswar Railway StationBalakati
34 SPatrapada DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
35Bhubaneswar Railway StationAdaspur
35 SPatrapada DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
36Bhubaneswar Railway StationMundali
36 SPatrapada DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
37Baramunda ISBTNaraj Railway Station
37 SPatrapada DepotBaramunda ISBT
38Bhubaneswar Railway StationTaraboi
38SPatrapada DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
39Bhubaneswar Railway StationAIIMS
39SPatrapada DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
40Baramunda ISBTSai Mandir(Kesora)
40SPatrapada DepotBaramunda ISBT
41Baramunda ISBTTangi
41SPatrapada DepotBaramunda ISBT
42Baramunda ISBTNandankanan
42SPatrapada DepotBaramunda ISBT
43Baramunda ISBTBanamalipur
43SPatrapada DepotBaramunda ISBT
50Bhubaneswar Railway StationPuri Bus Stand(Express-ORD)
50SPatia DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
51Baramunda ISBTPuri Bus Stand
52Puri Bus StandLight House
52SMalatipatpur Bus StandPuri Bus Stand
53Malatipatpur Bus StandShree Mandir
54Biju Patnaik Park, CuttackPuri Bus Stand
54SPokhariput DepotBiju Patnaik Park
70Bhubaneswar Railway StationKonark
70SPatia DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
71Baramunda ISBTKonark
71SPatrapada DepotBaramunda ISBT
80Biju Patnaik Park, CuttackCharbatia
80 SPokhariput DepotBiju Patnaik Park, Cuttack
81Barabati StadiumSalepur
81SSalepurPokhariput Depot
81 SPokhariput DepotBarabati Stadium
82Bhubaneswar Railway StationSCB Medical
82 SPokhariput DepotBhubaneswar Railway Station
83 SPokhariput DepotDhabalaeswar
Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik booking a seat on mo bus and talking to the the bus conductor

Complete List of Routes Mo Bus Service For Rourkela

Route No.Starting PointFinal Stoppage
100Rourkela New Bus StandBirsa Munda Hocky Stadium
101Rourkela New Bus StandAirport
103Rourkela New Bus StandPanposh
104Rourkela New Bus StandJhirpani
105Rourkela New Bus StandRajgangpur
106Rourkela New Bus StandBiramitrapur
107Rourkela New Bus StandBirsa
108Rourkela New Bus StandNuagaon
109Rourkela New Bus StandLathikata
110Rourkela New Bus StandKalunga
113Rourkela New Bus StandUshra
114Rourkela New Bus StandNuagaon
115Rourkela New Bus StandPotba
116Rourkela New Bus StandLoram
117Rourkela New Bus StandJaraikela

Routes Map Mo Bus

So here is the complete details of Mo bus prices, discounts, passes and routes for Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri and Rourkela.

For More Details You Can Visit- Mo Bus Official Website