Science park of Bhubaneswar is the best place for learning and recreation.

Science Park, Bhubaneswar- Entry Fee, Opening Time and Location

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Did you see “Magic of Science“ Live ?

If  “NO” then uh definitely missed something magical. But don’t worry I will take you to the world of science .

How ?

Then stay with us till the end. If You are visiting smart city Bhubaneswar, You must visit  Science Park, Bhubaneswar.  The great platform for school , college students to explore the world around them and to understand how things work in our daily life based on science.

It was established on 18th September 1989 to create awareness of science among people through exhibits, shows & educational programs. It is located at Acharya vihar, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Marg which is 4 km from Bhubaneswar . Let’s discuss about the exhibits, galleries, special shows in science park.

About the Science Park :

Science Park, Bhubaneswar  has 28 outdoor works-on exhibits on conventional & non -conventional energy, motion, optics, oscillation, sound , inertia and many more. It lies over 100 exhibits of science and technology to engage visitors & students in an entertaining way. It also organizes many activities based training programs, seminars and workshops for the teacher & students. A picnic spot is there for tourists called as Cacti Corner. If you are science lover then definitely you will enjoy thoroughly.

Main Centre Of Attraction :

1. The Garden Of Fame :

In this park you will see the statue of  8 legend Indian scientists namely Birbal sahni, Chandrasekhar Venkata raman, Homi Jahangir bhaba, Jagadish Chandra Bose, Meghnad Saha, Satyendra Nath Bose, Srinivasa Ramanujan & Vikram ambalal sarabhai are embellishing of this garden.

2. Pre Historic Life Park :

It portrays the story of the evolution of life on our planet through a light and sound show  to the visitors in an interesting way. The show highlights the fibreglass scaled models of mammals, lizard, birds, dinosaurs, apes which became extinct in the course of time. Science Park, Bhubaneswar grab the attention of all mostly kids.

Galleries You Must Visit :

1. The Sun Gallery :

In our childhood we have so many questions in our head like how the Sun sustains life on Earth ? How does the Sun get energy ? How big is the Sun and planet Earth ? How are the Stars born and Die ? How do day and night happen ? How our Universe develop ? What is our address in Universe ? so on. In this gallery you will get all the answers related to the Universe, the Sun, The Earth, and their bearing on human existence.

2. Fun Science Gallery :

It contains 18 fully participatory exhibition. This exhibits spreads the education of science and technology in a funny way. Gravitation, simple harmonic motion , optics, optical illusion, electricity, magnetism are topics included in this.

3. Motion Gallery :

The gallery has 40 interactive exhibits showing features on laws of motion, illusory motion, mechanics of motion, wave motion, celestial motion, atmospheric motion, motion inside our body, planetary motion, atomic motion and so on.

4. Mathematics Gallery :

It is all about the Mathematics and its applications which we use in our daily life. This exhibit tell you about Indian’s contribution in the vedic period towards the subject. Here, Mathematics is no longer fearsome, rather one can play with it. This gallery is all about lots of action and fun. It contains exhibits which engage visitors and allow them to discover the mystery behind everything in a entertaining way.

5. Mirror Gallery :

We use mirrors in our daily life in several ways.  When you see some unusual reflections in mirrors you get excited that’s the gallery is all about. It has 23 interactive exhibits including Curving tunnel, Magic mirror, All eyes on You, Elliptical mirror wall, infinite train, Mirage and Bhul bhulaiya. If you are visiting Bhubaneswar  You are definitely going to enjoy your day over here.

Want to Know Something Exciting ?

Let’s talk about that.

If You are visiting Science Park, Bhubaneswar then don’t miss the special shows.

Shows Carried On :

The shows include 3D Movies, Taramandal, Science magic shows, Super cool body shows, Science drama, Non- fall bicycle and Science film shows.

Entrance Ticket Details For Science Park, Bhubaneswar

  • Contact Number :  +91-6742542795
  • Timing:   10:30 am  to  6:00
  • Price :  
    •   General visitors  – Rs 20 per head 
    •   Groups (of 25 or more ) – Rs 15 per head
    •  Organised school Students (in groups ) – Rs 10 per head
    •  Govt. school / Municipal school students group – Rs 5 per head

Opening Time :

Monday10:30am. to 6:00pm.
Tuesday10:30am. to 6:00pm.
Wednesday10:30am. to 6:00pm.
Thursday10:30am. to 6:00pm.
Friday10:30am. to 6:00pm.
Saturday10:30am. to 6:00pm.
Sunday10:30am. to 6:00pm.

Best time to visit Science park :    11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Time required to visit Science park :    4:00 hrs                             

Closed / Holiday :  Holi and Diwali

Location :

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Marg , Acharya Vihar , Bhubaneswar , Odisha 751013 , India

In Short :

I hope you like this Article. If You have planning for visit temple city Bhubaneswar, definitely visit Science Park, Bhubaneswar Once. I am saying based on my true experience you will love this place. The best place for learning as well as recreation for everyone specially school and college students. If you like my article  Science Park, Bhubaneswar then please share your valuable feedback in comments box.

How I write is the reflection of how I feel and explore the world as well as connect with people's emotion.

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