Top 10 Unexplored Places Near Cuttack, Odisha

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Hey, here you are searching for best Unexplored places near Cuttack. So, you are in the right place. Following list are some of it. These places are unexplored as well as Famous .

If you came to Cuttack then make sure you visit this place. Everything here i explained you. So, just have a look…

1.The Chandi Mandir & Barabati Fort:-

Chandi Mandir

  • Distance from Cuttack – 8 KM.
  • Best Time to Visit – Thursday & Festival.
Chandi Mandir
Chandi Mandir

As we know we are exploring unexplored place near cuttack so how can i forget to tell you this place. Yes, the chandi Mandir is the most famous and oldest temple in Odisha. The place is filled with lots of peace and calmness when you visit here. Basically this place is near Mahanadi River. So if you have any plans for visiting Cuttack this is the 1st place to go.

  • The place is famous at the time of Durga Puja. You can see a variety of Goddess Avatar.

Barabati Fort

  • Distance From Cuttack – 7 KM
  • Best Time to Visit – Winter Morning & Evening
Barabati Durga
Barabati Durga

“Barabati Fort” the name had already gave you lots of history. It is also near Mahanadi River and from town it will take 15 mins only. So, if you are an ancient history lover then definitely you will gonna love this.

  • Near this fort you can see the Barabati stadium which is famous for Cricket.It’s a cherry on the cake!!! Right.

2. Dhabaleswar Temple:-

  • Distance From Cuttack – 20 KM.
  • Best Time to Visit – Morning Time, Monday & Maha Shivaratri.

Dhabaleswar or you can say Dhabaleswar Island.This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. You can find out this temple in the middle of Mahanadi River. It becomes very crowded at the time of Maha Shivaratri.

  • Hanging bridge is one of the beautiful things to watch here.
Hanging Bridge

3. Odisha state maritime museum:-

  • Distance from Cuttack – 3 KM
  • Best time to Visit – 10 am to 4 pm, Monday Off
State Museum

Children and family love to explore Museum.Three years back, Odisha Government opened the Odisha State Maritime Museum that showcases the rich maritime history of the state.The museum has 13 galleries showcasing maritime traditions, vessels, boats and other related art from the ancient age to the colonial era.

  • It has a library which have more than 1000 books.
  • An entry fee of Rs 35 is being collected from the visitors. So,if you are searching for a family place this is for you.

4. Netaji Birth Place Museum:-

  • Distance from Cuttack – 14 KM
  • Best Time for Visit – 10 am to 4 pm.
Netaji Birth Place

This place is childhood home of nationalist Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.It is also known as Janakinath Bhawan.The place where Netaji used to live and now has been converted into a museum where you get a chance to trace his life from his childhood to early days as a freedom fighter.

  • This beautifully converted museum boasts a unique number of antiques, books, documents, articles, and other belongings of Netaji. This is an unexplored place for all of you!!

5. Siddheshwar Temple:-

  • Distance from Cuttack – 30 KM
  • Best time to Visit- Morning 9 am to 2 pm.

This place is dedicated to Lord Shiva.The temple is from so ancient time. This beautiful Shiva temple perched on hill top.

  • On the way of this place you can enjoy Peacock Dance. The architecture of this place is really eye catching.

6. A long drive to Naraj Dam:-

  • Distance From Cuttack – 12 KM
  • Best time to Visit – Morning or Evening with group of friends.
Naraj Dam

If you are a long drive lover . Then you should definitely visit this place by road. The sunset view is so mesmerizing. Apart from the scenic beauty that the place offers, Naraj was also once a famous seat of Buddhist culture.

7. Biribati Tarini:-

  • Distance from Cuttack – 15 KM
  • Best time to Visit – Morning or Any Festive time.
Biribati Tarini

This temple is based on Maa Tarini Goddess . You can find out this place on the way of Paradip. So, it’s a small temple but the architecture of this temple will surprise you.

8. Deras Dam:-

  • Distance from Cuttack – 25 KM
  • Best time to Visit – 10 am to 4 pm with Group.
Deraj Dam

The Dam is surrounded by lots of trees and beautiful scenery. For picnic or get together this place is perfect for you. Beautiful scenery , clean and clear water and with natural beauty the place is all about. So, for me this is also an unexplored place!!

9. Jhumka Dam:-

  • Distance from Cuttack – 25 KM
  • Best time to Visit – 10 am to 4 pm.
Jhumka Dam

This place is near Deras Dam. Mostly the local people visit this place often and in December to January some tourists visit this place for picnic purpose. The place surrounded by greenery and water. That’s why the location is very beautiful and calm.

10. Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary:-

  • Distance from Cuttack – 20 KM
  • Best time to Visit – 10 am to 2 pm with Group.
Chandaka Elephant

Last but not the least is this place. The place will welcome you with a big cave gate which will give you a proper introduction of this place. Which is Elephant!! Here no vehicle is allowed to enter or they don’t provide you any safari tour. But if you are requesting to them then they may take you to the inside otherwise you can walk for some kilometers which is safe from any wild animal.

Read more on Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary. Click Here

All the above are unexplored places near Cuttack for me which some of you guys still not visited. So, if you are visiting any place then please comment down below which place is your favorite.