Duduma Waterfall

Duduma Waterfall – The Splendid Place In Odisha

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Duduma Waterfall is one of Odisha’s most important Waterfalls. This waterfall is one of the main and largest electricity generators and most beautiful waterfall in Odisha. It is situated in Baliguda village in the Koraput district. Koraput is roughly 90 kilometers from Duduma.

The Machkund river forms this waterfall which reaches a height of 175meters. Duduma Waterfalls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Odisha. This place is a fantastic tourist or natural destination in Odisha.

Duduma waterfall

The Duduma falls is the third highest waterfall in Odisha and one of the largest “Dive” style waterfalls in India in terms of water volume height.

Why Duduma a Well-known Waterfall:

Duduma Waterfall Also known as “The Majestic waterfall” and also called “Matsya Tirtha” of epic fame fall from a height of 175 meters. The surrounding hills are not only beautiful but also entertaining.

The location is surrounded by mountains and verdant valleys, which is a nature lover’s paradise. The picturesque environment draws a large number of tourists to the area. The waterfall is regarded as one of Odisha’s most appealing tourist attractions. There is two sub waterfall. One is drops to Odisha and the other is drops to Andhra Pradesh.

Which Time Is Best To Visit Duduma Waterfall:

duduma waterfall sunset time
Majestic waterfall sunset view

The best season to visit the Duduma Waterfall is between monsoon and winter, especially in December and January. The best time to see Waterfall is during sunset, when sun rays reach the cascades at an extreme angle, it will produce a spectacular sight.

Why This Place Is a Center Of Attention:

Machkund River

A realistic view is what makes this place so famous. It is not possible to see the entire image of the Duduma Waterfall from this perspective. The full view can only be seen from the bottom. The Duduma Waterfall Surrounds the Machkund Hills.

Odisha is well-known among tourists for its Tribal culture. The “BONDA” tribe, for example, resides near the waterfall and is one of the most prominent tribes. Tourists get the opportunity to interact with them personally.

Foreigners are attracted here mainly because of the Tribal culture. An ethnic market is held here every Sunday, called “HAT PODA”.

How To Reach Duduma Waterfall:

Bhubaneswar is 547 kilometers away from Duduma Waterfalls. Its also 175 kilometers through Nandapur from Visakhapatnam and 63 kilometers via Lamtaput from Jeypore.

  • Jeypore Railwat staion is the closest staion.
  • Jeypore Busstand is the closest busstand.
  • Visakhapatnam Airport is the closest Airport.

There is two way you can be reached at Duduma Waterfalls. One From Jeypore to Lamtaput, while the other from Semiliguda to Lamtaput to through Nandapur. Lamtaput is around 21 kilometers from Machkund. After arriving at Machkund, the journey to Duduma Waterfall is 6.5 kilometers long. However, for the trip, Jeypore is the preferable alternative.

If you are making plans to visit Machkund with your family, each Wednesday there is an AC traveler bus available which fee 250 rs according to person.

Where To Stay:

In Jeypore there are several decent hotels and lodges available for stay. If you need to stay close to Nadapur, then Similiguda is a good place to stay.

You can stay at Hotel180Degrees (budget Inn however right Service)Hotel hello Jeypore, Hotel Apsara. If you want to stay in Similiguda then Hotel Lemon Castle, Hotel Apple Villa is the best option.

Tourist Places And Sightseeing Near Duduma Waterfall:

After visiting Duduma Waterfall you can also be planning for some new places to travel near Duduma Waterfall, Like…

  1. Deomali Mountain
  2. Kolab Dam
  3. Koraput Jaganath Temple
  4. Tribal Museum
  5. Gupteswar Temple
  6. Dumuriput Hanuman Temple

Hope you find all the information about the Majestic Duduma Waterfalls. If you are Visiting Duduma Waterfall make sure to share your experience in the comments If my article is helpful to you.

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