top 5 tourist places in Dhenkanal

Top 5 Tourist Places in Dhenkanal to visit

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Top 5 Tourist Places in Dhenkanal to Visit

Odisha, which is formerly known as Orissa is a rising state. Odisha is an East Indian state which is rich in history and culture. Hill stations, valleys, national parks, beaches, and rivers can be found on one side, while temples and religious sites can be found on the other. Dhenkanal is a district in Odisha that is most known for the Kapilash temple. but here are still a few more tourist places in Dhenkanal to explore.

So I’m here to tell you about the top 5 tourist places in Dhenkanal that you should visit with your family or friends.

About Dhenkanal :

Dhenkanal is a picturesque town located 90 kilometres from Bhubaneswar, the state capital. It is a market for rice, oilseeds, and timber, as well as a handloom weaving hub. Deep green forests and enormous wild creatures such as tigers and elephants are the main attractions in Dhenkanal. The location is a living proof of the concept that nature is the best architect there is.

So here are the top 5 tourist places in Dhenkanal with all useful details that you need to explore.

1. Kapilash:

Kapilash temple
Kapilash temple

It is a well-known tourist destination as well as one of Odisha’s most famous Saiva Pithas. Second Kailash is said to be the name of this location. Lord Shiva is honoured in the Kapilash temple. It is situated on a hill near Dhenkanal’s north-east corner.

The temple is located at an elevation of 2239 feet above sea level. The beautiful temple is 60 feet tall. The temple can be reached in two ways. Visitors have the option of climbing 1352 stairs or taking a winding path to the summit of the hill. King Narasinghdeva-I built the temple in 1246 AD.

Marichi kunda and Payamruta kunda are located on the right and left sides of the main temple, respectively.

Kapilas has a variety of festivals throughout the year. However, Maha Shivaratri is an event worth seeing.

How to reach :

Kapilash is nearly 98 km distance from the capital Bhubaneswar and and 26 km from Dhenkanal bus stand. It is connected with NH 16. So you can easily go there by any regular buses or taxis.

2. Saptasajya :


Dhenkanal’s Saptasajya is a lovely location. The temple of Lord Ram, which is located there, is well-known.

The temple is located on a hilltop at a height of 900 feet. A creek that runs through the area adds to the attractiveness of the area. Sapta Sajya is the name given to the seven hills that surround the region. The Saptarashi are supposed to have had their ashramas here. Lord Rameswaram Shiva, Lord Mahavir, Lord Ganesh, and the Nabagrah Temple are among the temples in the area.

Legend here is that the ‘Pandavas’ spent part of their incognito days (Agyanta vasa) in these highlands. Rani Ratnaprava Devi of Dhenkanal constructed the Raghunath temple in honour of Lord Rama, Laxman, and Sita.

How to reach :

It is around 90 km from Bhubaneswar and 12km from Dhenkanal bus stand. Regular buses are available anytime. Also you can reach there by train. The nearest railway station is just 15 km from Saptasajya.

3. Joranda


Joranda is well-known as the ‘Mahima Dharma’ religious centre. Mahima Dharma is notable since it is the only religious cult started in the state of Odisha. People come to Joranda to see the resting spot of Mahima Gosain, the Mahima Cult’s founder. Every year during the full moon of Magha, a big fair is held in Joranda.

The Joranda fair attracts a huge number of visitors. It is the yearly function of the Mahima religion’s followers. Since 1874, this event has been conducted on a regular basis.

Sunya Mandira, Dhuni Mandira, and Gadi Mandira are the other sacred temples also present in Joranda which is another attraction for the visitors.

How to reach :

It is nearly 106 km from Bhubaneswar and 26 km from Dhenkanal bus stand. So you can go there by regular buses or by hiring a taxi.

4. Dandadhar Dam

Dandadhar dam
Dandadhar dam

Dandadhar is a beautiful picnic spot in the site ofan irrigation project, on the Ramial River.  

The attractiveness of the bright blue waters of the river dancing against the sun beams attracts a big crowd. This is a wonderful spot for a day trip. The valley as a whole is surrounded by natural beauty. Anyone who comes to see the site is charmed by the beauty of nature at work.

Throughout the year, tourists and natives comes to visit this place, to enjoy the natural beauty.

How to reach :

It is nearly 147 km from Bhubaneswar and 67 km from the Dhenkanal bus stand. Regular buses are always available to this place. So you can go there by bus or taxi. The nearest railway station is about 67 km away from Dandadhar dam.

5. Saranga


There is a religious importance to the location. At this stony bed of the river Brahmani you will see Anantasyi picture of Lord Vishnu. As a crown and cover, Ananta, the snake emperor, spreads his hoods over Lord Vishnu’s head.

Here also you will see the Primal Lotus which is said to be House of Brahma, the universes creator. That lotus is originate from Lord Vishnus naval. This picture shows that Lord Vishnu is in a deeper sleep lying on the stony bed of the river Brahmani. Devotees comes to this location in huge numbers for seeing transformed avatar.

How to reach :

Saranga is 147 km from Bhubaneswar and 69 km from Dhenkanal bus stand. The nearest railway station is Dhenkanal which is 67 km from Saranga. You can easily get regular taxis and can be easily hired for travelling around this place . Regular buses from Dhenkanal is also avaliable. As a reason, reaching to Saranga via road is not a trouble.

Plan Your Visit to Dhenkanal

As Summer is very hot in Odisha as well as Dhenkanal., but temperature comes down during winter. So it will better if you are planning for travel Between November to February.

So, here’s everything you need to know about the top 5 tourist places in Dhenkanal. I hope it proves to be beneficial to you. Make a plan with your friends and family and explore a some new places with so much fun.

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