Top 3 Skin Doctors/ Dermatologists In Cuttack

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List of Top Skin & Hair Doctors & Dermatologists

Here are the Top 3 Skin Doctors/ Dermatologists In Cuttack. This list is based on patient reviews/ satisfaction, experience, history & cost because in the first place skin the best indicator of your good health.

Skin is the largest and heaviest organ in the human body. But the most sensitive organ. it is the primary shield against heat, cold, germs, bacteria and infections. So proper skin care and our Top Skin Doctors/Dermatologists can lead you a better healthy life.


Dr. pc Rath clinic

Dr. Pratap Chandra Rath is one of the trusted skin & S.T.D specialist in Cuttack . Dr. Rath has 30 Years of expertise in the field. He provides complete treatment and well equipped clinic. He has vast knowledge on the  Disease & its treatment with affordable Medicines.

SPECIALITY IN :- Laser & Photo therapy, Vitiligo surgery, Pigmentation, Scar revision, Acne & pimple treatment & more

Address :- C/O – Health Clinic , Mahatab Road, Cuttack – 753012 (Near Chandan Medicine Store)

Timing :- Monday-Friday:10am-1pm(Morning) Evening – ( 6pm -7pm) Contact :- 8030456358

Contact :- 8030456358


Dr. Monaj Ram Clinic

Dr. Monaj Ram is one of the finest & leading skin & VD doctor in Cuttack city. He offers various skin treatments at affordable cost. He is very well behaved & gentle person. He has more than 17 years of experience in the field. He always try to give good care to his patient.

SPECIALITY IN :- Allergy, Hair loss & dandruff, Acne, Pimples, Skin allergy, Eczema, Psoriasis, Cosmetology etc.

Address :- Kathgola phandi, road, Mangalabag, Cuttack, Odisha 753007

Timing :- Monday-Saturday : 10am-1:30pm

Contact :- +91 81170 48936


Dr. Kishan Agarwal Clinic

Dr. Kishan Agarwal is one of the best skin & hair expert in Cuttack city. Dr. Agarwal provides all kinds of skin treatments. He has more than 19 years of experience in skin treatment. His modern treatments & skincare are very popular in young patients.

SPECIALITY IN :- Laser therapy, Vitiligo, Acne, Skin treatment, Hair treatment etc

Address :- Jagannath  Bhawan, Jobra Road, Landmark : Near EKO Imaging 753003 (Cuttack)             

Timing :- Monday-Saturday : 8AM-1PM

Contact :- 06712549208

These top Skin doctors/dermatologists in Cuttack can provide you the best treatment for skin allergies, infection, pigmentation, acne etc. They are also expert in managing cosmetic disorders, including hair loss, nails and scars.

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