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Best Electric Bikes available in Bhubaneswar

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When we are looking for buy electric bike it means just like any bike electric bikes come with a ton of different technical specifications which we have be ignoring. Incoming days we are going to face more & more disease due to our polluted environment. Only by using electric bike we can help the world to be pollution free and This lifestyle will help us in easing burden on our pocket.

Here are the list of Electric Bikes available in Bhubaneswar

1.Revolt RV 400

it's an image of Revolt RV 400 electric bike which is first electric bike available in Bhubaneswar

Revolt RV 400 electronic bike is giving safe journey with following features:- A light weight of 108kg kerb, It gives 72v/3.24kWh lithium ion removable battery. Revolt RV 400 gives a range of 150km/full charge as per ARAI. It takes 4.5hours to gets charged, tubeless tire & alloy wheel.

Price:- 1.24 Lakh

2. Ather Energy 450X

Ather Energy 450X- electric scooter available in Bhubaneswar with in 2Lakh

Ather Energy 450x electric has an excellent performance with following features:-It gives 2.9kWh/usable 2.6kWh lithium ion removable battery. Ather energy 450X gives a range of 116km/full charge as per ARAI. It takes 5hr 45min to gets charged, alloy wheel, mobile Bluetooth connectivity, 4g LTE, Auto indicator off, Live locations, Vehicle state tracking, smart helmet integration.

VariantEx Showroom Price
Ather 450x1.27-1.46(Lakh)
Ather 450 Plus1.09- 1.33(Lakh)

3. Bajaj Chetak

It is an image of Bajaj Chetak Scooter which is available within 2Lakh in Bhubaneswar.

Bajaj Chetak is the electric which e can say value for the money because of following aspect:- top speed is 70kmph, it gives range of 95km/charge, combi brake system, can start with both remote & push button, Glove box, Top sensitive switches, Regenerative Braking System, It gives 3year/50000km battery warranty. It comes with following variants:-

VariantEx Showroom Price
Entry level Bajaj chetak urbane variant1,00,000 Lakh
Top end Bajaj Chetak Premium Variant1,87,390 Lakh

4. TVS iQube Electric

it's a picture of TVS iQube Electric scooter which is available in Bhubaneswar.

TVS iQube Electric is so easy & good to drive with following features:- it gives range of 75km/charge, takes 6hours to get charged, mileage- 83km, Q-park assist, regenerative braking, Remote charge status, Battery charge status, over speed alert & top speed is 78kmph.

Price:- 1.43 Lakh

5. Hero Electric Optima

it's a image of Hero Optima scooter

Hero Electric Optima is an awesome vehicle in electric scooters with following aspect:- it gives range of 85km/charge, takes 4-5 hours to get charged, combi brake system & the battery capacity is 51.2v/30Ah. It comes with following Variant:-

VariantEx Showroom Price
LX(VRLA)51,440 Lakh
HX(Single Battery)55,580 Lakh
HX(Dual Battery)65,640 Lakh
LX67,440 Lakh

some other electric bikes are also going to launch & available in Bhubaneswar. I hope this will be helpful for them who are conscious about polluted environment and for them who are worried for there over expenses due to cost of oil.

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