Street food in Bhubaneswar

Best Places to Eat Street Food in Bhubaneswar

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Bhubaneswar is a land of food and you will find all type of food all though out the city. Everyone have some weakness about street food. This city gives you amazing experience. There are certain places where street food can be tasted and also we maintained our health.

Some famous street food are…

  • Gupchup (panipuri)
  • Pampdichat
  • Aloochat
  • Chicken pakoda
  • Steam & Fried momos
  • Pav bhaaji
  • Chowmein
  • Bara Aluchop Samosa along with Ghuguni
  • And lots more

Is it healthy to eat street food in those place?

well it’s up to you, but you will get different tests and amazing experience.

You will get this at every corner of the city but the best places are…

1.Near Ram Mandir (Khau gali)

Its a visual treat when one enters the zone of khau_gali. if you are a foodie you must go and test here best street food. It is one of the crowded place in the city here you can found western cuisines like taco, pasta and many more.

double egg chicken role

2.Shaheed Nagar (RD college front) –

Here you can found delicious street food infront of RD college it has been inspiring many young individuals to become a foodie. you will get all type of testy food like Mumbai Vada pav, chicken gupchup, lassi and many more.

chicken gupchup (panipuri)

3.Infosys Road –

Here number of stalls are bitless but you will get some amazing taste if you are a foodie you must go here this place do not disappoint you which provide both Indian and Foreign dishes, some famous street food are chicken samosa, chicken chop, mutton chop like more delicious food.

street chat with chatpata test

4.Kiit Lane Patia –

You will found here many exotic restaurant, street food stalls right outside its campus is an immediate enticer. Here also you will get some mouth watering food are Golguppas, chicken pakoda, rolls and unique food joints

tasty chat

5.Gopabandhu square –

Although here you will find chatpata spice food like Dosa, Dahi vada with alu dam, chat at reasonable price and keep in mind about your vehicle parking while enjoying your food as this is a busy road.

deliceous dosa

In this food land hope you will found best place to eat different chatpata, yummy, spice and exotic street food and the health is not compromised at all. hope this satisfies your cravings for street foods.

well Happy Eating guys if you are a foodie and you want more information about street food dishes then must go and check out these places.

NOTE- All these places are opened only in the evening time.