Top 5 Hookah(Sheesha) Places In Bhubaneswar – Where Flavors Ignite The Night

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Hookah has emerged as one of the most popular leisure activities of the youth. It has been a way of enjoyment since 15th century but now it has emeged as one of the best Flavors To Ignite The Night.

Bhubaneswar, The Capital Of Odisha is now growing as one of the best cities in Bars and Restaurants. To attract youth most of the Bars and Restaurants are adding Hookah in their Menu. If you are looking for Best Hookah Places In Bhubaneswar don’t miss out this article.

1) Tyre Patty, Saheed Nagar

Tyre Patty

For years, Tyre Patty has been a popular choice of a hearty joint for every youngster in the city for its pocket-friendly prices and extensive flavors of Sheesha. Their relaxed interiors are accompaniment to the excellent food and friendly services. Once visited, you will feel the urge to get back many more times here, especially for the great Sheesha!

  • Address: 689, BMC Bhawani Mall St, Saheed Nagar
  • Timing: Monday – Sunday, 12PM-10PM
  • Phone: 916742544535
  • Cost: INR 830 – INR 2,100

2) The Hub, Patia

The Hub

One of the oldest hookah lounges in the city, simple, quiet and private is what sums up this place. The place will make sure that you have a gala time with your gang over hookah and delicious food. Fine dining on the ground floor, lounge on the first floor, and a fully stocked bar on the rooftop with a variety of hookahs. This decent joint is an utter favorite with friends and families alike.

  • Address: B/23, Revenue Village, Patia
  • Timing: Monday – Sunday, 10.30AM-10.30PM
  • Phone: +919337528173
  • Cost: INR 700 – INR 2,000

3) Richard’s Kitchen, Patia

Richard’s Kitchen

A popular after-party spot with the younger crowd, one of the biggest rooftop bars in the city, Richard’s Kitchen is primarily noted for their range of hookah flavors and Chinese dishes. No matter its day time or evening, you and your buddies will surely get to enjoy some great puffs

  • Address: 4th Floor, Rooftop of Bata Showroom, Plot No. A/2, Maruthi Villa, KIIT Rd, Patia
  • Timing: Monday – Sunday, 11.30AM-10.30PM
  • Phone: +91 95836 69996
  • Cost: INR 600 – INR 1,500

4) Chill Ummm, Patia

Chill Ummm

A fully stocked bar, and an extensive menu to pick from. The look and feel of the restaurant is quite vibrant. Its pleasant indoor and outdoor seating arrangement is a nice place for dates and a laid back evening with friends too! By eating their delicacies with one hand and puffing with the other, you are sure to go back home delighted!

  • Address: 2nd Floor, DS Tower, KIIT Rd, Patia
  • Timing: Monday – Sunday, 11AM-10.30PM
  • Phone: +91 9831545563
  • Cost: INR 450 – INR 1,500

5) Delhi Darbaar, Ashok Nagar

Delhi Darbaar

Surrounded people flock here for good food, lake views, and various hookahs. There is plenty of seating space, so you’ll never have to wait for a table. They have a separately designed room just for the hookah lovers who can happily savor their most favorite flavor. This is the perfect hangout place to catch up on a match, live music, food and yes the excellent Hookah too!

  • Address: 4th Shop S 2, Keshri Estate, Ashok Nagar
  • Timing: Monday – Sunday, 11.30AM-10.30PM
  • Phone: +91 9777715103
  • Cost: INR 500 – INR 1,500

Hopefully you liked my content Top 5 Hookah Places In Bhubaneswar. If you have any suggestions kindly let me know in the comment section. If you have already visited any of the places kindly let us know your feedback.

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