Bhubaneswar Metro Rail Project

Bhubaneswar Metro Rail Project Brief, Distance, Route Map & More

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The Metro Railway project in Bhubaneswar is like a big train system that will run above the ground on elevated tracks. It’s being built to help people in the city travel faster and more easily. The metro trains will stop at stations where passengers can get on or off. This new metro system will make it much simpler for everyone to move around the city, avoiding traffic jams and saving time.

So, after gathering crucial info and nitty-gritty about the project, I am here to share the collected data and explain some of the common questions related Bhubaneswar Metro Rail project.

When will the Bhubaneswar Metro Project Start:

The foundation stone will be laid by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on January 01, 2024. “I am sure this mega project will make Bhubaneswar a top Livable city in the country,” Patnaik tweeted.

Project Brief:

  • Inauguration: 1st Jan 2024
  • Odisha’s First Metro Rail: 2-Phase project, 26km, 20 Stations, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack link.
  • DMRC’s Report: Aug 16, 2023; traffic, environment, society assessments.
  • Chief Minister’s Approval: Apr 1st, 2023; improves state transportation.
  • Expansion Planned: Khurdha, Puri routes; enhanced commuting for citizens.
  • Travel Time: Puri-Bhubaneswar travel is targeted below 30 minutes.
  • Transit System: Rapid Transit system jointly owned by Indian Government & Odisha Government.

The first phase will span 26 km. It includes 20 stations, connecting Bhubaneswar airport with Trisulia Square, via Chandrasekharpur, Jaydev Vihar, Vani Vihar, Master Canteen, and Rajmahal Square.

Bhubaneswar Metro Rail Project Cost(Estimation):

According to the Chief Minister’s Office, for the current year, ₹210 Crore has been provided in the supplementary budget and Mr. Patnaik will lay the foundation for the project on January 1, 2024.

The government has approved a metro project that will cost Rs 5,929 crore. The government will cover the entire cost. They hired experts from Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to create a detailed plan. The goal is to finish building the metro in four years.

Project Completion Time Estimation:

Instructed that the works must be monitored very closely, observing principles of 5T to ensure the timely completion of the project within a four-year schedule. He also asked officials to ensure that the project realizes the vision of the Chief Minister of a world-class urban transport system for aspirational Odisha.

Bhubaneswar Metro Route Map:

Bhubaneswar Metro Rail Route Map

Additional Route Details:

  1. Phase 1: Cuttack–Bhubaneswar–Puri Metro
  2. Starting Point: Trisulia (Near Cuttack)
  3. Stops: Nandan Kanan, Patia, Vani Vihar, City Railway Station
  4. Terminus: Biju Patnaik International Airport (Bhubaneswar)
  5. Total Distance: Approximately 30 km
  6. Route Type: Elevated Corridors

Future Phases & Expansion Plans:

  1. Extension to Jatani
  2. Extension to Khurdha
  3. Extension to Puri

In summary, Bhubaneswar Metro Rail Project is a transformative endeavor set to reshape Odisha’s transportation landscape. With its phased approach, efficient routes, and potential economic impacts, the project promises improved connectivity and reduced traffic. As Odisha looks to the future, the Metro holds the key to fostering sustainable growth and a more connected community.

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