Some Unique Pitha of Odisha For Every Foodie

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Pithas, a type of cuisine that started on the Indian subcontinent and is common in Bangladesh and India, are a lot like pancakes, dumplings, or fritters. Pithas are often formed from a dough or batter that is then steamed, fried, or griddled. They can be sweet or savoury.

Odisha’s cuisine culture is really intriguing. The same components can result in a dish with a completely different flavour by adding particular ingredients and modifying cooking methods. Odia Pithas’ legacy is particularly attractive and special to the state.

Here I write about some unknown delicious Pithas of Odisha for every foodie that are unknown to some people which are very famous in the village area. These pithas are soft and tasty to eat. These are more prevalent in the worship parba in the village. I know about this from my maternal grandmother’s mother. These tastes are yummy and delicious.

Here I write some interesting 7 different type of pithas recipes which I have experienced.

1.Potali Pitha

Potali Pitha
source from Seeta’s Heavenly Bites

Putuli Pitha, also known as Potali Pitha, is a tasty traditional type of stuffed pancake. It is a well-known bhog served at the Baladevjew Temple in Kendrapara. This pitha is something you should be aware of if you love the outdoors. It has a flavor that is a cross between a kakara and a sweet atta chakuli. I obtained the recipe from one of the regular visitors to this shrine, though I haven’t tried making it at home.

2.Chandrakanti Pitha

Chandrakanti Pitha
source from cookpad

Chandrakanti Pitha is a tasty dessert which is traditionally prepared in the Ganjam area of Odisha. It is an authentic, traditional and most popular deep-fried sweet cake recipe of Odisha. The dough is made from soaked moong dal and rice batter, the outside is crispy and the inside part is soft and not overly sweet. It tastes like moong halwa but with a crispy coating. One has the option to cut the cooked and set batter into any shape one desires. I stuck to the traditional square pieces. Alternatively one can shape them into balls before deep frying.

3.Dudura Pitha

Dudura Pitha
source from recipebook

Dudura Pitha is one of the types of Pitha offered to Lord Jagannath in Puri. This Pitha is very similar to kadali malpua, but it is different and very popular in Sambalpur region of Orissa. Dudura peetha you may say is a pancake made out of rice, black gram and jaggery. This is one of Odisha’s famous Pitha (pancakes) which originated from HINDOL of Odisha, such is it’s taste, that it will keep your untimely carving in place.

The procedure is also too easy. Here is the recipe.

4.Chunchi pitha

Chunchi Pitha
source from Odisha Food Delite By Jayanti

I am glad I could share this recipe through the secret Indian Recipe website. This recipe ages during the time of my great grandmother when there was no spatula to make the recipe, they used a bunch of grass in order to make this pitha, but as the years went past, muslin cloth became very prevalent for this recipe. Enjoy this unique and traditional recipe from odisha.

5.Chitau Pitha

Chitau Pitha
source from cookpad

This Pitha makes its appearance in the Odia homes on the occasion of Chitalagi Amabasya, also known as Chitau Amabasya. Basic ingredients are rice and coconut. Tastes nice if served with chutney or khir (khiri).

6.Kakharu Phula Pitha

source from stringfixer

The traditional Odissi fritter dish known as Oriya Kakharu Phula Pitha or Pumpkin Flower Fritters is also well-known in West Bengal. This recipe for pumpkin flower fritters is simple and quick. Only the male flowers that are picked from the pumpkin plant are utilised in this dish. This is since the female flowers of the pumpkin will grow to be the edible pumpkins. These Odiya Kakharu Phula Pitha Recipe (Pumpkin Flower Fritters) are served as eaten in the evenings with masala chai or as a side dish to rice and Oriya Style Moong Dal.

7.Kheera Gaintha Pitha

Khira Gaintha Pitha
source from Archana’s Kitchen

Khira Gaintha is a very delicate and extremely elevating dessert that’s unique to Odisha. This consists of balls of rice flour dough soaked in reduced cardamom-flavored milk. The rice flour is cooked with water and then kneaded to form a dough, moulded into balls, and dropped into simmering milk cream.

Serve Khira Gaintha on its own as a delicious dessert after your satisfying meal. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Kheer recipes such as
1. Apple Mawa Kheer
2. Andey Ki Kheer
3. Thandai Flavoured Rice Kheer

Here I have shared some unique pitha of Odisha for every foodie. I share all everything you need. These pithas are delicious. Now it’s time for you to try this new type of pithas in festivals and also enjoy it. Sometimes you can avoid oil and calories for taste and it is also easy to make. Hope you enjoy this article.

Let us understand your mind and pointers withinside the comments.

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