Popular Book Fairs in Bhubaneshwar – know the Timings and Venues

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Bhubaneshwar has been hosting a number of events and trade exhibitions in recent days in order to increase brand recognition and expand the business’s consumer base. One of them is book fairs, which bring all the publishers, agencies, distributors, retailers, writers, and book fans together. 

Every year, Bhubaneshwar hosts four popular book festivals that you should attend. Children’s literature, regional languages, novels, text books, and competitive edge books are all available at discount prices at the festivals, ranging from fictional to non-fictional.

For book lovers, book fairs are like fairy world. It isn’t entirely incorrect, but it can assist people of all ages by allowing them to search for books related to their own interests and hobbies.

1)Rajadhani Book Fair

This was the state’s first book fair, organised in Bhubaneshwar. Before that, the book fair was started for children in the month of January of 1999 in Jaydev Bhawan which continued for 8 days. Later, It was organized on a larger scale at Exhibition Ground, Unit 3 between 1.12.2000 and 10.12.2000.

Around 40 publishers from different states take part in book fairs.

More than 400 stalls are installed all over the ground.

The book fair starts between the months of December and January and continues for up to 10 or 12 days.

It is estimated that every year, 50,000 to 60,000 people come to visit the book fair.

2)Kalinga Book Fair

It was founded by Mr. Purnendu Mishra, an activist who started an NGO for children known as Shisu Mahotsav in 1996.

The first Kalinga book fair was held in 2003 at the exhibition ground, Unit-3, and has continued to this day.

Around 100 to 150 kiosks are installed on the site.

It starts between November and December and lasts for nine to ten days.

3)Ekamra Book Fairs

The Ekamra book fair’s unique feature is that the committee organises a meeting between writers and readers. So that people can have a free and open discussion. They also have recently launched book kiosks where readers can readily locate the books.

Various cultural events and musical program are also organized in the evening for the purpose of entertaining visitors.

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It takes place on the Janta Maidan ground between the months of December and January.

It continues up to 9-11 days.

Around 100-150 book stalls are positioned on that site.

4) Akshara book festivals

It was recently launched in Bhubaneshwar and was inaugurated by the State Government. In the year 2019, it was the 2nd term book festival on the exhibition ground, where 500 stalls were installed and stayed for 10 days. The upcoming book festival will be organized in December.

Summary :

The book fair is a great resource for book enthusiasts. Book fairs are the only place to find books of all genres. It is also beneficial to students in terms of obtaining low-cost books. Publishers and authors can also work hard to promote their works.