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Chilika bird festival- Conservation and Ecotourism

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The Chilika Bird Festival occurs once in a year at Chilika lake, which is the Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon. This festival attracts conservationists, tourists for learning about its importance. This event is carried out through varieties of activities and events. Amidst the tranquil waters and lush greenery of Chilika Lake, the festival not only showcases over 200 species of birds but also celebrates the region’s cultural heritage. Local communities welcome visitors with traditional dance, music, and cuisine, offering a vibrant tapestry of Odia culture.

Where it is located ?

The Chilika Lake which is located on the eastern coast of India , is spread over the districts of Puri , Ganjam and Khurda in the state of Odisha. As Chilika is the largest coastal lagoon, it is the habitat for migratory birds mainly during winter season.

Objective of the Chilika bird festival

The Chilika Bird Festival promotes conservation awareness about the importance of Chilika lake , its biodiversity and mainly about migratory birds. This festival provides a platform to showcase local traditions. It takes measures to protect the Chilika lake and its biodiversity. This festival promotes eco-friendly tourism.

On which day it is celebrated ?

Chilika bird festival is an annual event and it is mostly held during winter season as the migratory birds come to the Chilika lake during that time. The festival includes birds watching to observe various bird species, photography workshops, boat rides, cultural programs such as dance, music, arts, etc to promote local traditions.

Public involvement and government initiatives

The Chilika Bird Festival has helped in increasing public awareness about the significance of Chilika lake and the need for efforts in conserving its biodiversity. It includes sustainable fishing practices, controlling pollution, and managing tourism impacts to preserve the ecological balance of Chilika Lake.

The festival is supported by the Odisha Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC), NGOs and government agencies.

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Eco-friendly tourism

Chilika Bird Festival promotes ecotourism by attracting people from all over the world to watch various species of birds inhabiting Chilika lake without disturbing their nesting patterns mainly during winter season. The festival educates visitors about the importance of conserving Chilika Lake’s ecosystem. Tourists experience local traditions, cuisine, and craftsmanship and hence the local business owners have great economic opportunities.


The Chilika Bird Festival serves as an example of how conservation can be initiated by tourism which will benefit both birds and local people, ensuring how long the ecosystem will be sustained. It serves as a reminder of the importance of conservation efforts in preserving natural habitats and supporting local communities. Chilika Lake continues to thrive as a crucial ecosystem for both migratory and resident birds, highlighting the harmonious relationship between ecotourism and environmental preservation.