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Buddhakhola- The Beauty of Odisha Which You Must Visit

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Hey, Are you nature lover?

Then you must visit this place for once! I’m sure you will be surprised.

This site is perfect destination to hangout with your family and friends. Or if you are a traveler or explorer, then you should not miss the chance to explore the hidden treasure of this place.

In this article, I’m talking about a heritage site which is Buddhakhola- The beauty of Odisha which you must visit. This place is known for its beautyness which attracts the tourists.

Let’s have known all the details on Buddhakhola.


Buddhakhola is a heritage site of Odisha located in Buguda block of Ganjam District in Odisha, India. It is the symbol of Buddhist culture. The main attraction of the place is full of Trees, Caves, temples, and a perennial Waterfall. The above-mentioned things are the main attraction for tourists and picnickers and another attraction of this place is the presence of a bunch of five temples on the top of the hill and also is the best Picnic place.

Buddhakhola Temple
(Buddhakhola Temple)


The name of the place Buddhakhola (ବୁଦ୍ଧଖୋଲ) is derived from Badhesvara, which means Buddha in meditating position. It is strongly believed that Buddha visited the place. Huentsang also visited the place and witnessed the learning and teaching of Buddhists and believed that it was one of the best place to learn Buddhism. The Panchu Mahadeva temples are believed to be built in the era of Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya. Therefore the place is a unite of both Buddhism and Hinduism.

Why Buddhakhola is famous?

  • Buddhakhola is popularly known as Panchu Mahadeva Temple, it means five Mahadeva (Siva) Temple which is in one place.
  • Shivratri and Kartika Purnima are the two main festival of this temple. On this day many pilgrims are coming from different different places to pray to Lord Shiva.
  • This place is full up with green hills, caves, waterfalls and jungles. Because of this more people prefer to visited this place.
Panchu Mahadev Temple image
(Panchu Mahadev Temple)

The main attraction of Buddhakhola

  • Buddhakhola is a tourist spot commonly visited by tourists, pilgrims and picnickers. There are many places to explore like caves, waterfalls, Statue of Siva. Parbati, Brusava, Hanuman, Swimming pool, Hilltop road to temple, about 495 steps to temple. This places are made it more iconic for visiting.
  • The caves are the another most attractive point of this place. Siddha Gumpha (ସିଦ୍ଧ ଗୁମ୍ଫା) and Dayana cave are the two main stunning caves of this place which is situated in the hills of ‘Patharakhai.’
  • Another main attraction point of this place is perennial waterfall named Panjuria (ପଞ୍ଜୁରିଆ).
Panjuria Waterfall image
(Panjuria Waterfall)

How to reach Buddhakhola?

Berhampur is the closest Railway station. Transports are accessible at continuous intervals from Berhampur to Buddhakhola/Buguda, which is around 70 km far from the spot.

Some other places near Buddhakhola

Except this place there are other little places close to Ganjam area which is brimming with nature and photographic excellence. Some of them are Chilika Lake, Taptapanj, Biranchi Narayan sanctuary, Gopalpur, Ujaleshwar, and Singhasini.

Hope you got know all the information about Buddhakhola. Thanks for giving your valuable time to this article. This place is fully surrounded with green hills. Its a best place for tourists, pilgrims, picnickers to visiting. If you have ever visited this place then comment us your exploring experience.