Best Nightlife hotspots in Bhubaneswar

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Known for its incredible architecture, religious temples, dynamic culture and a lot of world heritage sites, Bhubaneswar has something to offer for everyone. But little do people know even in this culturally cantered land, when the Sun sets, Bhubaneswar becomes the City Of Night. You can say the city doesn’t have a great life as it is more of a commercial city. Being a commercial city, it does offer a reasonably good nightlife experience. Obviously, it’s not up to the standards of Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, but it’s getting there. Bhubaneswar is a rapidly developing city, not a complete metropolis. So, you will not find it that charming in late-night comparison to another metropolis.
But Bhubaneswar is not far behind, though a lagged a little in the race. Some good and some great bars and pubs have come up in the city and the youth, as well as the elders, are not leaving a chance to hit them. From my personal experience, I am damn sure you will get some nice pubs and bars in Bhubaneswar and the wine, the alcohol, the themed bars and restaurants, the girls, and the dance floor are all there to set your mood right.

Quick Facts about Nightlife in Bhubaneswar

One of the basic and fundamental reasons as to why people choose nightclubs is to get high. The nightlife in Bhubaneswar is also interesting that you can indulge in for a unique experience, So let’s discuss that.
Are pubs expensive? Not quite, ideally a good nightlife experience at any pub. It will cost you anything between Rs. 800 and Rs. 1500, including food and a few drinks.
And if it comes to transport facilities, apart from public transport, there are also cabs and in addition to Ubers and Olas that operate within the city limits.

Best Places to Enjoy Nightlife in Bhubaneswar

The Baron & The Baroness

This beautiful bar is housed in the Mayfair campus. Either you can park the car outside and walk in, or drive-in. They also have valet parking available. If you want to remember Regional Plant Resource Centre, come to this bar first. The bar is absolutely worth a visit for its ambiance which is rich and cozy. You will fall in love with the furniture, wall painting, decor, portraits, and colors. It’s quiet and a lovely place to enjoy a conversation. The food is delicious and we enjoyed Tai Pei chicken the most. The staff is courteous and service is prompt and the prices are reasonable for the experience provided.
Offering good prawns is the hallmark of BARON & BARONESS. After a long working week, you can try delicious beer, cordial, or wine.

• Address: Mayfair Lagoon, 8-B, Jayadev Vihar
• Timings: 11 am to 11 pm
• Average Cost: The price range per person is ₹500

The Cellar – Mayfair Lagoon

The Cellar is the perfect spot for those looking to unwind after shopping or exploring Bhubaneshwar. And also after a walk around Regional Plant Resource Centre, many visitors stop by this bar.
From my personal experience, it is exotic and has a great ambiance with a beautiful Irish interior. There is a cool discotheque that will keep you entertained. The bar also has a valet parking facility. The pub has a rustic British look which makes it vintage while having exquisite uniqueness to the entire façade.
It’s worth coming to The Cellar because of the tasty chicken, kebabs, and fish. You will be offered delicious beer, rum, or liqueur. They have a variety of alcohols to choose from, but, pick the cocktails from their bar menu. If you aren’t the adventurous type, pick the classic Margarita.

• Address: Mayfair Lagoon, 8-B, Jayadev Vihar
• Timings: 03 pm to 11 pm
• Average Cost: The price range per person is ₹1500

Pegasus Bar

This bar provides you with nice food and a place to rest after a long walk around Nicco Park. It has an indoor setting and it is an ideal place to spend a good time with your friends. Pegasus is recommended for the patient staff and the cool service is something these restaurateurs care about.
Personally I say, the ambiance of this place is pleasant.
It provides good cocktails like a glass of Scotch and single malt. Besides regular cocktails including Cosmo and Mai Tai, the bar offers unique cocktails like Green Dimples and the Tequila Mockingbird.

• Address: Unit 4, Madhusudhan Nagar
• Timings: 11.30 am to 10.30 pm
• Average Cost: The price range per person is ₹1500


Located near Infocity, Echoes has a lively vibe with plenty of gigs taking place on the weekends and a young crowd that follows it. It has an exotic and extravagant cafe that has beautiful white lights and a grand decor. With sumptuous and scenic outdoor seating, this restaurant has its charms up though their high-quality food along with efficient and courteous staff service. Coming to the prices, they are very economical.
The bar looks inviting and has all kinds of liquor available, although the choices of beer are pretty limited, like in most places. It houses a decently new pool table as well if you want to kill time.

• Address: Plot F, 100, Infocity Ave, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
• Timings: 12:30 PM-10:30 PM
• Average Cost: The price range for two people is ₹760 – ₹1,900

Mad Mule Bar

The only place in Bhubaneswar that serves craft beer. Mad Mule is worth visiting once if you’re craving a refreshing beer and are sick of the bottled ones. The food is average, the music is unusually loud and the staff doesn’t care much about you if you’re not an acquaintance of some sort.
I think it does attract a large crowd though due to its spacious dance floor and old-school Bollywood music.

• Address: Janpath Rd, Industrial Area, Kharvela Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
• Timings: 12:30 PM-11 PM
• Average Cost: The price range for two people is ₹800-₹1500

Tequila Bar & Grill

The first bar at KIIT Road, Tequila is popular among students due to its proximity to various colleges. Mutton Shammi, Bang Bang Chicken, Kadai Chicken, Chicken Butter Masala, Mocktails, and Drinks are some of its famous food and drinks. The place is well-lit, and the staff is extremely friendly.
I should definitely recommend you to try their selection of Indian starters to go with your drink.

• Address: Plot 516/1761/3850, S Complex, KIIT Road, Patia, Bhubaneshwar
• Timings: 12:30 PM-11:50 PM
• Average Cost: The Price range for two people is ₹800


Oceana is located on Jan Path in Hotel Swosti, Kharabela Nagar. It is a good place for a nice dinner with friends or family. It offers its patrons the chance to enjoy good food and local alcohol. Great for a quiet evening, the bar here has a good selection of beer and cocktails.
The food is typically Indian and Indo-Chinese, so find items like lollipops and a variety of kebabs, and tikkas. The food is good and the waiting time is less.
I think you can have the best place to sit and drink with your spouse, I believe the old staff justifies the place as a paradise to visit. I would definitely suggest my friends to this bar.

• Address: Mayfair Lagoon, 8-B, Jayadev Vihar
• Timings: 11 am to 11 pm
• Average Cost: The price range for two people is ₹2000

But even then, when I want some quality time for myself, I look no further than my own home. I can assure you familiarity is key to comfort which only one’s home can deliver.