“8” Stunning Spots in Odisha For Short Budget Trips

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Odisha is one of the major tourism sector of India, with various colorful tourists’ attraction like wildlife reserves, beaches, temples, mountains, and it also famous for art and culture or carnivals. Principally Odisha is notorious for their own traditional foods.

Odisha is surrounded by Jharkhand in the north, West Bengal in the north east, Andhra Pradesh in the south and Chhattisgarh in the west and the Bay of Bengal in the east. The folk dance of Oriya is very famous which is called Oriya dance. The music of the Madal and flute is prevalent among the tribal and tribal people. The stylish part of the week, weekends are meant for fun. And if your idea of fun involves long drives down from the megacity, you’ve landed at the right place. Some people may not be suitable or willing to spend much money, but wish to see the world anyhow.

so how can it possible?

Yes it’s possible for If u look a short budget trip, also you must prefer Odisha. We all know how our metropolises cities can stress us out but thanks to near destinations which bless us with balance so we can come back with a lucid mind.

1.Chandipur Beach, Balasore

Chandipur Beach,Balasore

Chandipur Beach is positioned in Northern Odisha and it is hidency sand that glorifies the beauty of the state of Orissa.

Well, as unthinkable as it sounds, it is actually true! They call it the “Hide and Seek ocean”, and rightly so! Watching the ocean vanish and being or being like a phenomenon. One of nature’s truly stupendous workshop is how the ocean at this sand spread up to Five kilometers along the ocean, and also comes back to fill the emptiness with the high drift. This literally gives us the occasion to walk deep into the actual seabed. so if you take a picture from a far, it looks as if you are actually walking on water.

Chandipur is also crucial location for the government of india as the integrated test range (ITR) lunch pad of DRDO (Defense Research And Development Organization) is created here.

The Budhabalanga river flows close to chandipur, this river was a major trading way in the 18th centuary. The Danish, the Dutch, the French and British used this river to establish trading through the town of balasore. It was an area of ship building and ship repairing in back. The town also was a manufacturing hub during that time.

Tourist Attraction Near Chandipur,Balasore

  • Balaramgadi Picnic spot
  • Emami Jagannath Temple
  • Talsari Beach
  • Khirachora Gopinnath Temple
  • Bichitrapur Mangrove Santuary
  • Dagara Beach

2.Simlipal National Park- A Green Spot

Simlipal National Park

If you are looking for an ultimate thrill and fun, consider Simlipal National Park as one of the best picnic spots in Odisha. This is the largest national park and a heaven for wildlife and nature lovers. This place is natural home or environment of tigers, leopards, elephants, deer, as well as various birds and reptiles. If you need some more Adventurous thrill then you must try to experience of hill station at gudgudia with pine jungle .The main attraction of family travelers are elephant ride and if you stay a enjoyable night then you should prefer eco tourism accommodation’ it also situated in Jamuani , gudgudia and ramatritha near jashipur and don’t miss the crocodile breeding center at ramatritha on the bank of scenic khairi bhandan river. remaining open to the public from November to Mid-June.

Location-Mayurbhanj, Odisha

 Sprawling over 2750sq.km

3.Barehipani Waterfall- Enjoy The Sprinkle

Odisha is blessed with many scenery waterfalls and this is surely one of them. This cascade in odisha gives the stunning natural beauty. Barehipani is second highest warerfall in odisha. The source of waterfall is Budhabalang river, that flows over the mountain. Their are numerous tourist attraction like Joranda falls, Shimlipal Reaserve forest and many other tourist attraction. This waterfall creates a refreshing drop pool where one can enjoy some unforgettable moments. The sound of waterfall and wildlife in the forest attracts more and more tourist. There are nature camp and a guest house located near the barehipani waterfall, which is about 3-4 km from the picnic spot.

Must Try Such Local Foods:

mudhi-mansha (puffed rice and mutton in gravy), dala khechidi and ram ruchuka.

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Cascading from 399 m

4.Khandadhar Falls- The Beautifull Cascade

Khandadhar Fall

 Khandadhar Falls is one of the most stunning falls, With the 500 feet waterfall created by Korapani Nala plunging in way, this is the place where you can chill-out with your family or friends and get a chance to refresh your mind and soul catch in nature. Enjoy bathing, splashing water and dipping your feet in the warm pool after reaching this spot through touring. Nearby the local tribals worship a deity known as Goddess Kanta,. Nearest rail head is at Rourkela (104 kms.) All-weather road upto Bonaigarh is available and the last 2kms. is negotiable on foot.

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Location-Sundargarh, Odisha

5.Konark Sun Temple- Black Pagoda


Sun Temple Konark is devoted to God Surya. Sun temple Konark also known as the Black Pagoda is the crowning glory of Oriya temple architecture. Konark is a hub of ancient art and calture and the best Odisha destinations. The carvings of the Konark Sun Temple, one of the seven wonders of India, attract large flocks of tourists throughout the year. Along with the marvellous temples, the city has a serene beach and an engrossing archaeological museum to explore. Discovering the finest artwork & sculptures of the Konark Sun Temple is surely one of the primary reasons to visit Odisha, especially for art lovers.

Key Attractions: Archeological Museum, the temple of Sun God & Ramchandi, Chandrabhaga Beach
Places To Stay: Lotus Resort, Labanya Lodge, Goroomgo Sun Plaza Lodge Konark, Goroomgo VIP Lodge Konark, Hotel Blue Ocean
Best Time To Visit: September to March
Entry fee: Rs. 40 for Indians and Rs. 600 for foreigners

6.Jirang(Chandragiri)-The Tibetan Community In Odisha

Jirang also known as Chandragiri, and odisha’s little tibet and it is a small village in Gajapati district of Odisha.The major attraction is the Padmasambhava Monastery popularly known as the Jirang monastery. It is the largest monastery in Eastern India. The monastery was inaugurated by his holiness, The Dalai Lama in 2010. Jirang is situated in a very beautiful valley, surrounded by various hills of the eastern ghats.

How to Reach:

Jirang is about 290 km from Bhubaneswar, the capital of odisha and 100 km from Brahmapur.

The Best way to reach Jirang is by rented cab or public busses, which are available from Brahmapur.

Where to Stay:

They have not much more option for staying, but their have some closest place to stay.

  • Ripa Guest House inside the Jirang monastery complex.
  • MTCS Bunglow in Chandragiri
  • OTDC Taptapani (40 Km)

Best Time to Visit:

Winter season is the best time to visit Jirang, preferably November to February.

Monastery Timing:

Open from 5.30 AM to 4 PM

7.Bhitarkanika National Park- The Mini Amazon


Bhitarkanika is India’s second largest mangrove ecosystem after the Sunderbans. While you’re at Bhitarkanika, be sure to experience the below list of must try activities.

Boating – take the boat ride though the network of creeks and canals and watch the inhabitants of Mini Amazon of IndiaBirding – For bird lovers, Bhitarkanika spoils you for choices. Bhitarkanika is home to the largest dangered Salt Water Crocodile in the country. The Salt Water Crocodile is the apex predator of the region, besides it, the park is home to numerous reptiles like the water monitor lizard, pythons to name a many. Bhitarkanika is also home to numerous animals like the deer, hyenas, wild boar etc and migratory birds which make it their home during the winter season lending a vibrant hue to the eco system.The other unique attraction is the Bagagahana or the heronry near Surajpore creek.Bhitarkanika is also home to eight kind of Kingfisher birds which is also a rarity.

There’s a variety of options for you to stay at. From Star Rated Hotels, Eco Tour Nature Camps equipped with state of the art swiss tents and facilities to OTDC Government Hotels, Bed Breakfasts and Homestays. If u plan for a nature and wildlife trip then BOOK NOW.

Location: Kendrapara,Odisha

Time to Visit

Open For Tourists: 1st August to 30th April every year

Closed for Tourists: 1st May to 31st July every year and for a week normally in the Winter ( this year it will be 26th December, 2019 to 4th January,2020) for Crocodile census

Best time to visit for birds: – 1st August to 20th November

Best time to visit for crocodiles: – 1st October to 20th of April

8.Bonda Hill, Khairput, Malkangiri

Bonda hill is the living place of bondas, one of the primitive tribal communities. It is surrounded by dense hilly forest. The bondas of this place even now remain naked, and it is believed that they were cursed by goddess sita, as they laughed at her while she was bathing in a kunda, which is named as sita kunda at bonda hill. There is one specific festival called “patkhanda vatra” at mudilipada celebrated in january by the bondas in which they worship a sword. They believe that this sword belongs to pandavas. Bonda hill is located at a distance of 80 km from district headquarter and comes under khairput block.

Near Attraction

  • Satiguda Dam
  • Goi Hill
  • Tarini Temple
  • Ammakunda


Odisha-the land of silver beaches, temples, rivers, waterfalls and tribal people, Odisha is a place where you can relax on the beaches, visit the famous temples and explore the beauty and bounty of nature and wildlife. Odisha’s art and culture, fairs and festivals, dances and music are a treat for the tourists who love to see colours and wish to enjoy life to the fullest. Some people may not be able or willing to spend much money, but wish to see the world anyhow. It is possible to travel with very little or even no money at all. Visit the soul state of India and come back with a bag full of memories that will remain etched in your mind for a long time.