8 Beautiful Waterfalls in Kendujhar District, Odisha – You Must Visit

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Kendujhar District, is a regulatory area of Odisha. The locale is one of the fifth Planned Areas of Odisha. The town of Kendujhar (or Kendujhargarh) is the region central command.

Keonjhar or Kendujhar is one of such underestimated place in Odisha and its regular magnificence has not yet been investigated by quite a few people of the explorers. Kendujhar is home to mighty hills, old temples and cascading waterfalls which makes it a beautiful offbeat destination.

The monsoon season is the perfect time to visit Keonjhar. Thus, you must go to Keonjhar if you wish to see gushing waterfalls and beautiful landscape. To tour all of the waterfalls in this area indicated above, a three-night stay is sufficient.

As Keonjhar is famous for Maa Ghatagaon Tarini And for Waterfalls. Most people plan for a picnic and road trips to keonjhar district to get a blessing from Goddess Tarini and to visit these beautiful waterfalls.

Visitors are pleasantly surprised by the variety of colours found throughout Keonjhar varied environment. This district offers a combination of tradition and landscape, from towering mountains to exquisite lakes. The rushing waterfalls hold a particularly special place among the many attractions that are known to draw travellers here because of their enchanting yet natural beauty. The stunning sound of the cascading water and the refreshing breeze will fascinate you. We have compiled a list of the greatest waterfalls in Keonjhar that you absolutely must visit on your adventure.

1. Gundicha Ghagi Waterfall

Gundicha ghagi waterfall
  • Height – Nearly about 50 ft high from river Mudula
  • Nearest Town – Keonjhar (60.08km, 1hr 19min)
  • Only a 12 km, 20-minute drive separates it from the well-known Ghatagaon Tarini Temple.
  • Facilities – picnic facilities, cooking facilities, bathing facilities, stairs to reach waterfall, snacks & refreshment shops, spacious parking area for vehicles.
  • About view – Awesome waterfall with superb jungle view and lush green forest. Bridge is another view point near to fall
  • Best time to visit – August – October

In particular, during the monsoon season, Gundicha Ghagi Waterfall, known as the “Niagara of Odisha,” is breathtaking. . A series of waterfalls called Musala Falls cascade 50 feet below the river’s surface, creating a roaring sound that makes the surroundings appear and sound almost smokey. Another beautiful part of the ascent is the winding route among the rolling greens. To avoid crowds, it is suggested to visit these waterfalls early in the day, especially on holidays. Ghatagaon offers a few extremely simple lodging alternatives. An hour away in Keonjhar Town, there will be better options.

If you ever come to Ghatgaon Tarini then don’t forget to go to this place.

For detailed Information visit Gundichaghagi Waterfall Keonjhar

2. Sana Ghagara Waterfall 

Sana Ghagara waterfall
  • Height – 30.5 metres (100 ft)
  • Nearest Town – Keonjhar (7.0km, 15min)
  • Distance from Ghatagaon Tarini Temple (50.8 km, 1hr 1min )
  • Facilities – Boating, Children’s park, snacks and refreshment shops, spacious parking area for vehicles, Stairs to reach the waterfall, Wide green lawns and gardens to relax, Entertainment and Game Zone.
  • About view – There is a little park with models of animals such as dinosaurs near the fall, You can here the huge sound of waterfall while falling from hills,rocks & greenery of forest, Garden beautification with music system.
  • Best time to visit – October – March

The region is spread north of 488 Ha. In a sloping parcel with trademark blended deciduous and various sort of woods vegetation. The popular Sana Ghagara waterfall with perpetual stream adds to the normal magnificence of this woods parcel and draws in huge number of guests over time. It is situated at a typical rise of 1950 ft. above M.S.L. furthermore, encounters a relative cool summer and cold winter. Normal yearly precipitation is around 1500 mm and temperature goes from 14.7 degree C to 41.1 degree C. Relative moistness differs between 41 to 93 % and typically no icing happens around here. The region is an incredibly undulating territory with slopes, pediments and a “V” molded thin valley. The slopes and pediments are extremely steep and the stone development is of dolerite beginning. The region channels into stream Baitarani through Machhakandana Nala.

3. Bhimkund Waterfall

Bhimkund waterfall
  • Height – 30.metres (98 ft)
  • Nearest Town – Keonjhar (60.05km,1hr 24min)
  • Distance from Ghatagaon Tarini Temple (33.8 km, 54min )
  • Facilities – Bathing facilities, Cemented pandal for picnic on chargeable basis, spacious parking area for vehicles.
  • About view – awesome waterfall with lush green forests, white marble mountains, aqua blue water, sanakunda, badakunda and scenic view of river Baitarani.
  • Best time to visit – December – January
  • Tribal people sell vegetables at very low cost as compared to cities.

The Bhimkund Waterfall is a magnificent twin fall set amidst undulating greenery. Sanakunda (Smaller Falls) and Badakunda are two of the most stunning and terrifying waterfalls that the majestic Baitarani River has to offer (Bigger falls). The deep gorge of the falls, which is filled with the roar of water and a swift river, attracts travelers. Many locals congregate there to celebrate Makar Sankranti, and it is also regarded as a spiritual location. The Pandavas are thought to have spent some time here during their exile.

4. Kuljhar Waterfall 

  • Height – 30.5 (100ft)
  • Nearest Town – Keonjhar (34.3km, 53min)
  • Distance from Ghatagaon Tarini Temple (117.9 km, 2hr 39min )
  • Facilities – Bathing facilities, spacious parking area for vehicles.
  • About view – awesome waterfall with lush green forests, spectacular jungle view.
  • Best time to visit – August – January

This waterfall in this location is a recent find. Incredibly green mountains surround the Kuljhar waterfall. One can ask the people for assistance to find the exact location. The community, which depends on cattle raising and seasonal farming on the hill slopes after clearing the forest, is located in one of Odisha’s most isolated regions. You can discover a few things about the residents’ daily lives, methods of income, and other things by talking to them. So, a trip cannot be completed without getting to know the locals.

5. Badaghagara Waterfall

The Kendujhar district in the Indian state of Odisha is home to the Badaghagara Waterfall. The district office of the Kendujhar district is 11 kilometres away from Badaghagara. A dam has been built on the downstream side since it is a dependable source of water. 5 kilometres downstream of Sanaghagara Waterfall is where it is located. A perpetual waterfall, that is. A little river called the Machha Kandana drops 60 metres in one swift motion.

Badaghagra waterfall

Badaghagra Waterfall is situated in the midst of dazzling environmental factors which add to the magnificence of the spot and make it seriously appealing. Thick woods covering the cascade make it an ideal location for the individuals who wish to invest a few energy in the midst of normal excellence and furthermore an optimal area for traveling and picnicking.

  • Height – 30.5 (100ft)
  • Nearest Town – Keonjhar (9.1 km, 20 min)
  • Distance from Ghatagaon Tarini Temple (56.0 km, 1hr 5min )
  • Facilities – spacious parking area for vehicles, snacks & refreshment shops
  • About view – awesome waterfall with lush green forests environment, perennial source of water, mountain, dam and rameswar temple
  • Best time to visit –  October to March.

6. Murga Mahadev Temple & Waterfall

Murga Mahadev temple & waterfall
  • Height – 30.5 (100ft)
  • Nearest Town – Keonjhar (64.1 km, 1hr 27 min)
  • Distance from Ghatagaon Tarini Temple (112.1 km, 2hr 33min )
  • Facilities – spacious parking area for vehicles,
  • About view – awesome waterfall with Wonderfull place and beautiful nature, A picturesque perennial spring of Thakurani Hills with lush green forest , Traditional folk heritage and Tribal settlement.
  • Best time to visit –  October to March.
  • Lord Siva Temple by the name of Murga Mahadev.

Murga Mahadev Temple stands gloriously at the foot of Thakurani Slopes and is a significant place of interest in the region. A pleasant enduring spring of Thakurani Slopes with lavish green woodland has gifted a dazzling cascade to the regular darlings which stream close by the sanctuary region working with sacred shower to the fans. A tremendous group assemble here during Makara Sankranti and Shivaratri. This spot is only 70 km away from Keonjhar town.

7. Handibhanga Waterfall

Handibhanga waterfall
  • Height – 200 ft
  • Nearest Town – Keonjhar (48.1km, 1hr38min)
  • Distance from Ghatagaon Tarini Temple (95.6 km, 2hr 22min )
  • Facilities – Bathing facilities, This place has good water facilities,too much place for picnic & spacious parking area for vehicles,
  • About view – awesome waterfall with lush green forest, mountains and rocks, Two waterfalls one in down and another at top of mountains
  • Best time to visit –  October to March.

As explorers stroll down to this waterfall in Odisha, all they do is grin and hail all-powerful for gift the state with such bonniness. Cut out in the Bahalda town of Keonjhar locale, Handibhanga waterfall remains as a famous cascade and a significant wellspring of the travel industry in Odisha. Streaming down from a level of 30 m, this waterfall is likewise a cherished excursion spot in Odisha where voyagers come and revive themselves with the sprinkling water. Join the locals of Odisha and travelers between the long periods of October to Spring as that is the best chance to visit Handibhanga Cascade and witness this fall take a hypnotizing structure which is additionally complemented by the encompassing mountains and verdant Keonjhar backwoods.

8. Tenteinali Waterfall

Tenteinali waterfall
  • Height – 150 ft high
  • Nearest Town – keonjhar (61km 1hr 26min)
  • Distance from Ghatagaon Tarini Temple (107.9 km, 2hr 30min )
  • Facilities – snacks & refreshment shops & spacious parking area for vehicles,
  • About view – awesome waterfall with dense forest, powerful winds, amazing landscapes all around, Rare species of frogs, caterpillars, butterflies, snakes and other creepers can be easily spotted, along with several plant species.
  • Best time to visit –  May to September

The Tenteinali Waterfall is in excess of 150 feet high, and it runs up the Slopes. It is one of the most quiet and lovely zones for a wide range of guests and vacationers. The wonderful normal environment and the astounding sound of the Waterfall draw in the guest and cookout rush the spot during winter.

You can visit Keonjhar at any time of the year. But to see these waterfalls at their best, you can plan from June to September.

Hope this article will be helpful for your Keonjhar trip. If you are planning for a road trip/picnic must visit these waterfalls after having Goddess Ghatagaon Tarini darshan. These places will make your perfect day.