5 Great Personalities From Odisha: You Should Know About

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Our Odisha is the land of great leaders. Because this land has given us many leaders And freedom fighters.

These leaders have become such great personalities that the whole country will respect them ever. These prominent personalities have spread the name of Odisha all over the world.

These leaders sacrificed their lives for freedom Odisha. We will miss their wonderful contributions and their heroism.

Here I make some of my own favorite prominent personalities lists. I hope you like them too…….

1. Baxi Jagabandhu :

Jagabandhu Bidyadhar Mohapatra Bhramabara Raya is popularly known as ”Baxi Jagabandhu”.

  • Born : 1773
  • Died : 1829
  • Birth Place : Rorar garh
  • Acheivements : He was the landlord of Rodhanga and was nominated as the Senapati by the king of Khordha.
  • Involvements :
    • He was involved in the paik rebelkion.That rebellion was the first rebellion of the paika (soldier of odisha) in 1817.
    • Another involvement of Buxi Jagabandhu movement of Khurda to fight against the colonial power for raise of salt price.

2. Acharya Harihar :

Acharya Harihar, one of the leading soldiers of the freedom struggle of India.

  • Born : on 1879 in the auspicious full moon of Phalguna
  • Died : 29th February 1971
  • Birth Place : Acharya Harihar was born in a conservative family in sriramchandrapur village Sakhigopal in puri district.
  • Known For : True Nationalist
  • Education : His schooling from the middle Vernacular school after which he joined in the puri Zilla school with a scholarship from the government to complete the entrance examination. He did his F.A. from the Ravenshaw College. Though he went to Calcutta to study LL.B at the instruction of Gopabandhu, but he couldn’t complete it.
  • Acheivements : The trio Gopabandhu Choudhury, Acharya Harihara and BrajamohanSingh (nicknamed Chatu) formed their own group. The trio-group popularly called as ‘go Achu’ . Here he translated of Bhagabat Gita.
  • Involvements : He was involved in ‘Congress Samajvadi Committee.” Harihara became a member to such type of committee in the year 1938 when the election was held. He was called as “Acharya Harihara” by the Congress.

3. Veer Surendra sai :

Veer Surendra Sai also known as Sundar sai was an Indian freedom fighter who forfeited his life battling against the British.

  • Born : On 23 january 1809.
  • Died : In Asirgarh jail on 28 February 1884
  • Birth Place : Khinda village about 40 km to the north of sambalpur, Odisha.
  • Known For : Great Freedom Fighter
  • Acheivements : Crowned as king of Sambalpur after the demise of King Maharaja Sai in 1827.
  • Involvements : Surendar Sai adopted the cause of the exploited tribal of Odisha. Surendra Sai began protesting the British at age 18 in 1827, moved operations to the hilly tracts of Western Orissa in 1857 and continued until he surrendered in 1862 and went to Hazaribagh Jail.

4. Pandit Gopabandhu Das :

Pandit Gopabandhu das also known as “THE MAKER OF MODERN ODISHA

  • Born : 9 October 1877
  • Died : 17 june 1988
  • Birth Place : Suando village, near Puri, Odisha
  • Known For : Indian Poet, philosopher, social activist.
  • Education : Gopabandhu did his early education in his village Primary School. Also did his middle schooling in his village. Then, in 1893, with the award of a scholarship, he studied in the Puri Zilla School. He continued his education at the Ravenshaw College in Cuttack. After graduation, Das went to Calcutta University and pursued Master’s degree in Arts and Bachelor’s degree in Law.
  • Acheivements :
    • He founded a monthly magazine Satyabadi in 1915. Later on October 4, 1919, he launched the weekly newspaper Samaja. He had editor of Samaja till his death.
    • Gopabandhu Das was also a poet. Some of his popular poems include Karakabita (Prison verse), Bandira Swadesha Chinta (Thoughts of a Prisoner about his homeland) and Dharmapada.
  • Involvements : Gopabandhu had the great involvement for Odisha. He intended to work for the poor. He joined politics and came in contact with sons of Odisha like Madhusudan Das. He became a member of Bihar and Orissa Legislative Council in 1917 and discharged his duties as a legislator .

5. Raja Artatran Deo :

  • Born : 1900
  • Died : 1946
  • Birth Place : kingdom of Khariar (Nuapada District)
  • Known For : A great contributor of Art, Culture and Education
  • Education : He studied in the Mayo College in Ajmer and the St. Columbia’s College in Hazaribagh.
  • Acheivements : Raja Artatran Deo ascended the throne in 1921. He was elected as the member of the Orissa Legislative Assembly in 1937 and 1946. Nominated member of Odisha Advisory Council. Elected to Odisha Legislative Assembly in 1937 and 1946 from Khariar Assembly Constituency. Played a major role in formation of Odisha as a separate province in the year 1936.
  • Involvements : Sportsman of distinction, member of many committees and Organisations. Scholarships for deserving students for higher education. Patronised “Beer Bikram Theatre” of Khariar, the first permanent Oriya Stage in the State.

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