The 6 Most Delicious Odia Dishes – Every Foodie Must Try

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Food is essential art of our life.

All Odisha people love odia food. Odia cuisine is very simple yet delicious prepared in little or no oil which not only enhances the taste, but makes them very healthy.

A Typical odia meal will comprise Rice, Dal a Vegetable dish or something fried and a fish curry. The Land of Lord Jaganntha, has a very rich religious culture and this is reflected in the food as well. There’s a lot of similarity between Odia and Bengali food.

Today I am going to share some Delicious Odia Dishes so now lets go –

1.Pakhala Bhata (Water Rice)

The term “ PAKHALA” is derived from pali word “PAKHALIBA” which means to “wash”. This dish has a special demand in heart of every odia. Cook normal rice and then cool it. Pakhala is a traditional odia dish, it is prepared with rice, curd, cucumber, cumin seed, onions. It is popularly served with roasted vegetable- such as potato, brinjal, badi, and saga bhaja or fried fish. The Pakhala vata has a day for celebration on 20th March.

Preparation Tips

  • Cooked rice, add cold water and store for at least 5 hrs.
  • Now add curd to the rice
  • Make a paste of green chilly, ginger
  • Heat the pan and add oil, 2 mins fry red chilly with curry leaves.
  • Add few drops of lemon juice & roasted cumin power.

Now the Pakhala vata is ready.

Follow this recipe –

2.Dalma ( Lentil cooked with Vegetables)

Dalma is a traditional dish from Odisha. It is known as mother of all dals. Dalma is a very popular odia dish which is also served to Lord Jagannath as prasada. It is a very healthy preparation made by cooking mixed vegetable with lentils. This is an garlic and onion free recipe which is very simple to cook. Dalma served with Rice topped with ghee and comfort meal in every odia household.

Preparation Tips

  • Cut all the Vegetable
  • Cook the Moong dalAdd all the vegetable in the cooked dal
  • Prepare the Tempering
  • Tempering with onion and Garlic

Now the Dalma is ready

Follow this recipe –

3.Ghanta (Mixed Vegetable)

Ghanta Tarkari is a signature Odia recipe. Ghanta in odia means mixed. This dish is prepared by mixing a variety of vegetable and is mostly enjoyed during festivals. Ghanta cook in a big broad dip pan. This dish is to tally different from those cooked in the West, East or North. It’s very high in nutrition and has got a typical taste which can be enjoyed with rice or chapatti.

Preparation Tips

  • Cut thevegetables
  • Make a peste on onion, ginger & garlic
  • All the vegetable & seed alternately pressure- cook it for 2 whistles
  • Add salt, turmeric power
  • A tablespoon of oil in a big pan
  • Add onion and cook till the onion becomes golden colour
  • Add red chili power and ginger
  • Now add boiled vegetables , add garam masala, roasted chili & cumin power & mix it then cooked 5 min
  • Then Switch of the flame

Now the Ghanta is ready.

Follow this recipe –

4.Dahi Kanji (Tangy Soup)

Kanji is an authentic odia dish that is quite popular is southern part of Odisha which is basically a soupy based dish with a unique sour taste Normally Kanji is cooked during winter months when all the vegetable are a bun dantly available, but now a das it is made throughout the year use of lots of vegetables along with the curd makes this a healthy dish.

Preparation Tips

  • Add all the vegetables and cook for 5min
  • add water 1/2 cup, turmeric, roasted Gram flour, rice flour 2 tbsp, coriander and mixed it
  • Add whisked sour curd 1 cup, sugar 2tbsp and salt to taste
  • Turn on gas to low flame, add chili power, chopped tomato and cover bring it to boil
  • Mustard oil 2tbsp, add asafetida, mustard seeds 2tbsp, Chopped Ginger
  • Mix well &cover cook for 10mins.

Now your delicious Dahi Kanji is ready.

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5.Badi Chura (Dried Lentil Mixture)

This is a must have dish and is a constant fixture in any meal, Mostly with Pakhala. Anyone can cook this in minutes with chopped chills, garlic and onion. The smell of the garlic and onion along with crunch of the fried badis is the rape tic you taste it once and you are sure to return to it again and again.

Preparation Tips

  • Add the oil in a pan and shallow fry the badis
  • just before serving, mix the rest of the ingredients and serve
  • The crunch of the badi with the smell of garlic and onions

Now your delicious Badi chura is ready

Follow this recipe –


Kanika is a sweet rice dish, specially prepared during the festivals of Odisha very similar to palau. This dish is a part of Chhapana Bhog (56 offering) in the puri Jagannath temple. These dishes are made without onions and garlic.

Preparation Tips

  • First wash and soak the rice for 30 min
  • Now heat a kadhai, add ghee, bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, star anise, into the kadhai
  • Now add raisins and cashews and fry it for 3 seconds
  • Add the rice then mix everything 5 min
  • Add little bit salt and let it boil till rice
  • Add sugar, then mix it properly
  • After 10-15 minutes done, open the lid

Now the Kanika is Ready.

Follow this recipe –

Odia food varieties are going to try ? Food lovers around, Plan your next trip to Odisha you most try Odia Delicious local foods, get this list of best of Odia dishes. I hope you are getting more excited by reading this article, If you want to give any feedback you can suggest us in the comment box. Thank you