Smart City Bhubaneswar

Smart City Bhubaneswar: All Initiatives to know

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Ever since Bhubaneswar, the state capital of Odisha, is declared the number one smart city in the country, the state government has taken several steps to implement the smart city proposals to provide quality facilities to the citizens.

The government has formed Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL), a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to implement the smart city proposals, handles planning, management and operation of its departments.

Here are some initiatives launched to make Bhubaneswar a smart city

1. Common Payment Card System for Bhubaneswar

The Common City Payment Card System “Odyssey City Card” focuses on facilitating payment transactions for citizen services across the city.

Odyssey City Card

Services Include

  • Buses and other transit modes
  • Parking
  • Municipal services like- property taxes and other charges
  • Electricity and water cess
  • Retail payments

2. Smart Janpath Project

The government has initiated steps for the redevelopment of Janpath Road to make it more attractive and citizen-friendly.

Smart Janpath Project

The developments include:

  • Streetscape design, beautification, landscaping,
  • Intersection redesign, infrastructure upgrades with construction of new pavement, rehabilitation of existing pavement,
  • Construction and/or rehabilitation of major and minor bridges, culverts, road intersections, interchanges, drains, etc.

Besides, Janpath Streetscape project has been conceived as a part of Bhubaneswar Smart City proposal. It focuses on transforming the city’s existing roadway from an automobile-oriented design to a street that is designed to provide safe, comfortable and convenient access.

3. Smart Parks

The BSCL has undertaken three existing parks in Saheed Nagar as per the Smart City proposal for developing into smart parks. These are Saheed Nagar Park, OMC Park and Traingular Park.

The design of the parks includes redevelopment of existing infrastructure like pathways, Children play equipment, Splash pool, open GYM and portable e-toilets.

Smart Parks

4. Multilevel Car Parking

The government has started the construction work for Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP) building at Raj Mahal Square and Saheed Nagar as part of smart city Bhubaneswar proposals to ease the traffic congestion on the road.

MLCP building at Raj Mahal Square:

  • Lower and upper basement, and ground and above floors that will accommodate minimum 450 nos. Equivalent Car Spaces (ECS)
  • All the floors above the parking floors shall be commercial floors covering minimum 57,000 Sq. ft. of commercial saleable space
Multilevel Car Parking

MLCP building in Saheed Nagar :

  • Two basements, ground and above 5 nos. floors of construction
  • The car parking building will accommodate minimum 250 nos. Equivalent Car Spaces (ECS).

5. Intelligent Traffic Control System

Intelligent Traffic Control System

The Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited has installed intelligence traffic control system across the city. It is the latest technology in traffic engineering named Composite Signal Control Strategy (CoSiCoSt).

It will improve travel time reliability, reduction in congestion, distribution of green phase time equitably and faster response to traffic conditions. Besides, it will provide timely emergencies and support, predicting traffic volumes including adjustment to signal timings.

6. Bhubaneswar One

The government has developed a mobile application Bhubaneswar One. This will be used to integrate geospatial data from all the government and private organizations for providing easy and hassle-free information for the residents and the tourists.

This e-platform will help

  • Find locations, ward information, information on public services,
  • Significance of different tourist sites,
  • Event calendar of Bhubaneswar City and much more

7. Mo Bus

In order to ensure a complete transformation of the urban public transport scenario in the city, Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) has rolled out its new buses under the title “Mo Bus”.

Mo Bus 13589

The technology-driven and citizen-friendly Mo bus service features :

  • Free wi-fi
  • CCTV surveillance for the safety of passengers by keeping an eye on the conduct of the staff
  • Public information display system and on board announcements in the city
  • Newspapers for readers in the bus

Know more about “Mo Bus, Bhubaneswar” – Complete Routes and Timings

Wrapping it up

The government is also working for several other aspects to make Bhubaneswar a smart city where about 10 lakh people are residing. It is planning to set up the BTCD model area for better urban mobility. Besides, cycle tracks have been developed across the city.

Several consulting firms have been engaged to prepare plans for the smart city Bhubaneswar.

Bhubaneswar has already achieved global recognition in the world sporting map by hosting men’s hockey world cup, hockey champions trophy, Asian athletics and other international events.

The city has also carved a niche for its architectural monuments. Famous temples like Lingaraj temple, Dhauli Satistupa, Rajarani temple have been attracting thousands of tourists each year.

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