Pahala, The Famous Sweet District of Odisha – Know the Story, Sweets & the Recipes

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Odisha is the state to many Heritage places but on the other side of coin Odisha is also famous for Sweets, especially for Rasagulla. So, among them some tempting authentic sweets are Pahala Rasagulla & Pahala Chena Poda across the stretch of Bhubaneswar & Cuttack.

Today I’ll talk about the place called “Pahala-The Sweet district of Odisha” which is popularly famous for “ Pahala Rasagulla & Pahala Chena Poda ”.

Sweet shop in Pahala, having different varieties of Rasagulla in different big aluminium containers
Pahala Sweet Shop

While exploring some street food across Infocity area, I came across an old couple talking about The Rasagulla district of Odisha which is famous for their different type of Pahala Rasagulla and Chena Poda.
So I turnaround the steering to try out the Rasagulla as mention by the Old couple.

I Immediately Reached at Pahala:

After a long drive i finally reached Pahala which is 16km far from Bhubaneswar. There I can see almost more than 50 Sweets shops on both side of the road which is located on the stretch of Bhubaneswar-Cuttack highway.

Lets talk about the list of sweets Pahala is famous for.

Varieties of Sweets Available in Pahala:

There are many varieties of sweets available but the below three sweets are the most famous and popular sweets of Pahala. Lets know more about the famous sweets of Pahala.


Rasagulla is the famous sweet dish or dessert of every meals. Rasagulla is originated in Odisha, so lets discuss about the making of rasagulla and the average pricing of rasagulla in Pahala.

Recipe Method:

On reaching there, I went to one shop and saw one oldies preparing fresh Rasagulla. So I went inside the shop to see the process to make a soft spongy and mouth melting rasagulla where they were grinding the chenna with suji and making a soft balls of chenna which is boiled in sugar syrup or jaggery syrup and cook it for some time to make it spongy and soft.

After a long wait, the hot Pahala Rasagulla was ready and they served it in a leafy bowl. Outside of each sweet shop big aluminium drum was there containing different varieties and sizes of Rasagulla like Sugary Rasagulla, Jaggery flavoured Rasagulla, kesar stuffing Rasagulla, Mawa stuffed Rasagullas.

Average Pricing of Rasagulla in Pahala :

₹10/- to ₹25/- per piece.

Kesar stuffed Jaggery Rasagulla

2.Chena Poda

Chena Poda is like the roast milk cheese cake or the sweet smoked cottage cheese. It is mostly prepared during the Deepawali and Durga puja in Odisha. So lets see the making process and ingredients of Chena Poda and its average cost.

Recipe Method:

Next, for Chena Poda I saw them mashing the jaggery powder or sugar powder with Chenna or Cottage cheese or Paneer for some time until it become a thick consistency dough. Then they took the Sal Leaf ( Sal Leaf will give more authentic flavour to Chena Poda) in an aluminum pan and pour the batter into the pan cooked on wooden fire for about 25mint to get the roast flavour and roast texture on Chena Poda.

They took out the freshly prepared Chena Poda from pan and cut in slices and serve it in Sal Leaf bowl.

Average Pricing of Chena Poda in Pahala :

₹250/- to ₹350/- per Kg.

Roasted Chena Poda

3.Chhena Goja

Chena Goja is same unlike the rasagulla but its authencity of taste and method is different from rasagulla. The best savor to taste Chena Goja is Pahala.

So lets look into the making and ingredients of Chena Goja.

Recipe Method:

Unlike the rasagulla, while making the Chena Goja the Chenna is mashed up with sugar or jaggery and all the water is squeezed out from the dough to make it dry then palm size rectangular shape is prepared from the dough and dip into the sugar or jaggery syrup and again left it to dry until a caramelised formation on the outer layer of Chena Goja has taken place.

Average Pricing of Chena Goja in Pahala :

₹350/- to ₹450/- per Kg.

Container having Chena Goja
Chena Goja

Hope you enjoyed the story, sweets and the recipes of the famous sweets of Pahala in the blog, and is now planning to try the sweets of the “The Famous Sweet District of Odisha- Pahala”. So do visit and taste the unique sweetness of Pahala Rasagulla, Chena Poda, Chena Goja made freshly and purely from love and their tastes is really delicious. And yeah, do comment your feedback after trying the Sweets. Till then keep eating ,keep exploring and keep reading. And do subscribe for our Newsletter for daily articles and blog updates.