Orissa Modern Art Gallery

Orissa Modern Art Gallery : Here are all the details you need to know about!

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Hey, Are you an Art lover?

Then you must visit this gallery for once! I am sure you will be amazed.

This gallery is a non-profit organization for art and artists and is the only one in Odisha to exhibit some brilliant art works. It houses a huge collection of Odishan contemporary art and craft, and various works of great national artists.

Let’s have all the details on Orissa Modern Art Gallery:

Orissa Modern Art Gallery
Orissa Modern Art Gallery

Location: Plot No. 132, Forest Park, First Floor, Bhubaneswar – 751009, Odisha, India

Visiting Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Monday – CLOSED)

The Orissa Modern Art Gallery (A non-profit organization) was founded by Mrs. Karen Kent from U.S.A and Tarakant Parida, an Odia Artist (Print-Maker) and then inaugurated by Mr. G.N. Mohanty, The Director of Tourism on 2nd September, 2001. It is the only gallery in Odisha offering a large permanent display of selected contemporary art-works. It is established for the promotion of Odia contemporary art, artist and artisans.


This Gallery has also got “The Certificate Of Registration Of Societies ACT XXI Of 1860″ having the Regd No.-5387-426 of 1993-1994. However, it is the first and only contemporary Fine Art Gallery existing in the State, offering a large collection of contemporary arts and crafts from Odisha for the betterment of their artistic status.


Besides these, The Orissa Modern Art Gallery provides the permanent exhibition of contemporary works of several artists from Odisha, which encourages the consciousness not only among the artists or artisans but also the art lovers, visitors and buyers in the state.

In addition to the high quality-exhibition, it provides appropriate space, proper and attractive lightening for special exhibitions held by individual artist, groups and organizations etc.

Some Unknown Facts:

The Orissa Modern Art Gallery also established, The Kalinga College of Art (KCA) in 2019, under Utkal University of Culture for advance education in Visual Art.

KCA offers the best Visual Art education with a 4 years degree course. The college provides Department of Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Indian Style Painting, Applied Art, Design, Pottery, Ceramic, Art History and many others.

To know more details on KCA visit their official site : https://www.kalingacollegeofart.com/

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