luxury car showrooms in Bhubaneswar

top 5 Luxury car showrooms in Bhubaneswar

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Everyone once dreamed to buy a luxury car. Buying a supercar is not an easy thing but people who have dreamed about buying a luxury car and have still doubt to buy where? Are you confused to buy which one or from where you can buy a supercar in Bhubaneswar well let us help you to find the best luxury car showrooms in Bhubaneswar.

Here we have list the top 5 luxury car showroom in Bhubaneswar

  • Osl Prestige Pvt. Ltd. Bmw
  • Audi Bhubaneswar
  • Tristar Motors(Mercedes Bhubaneswar)
  • Jeep Bhubaneswar
  • MG Motor India

1-Osl Prestige Pvt. Ltd. Bmw

When we talk about the premium car the first name that comes to our mind is BMW. This German company knows for its reliability both in the car and bike sector. It started in 1917 in Germany. In India, there is a craze for BMW. People are ready to pay lakh for the brand value created by the company. If you are planning to buy BMW in Odisha you must visit Osl prestige Bhubaneswar. So what are you waiting for book your dream car by just visiting the showroom near your town.

Contact no-0671 258 6969


2-Audi Bhubaneswar

Audi is a brand that provides high-quality and premium cars. It is a well-known luxury car in the world market. Audi provides its car in 110 number of countries along with India. Are  you are planning to buy an Audi in Bhubaneswar? Guess what Audi is having a showroom in currently opened in Bhubaneswar.if you are planning to buy an audi do visit it. Audi bhubaneswar currently situated at Utkal Signature, NH16, Bhubaneswar. The consumer how visit the place also happy with the service provided by the showroom. So do visit if you sre planning to take one of the product to your home.

Address- Utkal Signature, NH16, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 752101

Phone no-073810 58080

3-Mercedes Bhubaneswar

Mercedes is known for making luxury cars and commercial vehicles. It is also a German company like BMW. Mercedes deals with its car in almost most the countries. Mercedes having 63 showrooms all over India. So there is also a showroom of Mercedes available in Bhubaneswar. Mercedes Bhubaneswar providing great service to its customers. Mercedes Bhubaneswar currently situated at Badshahi Road Nakahara, Bhubaneswar. If you are planning to get a entry-level supercar Mercedes is the brand I would suggest to you because its car starts from 42 lakh rupees.

4-Jeep Bhubaneswar

When we talk about suv or off roader car the first brand which comes in our is Jeep. jeep has gained the trust level in indian market so much that people can buy it without any pricing starts with 16 lakh and one of the best entry level luxury car we say. In Bhubaneswar jeep dealership is acquired by Bharat motors.if want to visit the showroom its only 15 to 20 km ride from Bhubaneswar. Currently jeep showroom is situated at : Nh-5, Pahal, Bhubaneswar. If you want to contact them do call them on 085990 11520. Hope you got the best deal.


MG motors is a new brand in india which is creating impact in India with its features. MG motors is a UK origin car which is popular in UK even their prime minister uses this brand car. But in india it is gaining popularity due to its feature. It got launched in india in the year 2017 in gujrat. Currently MG motors have 155 showrooms in 133 cities of india. MG motors is having showroom in Bhubaneswar. So if  you want to visit the showroom i am dropping the info down.

address- Plot No 86, 88, NH16, near Apex Institute of Technology & Mgt, Pahala, Odisha 752101

Phone no- 084485 14959

This is the top 5 luxury car showroom in Bhubaneswar available now. If you guys are interested in superbike you can click here and give us feedback in the comment section.