#COVID19 : How Odisha And India are Fighting ?

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  • At first I would like to give a big thanks to all our real heroes for working day in and out to prevent COVID19 spread.
  • Thank you to the Healthcare, police forces, Fire service Department, Cleaners, Government, Officials, Emergency service, media, Lab Researchers, Transporters, Essentials, Goods stores, Employees, Banking staffs and others unseen heroes we are grateful to everyone for helping and fight with covid19.

A pandemic coronavirus detected in Wuhan, china on 31st December 2k19.

The first case of the coronavirus in India was reported 30th January 2020.

On 11th February 2020 WHO announced a name for the coronavirus disease #covid19.

The honourable prime minister of India take action against covid19 and announced Janata curfew on 22nd march 2020 and chef minister of Odisha declared locked down from 23rd to 31st march 2020.

Ok, let’s come to point

If pandemic coronavirus or covid19 take almost 3 months to spread all over the world then how much time it will take to cure?

Only 21 days?? It’s enough?

Any idea!!


Off course we all have no idea.

Then why some people did not co-operate the government? Why they did not support each other?

Fighting Pandemic Covid19 the Government of India:

Janata curfew
  • The honourable prime minister of India Shri Narendra Modi announced 22nd march as “Janata curfew” that is 14hours curfew from 7am to 9pm, everyone except people of essential services were needed to take part in the curfew.
  • At 5pm all citizens were asked to attend in their doorways, balconies or windows and clap their hands or ring their bells in appreciation for the professionals delivering these essentials services.
  • However, some of them displayed heights of stupidity; people came out on roads and took out bike rallies.
  • Some people started ‘GARBA’ dance in their streets.
9 baje 9 minutes
  • Again prime minister of India has called for people “9 baje 9 minutes” on April 5 to switch off their home lights and lit up diyas, candles or torch to solidarity in the fight against the pandemic covid19.
  • And some stupid people break the rules of lockdown and celebrating a ‘MINIDIWALI’ with firecrackers, screaming rallies and fire stunts.
  • Some played music loudly, while others shouted insults at anyone who did not want to participate in the activity.

Fighting Pandemic Covid19 the Odisha Way:

  • The government of odisha put an “Action Plan” to deal with covid19 early in March.
  • It set up covid19 helpline no before lockdown announced.
  • On March 3 odisha had lunched a dedicated website, covet19. “odisha.gov.in”.
  • The government of Odisha announced that it would release advance salaries four months to government employees working in health sectors including doctors, paramedical staff and other healthcare workers.
  • Advance salaries would be paid in April itself said by odisha government.
  • It was decided to set up a special 450-bed hospital covid19 hospital in Bhubaneswar to meet any contingency medical situation.
  • Bhubaneswar Municipality Corporation provided all the essentials to our doorsteps but people did not support.
  • The commissioner of police Bhubaneswar everyday every minute guide Odisha citizens how to prevent covid19 the entire police force of odisha suffers for us.
  • The government of odisha requested all the citizens repeatedly for stay home stay safe.
  • All the doctors are on their duty for us because we stay safe at home but some bullshit people have not follow rules.
sanitization conducted in bbsr
  • Sanitization drives was conducted across Bhubaneswar amid the covid19.
  • BMC coordination with Odisha fire Services continues disinfectant spraying activity long the roads by lanes across the city to make the are clean and hygienic.
shut down bbsr

Bhubaneswar, Bhadrak and Cuttack town was under complete shut down for 48 hours has started from 8pm 3rd April to 8pm 5th April.

cutteck after shut down
Scenes of Cuttack after 48hrs shut down.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the extension of the country-wide lockdown till 3rd may and said some limited relaxations can be given in areas after April 20 where hotspots do not increase.
  • Chief minister of odisha announced that all the health workers including doctors who will die while fighting COVID19 will be given “martyrs” status and provide them state funeral also their families will get a compensation of Rs.50 lakh.

We all are lucky to have Narendra modi as our Prime minister and Naven Pattanaik as our government.
What they want from us !
only our support !
It’s our responsibility it’s our India it’s our Odisha and We will take care of it.

Thank you for reading this and any point is missing please mention in comment section bellow.