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Ananda Bana , is derived from sanskrit term “Ananda” (happiness) and “Bana” (forest). It is an urban forest which is more popular in Bhubaneswar . It has been launched by our CM . Shri Naveen Patnaik by ‘AMA BHOOMI’ initiative (Assuring Mass Access through Bhubaneswar Open Space Ownership and Management) and has been inaugurated at Shankarpur in Bhubaneswar dated on ‘11.03.2024’ which is a 5T initiative taken by Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA). Its intension is to create & maintain open spaces promoting well-being & sustainability in Bhubaneswar . People should come and discover the true essence of this place . Anandabana is more of green scenic beauty which has a strategic effort to make nature into urban living by offering a space for recreation, education, and environmental conservation. In this environment people get to know the fun in siting areas , experience off road trials and breathe freshness of this place.

It aims at healthier and more precious urban environment. It stands as a testament to Bhubaneswar’s commitment to green infrastructure and serves as a model for urban forest initiatives. Anandabana is developed in an area of over 89.05 acre, which offers a range of amenities to its visitors. Those include vehicle parking space, benches for relaxation, gazebos, rain shelters, children’s play area, public facilities and people serving healthy food.

Apart from the photos, Anandabana has some Facilities that would make this place more advanced , It includes :

Natural Beauty and Tranquility that has transformed a barren area into an urban forest with expansive trees and a rich tapestry of wildlife, offering a serene escape from urban life​ . Feel yourself in the vibrant nature that reflect Bhubaneswar’s rich biodiversity .This forest features various trails, including the bicycle trails, and rock trails, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy peaceful walks or adventurous hikes .

Biodiversity and Wildlife hosts a wide range of plant and animal species, including medicinal plants, native trees, migratory birds, butterflies, and reptiles. This biodiversity makes it a great spot for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers . It also includes serene water bodies that enhance the ecosystem and provide habitats for various aquatic species​ .

Recreational Activities like the natural yoga ground within anandabana offers practicing of yoga and meditation, promoting mental and physical well-being​ with bicycle trails and jogging paths . Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy exercising in a refreshing natural environment​ .

Educational Opportunities provides educational exhibits about local flora and fauna, making it a great place for learning and exploration, especially for families and students​ .

Community and Environmental Impact plays an important role in carbon sequestration and local temperature regulation, contributing to environmental sustainability efforts .

Amenities and Accessibility is equipped with essential amenities like rain shelters, toilets, drinking water, and parking areas, ensuring a comfortable visit for all​ . Kiosks offering healthy food options & gazebos, grass mounds provide places to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings .

Food Outlets

Coming over to food, Anandabana has ‘Otdc cafe, Ormas outlet, Savor Koraput coffee & Millet Shakti cafe’ . some visuals of the outlets :

Otdc Cafe : Enjoy the cultural food of Odisha, offering a delightful traditional dishes prepared with passion and authenticity .

Ormas Outlet : Here the products are available from home decorative items to handloom & packaged food items.

Savor Koraput Coffee : Enjoy a unique taste of Koraput coffee with our exclusive outlet to experience the rich aroma and flavour of locally grown coffee, a taste to the region’s agricultural heritage.

Millet Shakti Cafe : Taste millet-based delicacies, and learn about the Odisha Millet Mission’s role in acquiring traditional grains.

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