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The Best Science Education and Research Center in Bhubaneswar (NISER) 

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Front of NISER

NISER is the best institute of science education Research center in Bhubaneswar.NISER located in Khorda district ( Bhubaneswar, Jatani ) Is a Unique institution in India , The institution was official founded on 6th September 2007. The Institute Started Functioning From the current campus in July 2015, Since Nine years 28th August 2006, The Prime minister of India , Shri DR Manmohan Singh , Announced the Proposal for its establishment. The Academic Program was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Orissa Shri Naveen Patnaik on 10th September 2007, It is Inaugurated at the institute of Physics Campus. The Institute at Jatani campus was formally Inaugurated on 7th February, 2016 by the Honorable Prime minister of India Shri Narendra Modi.

The Institute is a affiliated with Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBIN) that Academic Programs at institutions that are Part of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) Structure.



The Government of Odisha had Provided 300 acres (1.2km) for the Permanent Campus Near Barunei hills, between Bhubaneswar. This located is a few km South west of Bhubaneswar. The Institute is located at Jatani . About 35 km away From Biju Patnaik International Airport. The Academic Complex Consists of a total built up Aeria of 72,700 m2 Spread 11 building. The Residential Township has a Built Up Aeria of 10,200 m2. Comprising Nine Building for Hostels, Adequate Numbers of Faculty and Staff quarters

Facilities Center of NISER

  1. Meditation Center
  2. Community Center
  3. Auditorium
  4. Accommodation and Transportation
  5. Well Library
  6. Sports Complex
  7. Computer Center with High Performance Scientific Cluster
  8. Shopping Complex

Schools In NISER

  1. Biological Science
  2. Chemical Science
  3. Computer Science
  4. Earth And Planetary Sciences
  5. Humanities and Social Science
  6. Mathematical Science
  7. Physical Science
  8. Center For Medical and Radiation Physics

School of Biological Science (NISER)

Biological Science
Biological Science

Understanding biology and its complex processes is key to understand nature and its creativity. The knowledge thus obtained helps one to gain better insights about diverse organisms (uni- and multi-) at different levels. Such studies help address questions on evolution, co-existence, survival, defense, growth, resistance and pathophysiology. To achieve this objective, the discipline requires a coherent involvement of researchers and academicians from other disciplines of science and humanities to accordingly shape its endeavor.

The School of Biological Sciences (SBS) is one of the major schools @ NISER established in September 2007. Since its inception, SBS has been involved in mixing and imparting traditional wisdom with modern technology by developing a research programs along with a vibrant teaching curriculum. SBS promotes scholarly and innovative thinking to conduct cutting edge research in diverse areas ranging from molecular to organismic biology. To facilitate the process, the school offers 5-year integrated MSc Programme, PhD Programme and Post-Doctoral Programme to motivate and train students. SBS aims to establish as a center of excellence with its efforts grown up rapidly and signs of its achievements are being noticed at national and international levels in terms of work and student placements. To further strengthen the SBS research program, an Integrated PhD program initiative is under progress.

School Of Chemical Science NISER

Chemical Science
Chemical Science

Chemistry as a subject has considerable impact on our everyday lives and on other scientific disciplines. The aim of the School of Chemical Sciences at NISER, is to impart high quality undergraduate and postgraduate level of knowledge to students coupled with cutting edge research activity by the faculty and the students of the school. In addition to traditional organic, inorganic, physical and theoretical chemistry areas, the school embarks on teaching and research activity in the interface areas of Biology, Material Sciences and Medicine. The teaching philosophy at NISER is not only to impart high quality training to students to make them talented and motivated scientific personnel but also to inculcate human values and concern for societal needs and environment. The School of Chemistry offers one of the best integrated M. Sc. Programme and the syllabus is designed not only to teach basic principles but also to have hands on practical experience by doing research projects as a part of the curriculum. The School of Chemical Sciences has started Ph.D. Programme since Jan 2010 to take up research problems in frontier areas of Chemical Sciences. Recently Post-Doctoral Programme has also been introduced

School of Earth and Planetary Science NISER

School of Earth and Planetary Sciences, NISER is a unique research-driven academic center in India that has been established to emerge and excel in high quality and interdisciplinary scientific research works in Planetary Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Atmospheric-Ocean Sciences. This school is different since it envisions to provide the best unique opportunities and freedom to better serve and enjoy the academic cum research life
The focus of this school is three broad and multidisciplinary areas: (1) Planetary Sciences that will cover major sub-areas of Solar System and planetary formation, planetary surface and interior processes, planetary and exoplanetary atmosphere, astrochemistry and astrobiology, planetary astronomy and astrophysics, small bodies and meteorites, and exoplanetary sciences; (2) Earth Sciences that will cover major sub-areas of geosciences to better understand Earth’s surface and interior processes, geochemistry, geochronology, geophysics as well as early Earth history; (3) Atmospheric-Ocean Sciences that will cover major sub-areas of atmospheric, ocean, and climate sciences and their implications to the natural and Earth System Sciences as well as current trends in climate change

School of Humanities and Social Science NISER

The utility of Liberal Arts in Science, Technology, Engineering , Mathematics (STEM)education is one that is generally decided in terms of imparting ‘values’ to students. The idea is to ensure that the education that they receive and the skills that they acquire prepare them for a responsible life, one that empowers them through accountability. While this might be true, to an extent, in varying degrees; a crucial enabler, one that is a powerful source of agency is the idea that students are not passive recipients of a value system deemed socially appropriate.

School of Mathematical Science NISER

mathematics occupies a core intellectual position at NISER, an institution that is striving to be recognized as a Center of Excellence in science education and research in basic sciences. The School of Mathematics was established as a core department of the NISER along with other three Schools from the very beginning of NISER in 2007. It is growing rapidly and is now functioning in full swing. Currently, the school offers masters Programme (5yr integrated)

School Of Physical Science NISER

Physical Science of NISER
Physical Science

The School of Physical Sciences is in pursuit of excellence in research and in teaching. It is engaged in very active research in the frontier areas. Physics of the macro world and micro world are being vigorously explored.  The School offers the integrated M.Sc., integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. and Ph.D. Programme in Physics to highly motivated students. Till date 51 students have graduated with integrated M.Sc. Physics degree and 4 students have graduated with Ph.D. degree from the school.

School of Center For Medical and Radiation Physics

Radiology building

It is an applied branch of physics. It deals with application of physics concepts and methods for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It is a discipline that is concerned with introducing new and more precise techniques into health related investigation and treatment of individual patient. Specifically, for past several decades, ionizing radiation is being used worldwide for the treatment of cancer and diagnosis of the various diseases. In treatment, the goal is to deliver the maximum radiation dose to the tumour and minimum radiation dose to the surrounding healthy tissues for obtaining better treatment outcome. In diagnosis the aim is to obtain better image quality with minimum radiation dose. Medical physics is the branch of science that mainly deals with the applications of ionizing radiation in health care through radiotherapy, diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine and the associated radiological protection.


  1. Integrated 5-year M.Sc. Programme
  2. Integrated M.Sc.+ Ph.D Programme
  3. Ph.D. Program

Integrated 5-year M.Sc. Programme

Currently at NISER, Integrated 5-year M.Sc. Programme is offered in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology, by the School of Physical Sciences, School of Chemical Sciences, School of Biological Sciences and School of Mathematical Sciences, respectively. Each school has its own program of core and elective courses(subjects) and a student can finally graduate with the major in that respective school. For the overall development of students, they are also offered some courses from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. First year courses are same for all the incoming students and they choose their major second year onwards. In addition, students also have an option to obtain a minor in discipline other than their major discipline .

Integrated M.Sc.+ Ph.D Programme

Currently at NISER, M.Sc.+ Ph.D. Programme is only offered in physics by the School of Physical Sciences.

Ph.D. Program

Currently Ph.D. Programme at NISER is offered in the School of Physical Sciences, School of Chemical Sciences, School of Biological Sciences, School of Mathematical Sciences, School of Computer Sciences, School of Earth and Planetary Sciences and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Please have a look at the admissions page for more details concerning the admission process.

B.sc (5 Years)88.25kExam: NEST
M.Sc.(5 Years)88.25kExam: NEST
Integrated B.Sc.+ M.sc (5 Years)88.25kExam: NEST
Courses and fees of NISER

Faculties of NISER

School of Biological Science

Palok AichProfessorEmail: palok.aich@niser.ac.in
Phone: +916742494133
Room: SBS 304
Abdur RahamanAssociate ProfessorEmail: arahaman@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91-674-2494077
Room: 421
Asima BhattacharyyaAssociate ProfessorEmail: asima@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91-674-2494210
Room: 314
Chandan GoswamiAssociate ProfessorEmail: chandan@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91-674-2494132
Room: 305
Debasmita Pankaj AloneAssociate Professor Asso- Dean- AAEmail: chandan@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91-674-2494132
Room: 305
Biological Faculties

School of Chemical Science

A. SrinivasanProfessor
Dean -FA
Email: srini@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91-674-2494019
Bhargav B.LAssociate ProfessorEmail: bhargava@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91-674-249-4160
Chandra Shekhar PurohitAssociate ProfessorEmail: purohit@niser.ac.in
Himanshu Sekhar BiswalAssociate ProfessorEmail: himansu@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91-674-2494186
Jogendra Nath BeheraAssociate Professor
Faculty In – Charge – S&P
Email: jnbehera@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91-674-249-4167
Chemical Faculties

School of Computer Science

Aritra BanikReader-F
Email: aritra@niser.ac.in
Manoj MishraReader-F
Email: manoj.mishra@niser.ac.in
Subhankar MishraReader-F
Faculty In-Charge-CC
Email: smishra@niser.ac.in
Anup Kumar BhattacharyaAssociate ProfessorEmail: anup@niser.ac.in
Computer Science Faculties

School of Earth and Planetary Science

Guneshwar ThangjamReader-F
Email: thangjam@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91674-2494483
Room: 5
Liton MajumdarReader-F
Email: liton@niser.ac.in
Phone: (+91)-674-2494482
Room: 3
Jaya KhannaAssistant ProfessorEmail: jkhanna@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91 674-2494485‬
Room: FC-04, Lib
Jayesh Mahendra GoyalAssistant ProfessorEmail: jgoyal@niser.ac.in
Earth and Planetary Science Faculties

School of Humanities and Social Science

Pranay SwainAssociate Professor
Email: pranay@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91 674 2494371
Amarendra DasReader-F
Email: amarendra@niser.ac.in
Phone: 91-674-2494366
Room 003
Amarjeet NayakReader-F
Email: amarjeet@niser.ac.in
Phone: 6742494364
Debashis PatnaikAssistant ProfessorEmail: debas@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91-674-2304103
Room FC302

Humanities and Social Science f

School of Physical Science

Sudhakar PandaSenior Professor
Email: panda@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91 674-2494003
Room: Directorat
Sanjay Kumar SwainProfessor
Email: sanjay@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91 674-2494250
Room: 221 FC
Ashok MohapatraAssociate Professor
Email: a.mohapatra@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91 674-2494253
Room: 005 FC
Kartikeswar SenapatiAssistant ProfessorEmail: kartik@niser.ac.in
Phone: +91 674-2494256
Room: 011 FC

Physical Science Faculties

Director of NISER

Sudhakar Panda did his PhD from the Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar in 1988 and his postdoctoral research work at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai (1988-1990), I.C.T.P, Trieste, Italy (1990-1992) and University of Groningen, The Netherlands (1992-93). He joined as faculty at the HRI Allahabad in 1993 and held the position of Dean of Administration from 2009 to 2014. After that, he was appointed as the Director, Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar, which he currently holds. His current research interests are in the areas of String theory, Cosmology, Finite Temperature Field Theory, Conformal Field Theory, Gravity and Supergravity, and Neutrino Physics. He is a fellow of all the academies of sciences in India. His work is documented in over 85+ international publications and he has delivered 100+ seminars and lectures. He held visiting scientist positions at MIT, Cambridge, USA; Harvard University, Boston, USA; University of Rochester, USA; ICTP, Trieste, Italy; Max-Planck Institute, Germany and Nagoya University, Japan.


For Administrative matters
National Institute of Science Education and Research Bhubaneswar
P.O. Jatani, Khorda 752050, Odisha, India
e-Mail: registrar [at] niser.ac.in
Phones: +91 – 674 – 2494049 / 50
Fax: +91 – 674 – 2494030

For all Academic matters other than NEST
Dean (Academic Affairs),
National Institute of Science Education and Research Bhubaneswar
P.O. Jatani, Khorda 752050, Odisha, India
e-Mail: dean_aa [at] niser.ac.in

For Undergraduate Entrance Examination (NEST) related matters
Chief Coordinator – NEST,
National Institute of Science Education and Research Bhubaneswar
P.O. Jatani, Khorda 752050, Odisha, India
e-Mail: nest-exam [at] niser.ac.in

Campus building